Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [Hate-fueled bigotry fills the house. SPOILERS] (VIDEO)

Well, it appears to happen every year and this year is no different…bigotry is running rampant throughout the house. A lot of people are upset about what’s been said and what will continue to be said by some of these houseguests, and they should be. I’m going to try to break it down.

First of all, Howard and Candice have been  referred to as the “token blacks” on a few occasions. GinaMarie, Aaryn, and Kaitlin theorized that because “blacks always stick together,” Candice and Howard should be no different. GinaMarie has said that Candice is now showing her “blackness” more.  In addition to that, Aaryn’s been correcting Candice’s grammar, telling her the difference between the words “asked” and “axed.” But Aaryn’s racist remarks don’t end there. After Helen yesterday, Aaryn was talking to the girls and mocked the heck out of her, saying she should just “shut up and go cook rice.” GinaMarie added in that Helen should be smacked and that maybe that would “set her eyes straight.”
Next, Andy’s getting some hate thrown his way as well.  Spencer’s already called him a “f*g” behind his back, and Aaryn (surprise surprise) believes he’ll start to win the MVP vote because “America loves the queers.”

Finally (probably not…), misogyny is found in that house as well.  Spencer’s uttered the c-word, but Jeremy’s also guilty of treating the women disrespectfully. First of all, he is constantly macking on Kaitlin, but doesn’t hesitate to make misogynistic remarks about her to his friends behind her back. For example, he and Kaitlin were fooling around in bed, and he recalled the event to his boys as “just seeing what he was working with.” He also calls all the women the b-word incessantly. It’s just revolting.

On a moral level, so many of these houseguests are disappointing. If this group is a sample of what America is really like (this show has fans all over the world), this is just completely embarrassing.  Like I said previously, there are hateful words and remarks uttered every year, but I honestly can’t believe it’s happening so often this year, and SO EARLY. These words and remarks are NEVER okay, but in all honesty, it really disgusts me because there have been no backstabbings or huge events to even POSSIBLY excuse the use of some of these words. It scares me because the victims haven’t even stirred a single pot. What are Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin and others going to say if Candice or Howard or Helen or Andy actually make a move against them? We haven’t seen a ton of Candice yet this year, even on the feeds, but she’s constantly making food for these people and is generally just a nice girl, yet she still gets this hate. This is just disgusting, and I don’t think it’ll stop here. If Andy, Helen, Howard, and Candice vote against David and he’s evicted (which they all plan on doing)…..I don’t even want to think about it.