Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [Veto Ceremony SPOILERS]

The Veto ceremony took place this afternoon. As expected, Jessie used the Veto on herself. GM nominated Spencer in her place.

Before the Veto ceremony even took place, there was an interesting idea going around the house yesterday to evict Amanda instead of Candice. This idea was headed by Jessie, who took the plan to Helen and Elissa. They were uneasy about the idea at first, but yesterday afternoon, they told Jessie they wanted Amanda out this week. They needed a fourth vote, so they thought of either Andy or Judd. However, as soon as the plan broke past the three girls, it reached Amanda and McCrae. Now they don’t trust Helen or Elissa. They think Judd can manipulate Jessie easier than they can control the girls, so they may want them out before her. They also think they can trust Spencer more than them.

So naturally, even the slightest hint of exciting gameplay was sniffed out by the powers in the house and was thwarted. Now, Helen is pressuring Elissa to stick to the original plan and vote out Candice. Also, Judd has kissed Jessie and is fairly confident he’s switched her vote back to Candice as well.

Will anyone ever take the shot at Amanda?