America’s Got Talent – The Finale!

Shocking boot? I’ll say! The online chatter leading up the the finale has been all about Eli Mattson and Nuttin But Stringz vying for the prize, but the judges favorite Nuttin But Stringz leaves the competition at 3 and it’s Neal E. Boyd for the win? What the hell? Did anybody out there vote for Neal? Stop by and tell us about it. I have yet to meet a Neal E. Boyd fan…

Before he announced the winner, Jerry Springer said that it was the closest result ever–less than 1/2 of 1 % separated 1st and 2nd place.

I’m slowly putting up video this morning. I’ve got group numbers, Leona Lewis’s performance, and the eliminations.

  • WINNER – Neal E. Boyd
  • 2nd Place – Eli Mattson
  • 3rd Place – Nuttin But Strings
  • 4th Place – Donald Braswell
  • 5th Place – Queen Emily

More recap and videos after the JUMP…

Who will win America’s Got Talent? The Top 5, Nuttin But Stringz, Donald Braswell, Neal E. Boyd, Queen Emily and Eli Mattson performed for the last time last week. The winner will be chosen tonight.

Host Jerry Springer says it’s the closest vote they’ve ever had, before the Final 5 all take the stage. Oh geez, Neal E. Boyd already looks like he’s about to cry. Ditto Queen Emily.

Hoff thinks every single act can play Las Vegas. “Every one of you could win tonight!”

OMG. The Top 10 are performing a group song. There’s little 4-year old Kaitlyn looking like she hasn’t got a clue about what’s going on. There’s fake Elvis singing like a normal person. He still sucks. There’s Fake Frank Sinatra, and he’s not giving up the ghost. It’s the Chairman of the Board singing…Kelly Clarkson. I kid you not. The group is singing “A Moment Like This”, Kelly’s coronation song, and it’s pretty bizarre. What a mis-matched crew. I can’t wait to put up video. “Wasn’t that phenomenal!” says Jerry, “This is America!” If you say so Jerry!

A Moment Like This?

There’s an extra special surprise guest tonight! Who could it be? It’s Leona Lewis. Wow, that’s a huge surprise, isn’t it? Not.She’s performing “Better in Time”, and it’s all about what happens after your love bleeds. Or something like that. She sings like a bird.

Leona Lewis:

Jerry promises wild and wacky acts after the break. Oh goody.

After the break, Jerry announces the AGT Las Vegas show on October 17, featuring the Top 5.

Well wishes for the Top 5. Performers the finalists admire wish them good luck. Il Divo tells Neal E. Boyd they’ve been watching all of his performances and that they especially like his performance of their song “Mama”. Ha. Simon told them to say that. Brian McKnight has been watching Queen Emily…yep, like Il Divo, he has nothing better to do than to be watching crappy TV. Marc Cohen tells Eli that he saw his version of “Walking In Memphis” and he was really moved by it.” He adds, “When you get your big record deal, I want to write you a song. Eli looks very surprised. Andrew Lloyd Webber congratulates Donald Braswell and says he’d love to work with Donald. Wyclef Jean tells Nuttin But Stringz, “Y’all gonna take this thing away…let’s take it home, baby.”

Next, It’s the America’s Got Talent All Stars, where we get to see the skeeriest auditioners all on one stage performing together. Oh boy. This is…something. “Incredible!” says Jerry. If you say so, Jerry!


Now it’s time to re-cap the season. All the moments I’ve come to cherish so much. Thanks for reminding me how much I hate this show. Gah.

Finally, some eliminations…

Leaving the competition in 5th place is Queen Emily. Queen would like to thank America. “You’re the greatest!” She says. Queen Emily’s “highlights” run next. There’s lots of crying and belting, belting and crying.

Jerry immediately begins the next elimination. And leaving the competition in 4th place is…Donald Braswell. Jerry reminds Donald that the fans brought him back. “God bless all of you” says Donald. Donald’s highlights run, including Donald looking all busted up when he doesn’t make the Top 40 and then his Big! Triumphant! Return! “I love you!” he mouths as he leaves the stage…

Donald Braswell Eliminated:

No time to waste. Let’s get on with it. “One more is about to leave the competition, ” says Jerry. Leaving the competition in third place is…Nuttin But Stringz. The crowd gasps. Piers looks pissed. The judges favorite is about to leave the building! The crowd begins to cheer. Do the boys have anything to say? “We taught America, that when you dream big, big dreams come true.” Aw, I bet he thought that was going to be his acceptance speech, right before the confetti rained down. “We made violins cool, ” he says. Brother #2 isn’t quite so articulate. He babbles on about passion and heart, and some inexplicable stuff about being “epidemic…when you get it, you have it”. Uh. Ok! Their highlight video runs…and the guys look on, a little shell-shocked.

Neal E. Boyd and Eli Mattson are left…

Jerry reminds us that the winner walks away with 1 million dollars and will be heading the Oct 17 show in Las Vegas. Neal says that he didn’t think he’d make it this far. He’s surprised at the way people have responded to opera. And, he loves America. Neal isn’t crying. Yet. After saying that he hopes, “The whole shaking thing on stage” goes away, Eli says winning means he can take care of his family and do what he loves for the rest of his life. Then he gives a shout-out to Neal Highlight video are first. Neal–OK, the crying has started. And it continues! Eli’s video next. He smiles as he watches his highlights.

Jerry says it was the closest result ever–less than 1/2 of 1 % between the two…

Neal E. Boyd wins. Eli Mattson is the runner up. That was disappointing. I was rooting for Eli. Damn. Placido Domingo congratulates Neal. “What has happened to my life!” says Neal. “Thank you America!” The show ends as Neal performs …Nessum Dorma, the Top 10 take the stage and the confetti rains down…

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