Beyond The Edge Week 5 Recap and Live Blog

Pictured: (L-R) Eboni K. Williams and Lauren Alaina. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

After another night in the Panamanian jungle, Eboni wakes up with a toothache. She asserts it won’t be an issue once they are competing on their next adventure. Meanwhile, Ray tells Colton, Craig, and Mike about some possums he saw at nighttime. Colton’s pants are getting loose, so he knows he’s losing weight. They hope to get more food. Later, Lauren knows she could be a target since she has earned the most money for her charity. If certain players don’t win today’s adventure, then they will be too far behind to catch up to have a chance to win. Lauren says she will be a captain today. Jodie also wants to be a captain today, and she hopes to have Colton and Craig on her team. Later, Lauren and Jodie volunteer to be captains.

Blue Team – Jodie, Colton, Craig, and Paulina

Red Team – Lauren, Ray, Mike, and Eboni

The host Mauro tells the celebrities that $45,000 to be divided among the winning team today. For today’s adventure, they must first stack bamboo and then raise it with ropes and pulleys. This will trigger a mechanism that will drop paddles. Afterwards, they must trek to the lagoon and paddle the length of four football fields. They will have to collect two bags of puzzle tiles underwater. Finally, they will have to travel half a mile through the jungle to lift a wall with images. Two team members must memorize the wall and then match the images with their tiles. The first team to correctly match the symbols will win the adventure.

The challenge begins, and the Blue Team takes an early lead. They maintain their lead when they reach the lagoon before the Red Team finally get their paddles to drop. The Red Team races to catch up, but Lauren trips and falls. She hurt her foot, but she continues competing. Ray has a fear of water, but he dives to collect the bags of tiles. He struggles getting the tiles, but he eventually gets them. Meanwhile, the Blue Team reach the Decision Point first. They choose to take the more difficult route to the final stage in order to get the clue. The clue shows them two correct placements. The Blue Team get started on the puzzle. Jodie and Craig hold up the wall while Colton and Paulina work on the puzzle. They go back and forth to memorize the symbols and to replicate it on the other side of the wall. While Colton and Paulina are still working on the puzzle, the Red Team arrives. Lauren and Eboni work on memorizing the tile symbols while Ray and Mike hold up the wall for the Red Team. Both teams think they have completed the puzzle and ask for a check. Mauro lets them both know they are incorrect. After a back and forth between both teams repeatedly asking for Mauro to check after switching out tiles, the Blue Team is the first to complete the puzzle. The Blue Team wins the adventure! Colton is now in first place with $42,000. Eboni is in last place with $18,000.

After the adventure, Lauren asks to see a medic. Her foot injury feels worse after taking her shoe off. She can’t move her toes, and she’s worried she will be pulled from the game. She is crying and saying she doesn’t want to go home. She has to go to the hospital to get x-rays. While Lauren is away, her Red Team members are hoping she will be okay. Meanwhile, the Blue Team enjoys a coffee and pastries reward. They, too, are worried about Lauren. They return to camp after the reward. They ask about Lauren, and Eboni lets them know that the hospital is an hour away from camp. Eboni is also still dealing with her toothache, so she is in low spirits. Eventually it’s nightfall, and Lauren has yet to return. Craig is worried that the bell will ring tonight and someone will be leaving.

The celebrities meet Mauro for the Lanterns meeting while it’s raining. Mauro informs them that Lauren’s future in the competition is still unknown. Eboni says it would break Lauren’s heart to not be able to come back. Mauro asks Jodie her thoughts for not being on the bottom of the leaderboard anymore. She’s thrilled to not be last, and she’s proud of her team. However, she’s nervous about Lauren. She says it’s hard to celebrate due to the current circumstances. Mauro asks their thoughts on the game. Ray says it’s anyone’s game, and Eboni compliments Ray for diving down to collect the bags of tiles despite his fear of water. Mike says it was frustrating to lose today. He compares it to a fourth quarter game. Paulina admits she’s in pain, but she’s used to it. Colton feels a calmness in the outdoors. He appreciates being away from the noise of social media. He thinks he can power through this. Craig says this is a brutal place, but they are all giving it 125%. Mauro says it’s going to continue getting tougher. Eboni is concerned about her toothache. A crown from a root canal came off. Mauro asks if anyone wants to ring the bell and go home tonight. No one chooses to go home. Eboni says Lauren would “beat her butt” if she quit. Eboni says she still has a lot to prove.

The celebrities leave the Lanterns meeting and return to camp. Lauren is there, and she gives them an update. Lauren tore a ligament. The doctor says she must be pulled from the game. Lauren must leave Beyond the Edge. Lauren is emotional as she says goodbye to everyone before she leaves. The other celebrities are sad to say goodbye, but they give her kudos on how strong she competed throughout the experience.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Beyond the Edge. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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