Beyond The Edge Week 7 Recap and Live Blog

Pictured: Jodie Sweetin, Paulina Porizkova, Mike Singletary, Craig Morgan, Metta World Peace, and Colton Underwood. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS 

After the Lanterns meeting, the celebrities tell Mike they appreciate the speech he gave at the meeting. The morning after Eboni’s departure, Jodie worries she might have an ear infection. Paulina is also in a lot of pain. Colton hopes to remain at the top of the leaderboard. The celebrities also bond while at camp. Craig says Ray is like his younger brother. He says they’ll be friends forever. Jodie opens up to Colton about how she overcame a drug addiction.

Next, Mauro lets them know they will be in three pairs for today’s adventure. They all pair up before meeting Mauro at the adventure. Colton and Ray agree to pair up. Craig and Mike are another pair. Jodie and Paulina are the third pair. Mauro explains to them the rules. They must first solve a triangular sliding puzzle. The first pair to solve the puzzle will win three balls. The second pair to solve the puzzle will win two balls. The third team to solve the puzzle will earn one ball. Next, the pairs will have to navigate terrain as they answer pop culture questions. Each correct answer will earn them a ball. At the last stage of the adventure, they must roll a ball down a narrow track. The pair to land their ball in the highest point value will win the adventure. $55,000 will be divided among the winning pair.

The adventure begins. Colton and Ray solve the puzzle first. They get three balls. Craig and Mike solve it second. They get two balls. Jodie and Paulina solve it third, and they get one ball. The pairs race down the terrain to answer pop culture questions. The categories will be in TV/Film, Fashion, Sports, and Music. The celebrities must write down their answers before moving on to the next question, but they won’t know the correct answers until they reach the end of the adventure.

All three pairs eventually greet Mauro at the end. Colton and Ray get there first, Craig and Mike get there second, and Jodie and Paulina get there last. He reveals the correct answer one at a time. All three pairs get the first question correct. No pairs get the second question correct. Jodie and Paulina get the third question correct. No pairs get the fourth question correct.

Colton and Ray have four balls. The other pairs have three balls. Since Jodie and Paulina reached the final stage of the challenge last, they must roll their balls first. Jodie and Paulina end up with a final number of 15. Craig and Mike roll their balls next. They end up with a final number of 28. Colton and Ray roll their balls next. They end up with a final number of 33. Colton and Ray win the adventure! Colton remains at the top of the leaderboard with $73,500. Paulina is last on the leaderboard with $32,000. Mauro also informs them that they each will get video messages from home today.

The celebrities watch their video messages on a laptop one at a time. Ray gets a message from his daughter and another one from his son. Colton gets a message from his father and stepmother and another one from his mother. Mike gets a message from his wife. Craig hears from his two daughter, a son-in-law, and his grandchildren. Paulina gets a message from her son. Jodie hears from her fiancé and two daughters.

Jodie gets her ears checked before the Lanterns meeting. She learns she has a bacterial infection in both ears. They meet Mauro at the Lanterns meeting, and they each earn an additional $2,000 for their charities. Mauro asks if Beyond the Edge is fun. Ray says they are tired, hungry, and sleepy. The only fun times are the moments they share together. Ray says you find out a person’s true character by putting them in a bad situation like this. He gives his fellow celebrities, especially Jodie and Paulina, props for how they’re handling the adversity living out in the jungle. Mauro agrees they have formed a jungle family out there. Craig says they all were willing to be emotional in front of each other and share the excitement of everyone getting video messages.

Jodie feels homesick. She doesn’t want her family to think she values being on TV over attending her girls’ soccer games. Ray says seeing those video messages changes their perspective. Paulina hopes the pain will go away, but it’s getting worse. She says her family is counting on her to persevere, but she thinks maybe she can’t do it anymore. Mauro asks if anyone wants to ring the bell and go home. Jodie and Paulina are struggling, but no one chooses to go home.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Beyond the Edge. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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