America’s Got Talent – The Final Four

Finally. The seemingly never-ending season of America’s Got Talent 2010 is finally drawing to a close, as the final four contestants perform one last time, vying to win the 1 million dollar prize.

LA's Next Great Stage Star II ...
LA's Next Great Stage Star II Finale

Who will win America’s Got Talent? Will it be outrageous Prince Poppycock, the soulful Michael Grimm, Kid Opera singer Jackie Evancho or blacklight-wielding Fighting Gravity?

I thought everybody played it kind of safe tonight.   Piers was right, Prince Poppycock did blow it, singing a straight-up version of “Nessun Dorma”.  The Prince’s over-the-top tongue-in-cheek humor is what earned him fans, not the gender-bender’s mediocre opera chops.  His chance to win the prize is gone.

Michael Grimm turned out a respectably solid rendition of “When a Man Loves a Woman” but….zzzz…  Could he have picked a song that’s been more overplayed on talent competition shows?  Michael was always a longshot to begin with. He needed to turn out something spectacular and surprising tonight. He didn’t.

Ten-year old opera-bot Jackie Evancho proved tonight that she’s not all that. If you totally took the fact that she was a kid out of the equation, you’re left with a decent, but not spectacular opera singer.   She’ll probably make the Top 2 though.  People seem to love her.

Closing out the night were Fighting Gravity.  This band of fraternity brothers from Virginia Tech have been consistently entertaining, and tonight was no exception.  While I was hoping for something really mind-blowing for their final performance,   they still brought it tonight.  They’ve got a chance to take it all, and I’m hoping they do.

What about you? Which of the Final Four were your favorites?

Video after the JUMP…

Prince Poppycock – Nessun Dorma

Michael Grimm – “When a Man Loves a Woman”

Jackie Evancho – Ave Maria

Fighting Gravity

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  1. I agree with Lu – go Fighting Gravity! The vocalist at my wedding blew little Jackie away on that same version of Ave Maria. I’ve always found Michael Grimm boring. If PP had performed the Queen number tonight, he could have taken the whole thing, but unfortunately I think he will be passed over by little Jackie, or my favorite Fighting Gravity. I think Ozzie will lose his $100!

  2. Aw, I watched with my family and we were all bummed that Poppycock went so low-key… especially after that cheeky performance last week with the awesome high-kicking Capitol. I love Michael Grimm and clearly his taste in music since I adore Otis Redding/Percy Sledge/Al Green but I’d actually like Fighting Gravity to win, I think they fit what the show seems to supposedly be looking for. As much as I love singers, I think the show would be fun without them and just with all the variety acts.

  3. I think all the acts are really good but my fav has always been poppycock. Just his whole stage presence and energy are really totally entertaining to me. The kid opera singer kind of creeps me out with the adult voice, just too weird, amazing for her age, but weird.

  4. I absolutely LOVED Michael Grimm! Everyone else on the show (for me) has always been below him talent wise. The only knock I ever see against him is that he is “not entertaining” – apparently you have to dance or wear heavy make-up (if your a man) to be “entertaining”. Of course, I think the current music scene is a joke and full of talentless people that survive on gimmicks and not on talent. Michael Grimm would be a breath of fresh air for “popular” music.

  5. MJ, I have Poppycock twice and no Jackie. D’you think that can be fixed? I’m curious to hear Jackie as well.

    However much I love the prince, I do think the theatrics are a huge part of his appeal, the voice alone is not enough, unfortunately. I’m convinced he’ll have great success though.

  6. I think Fighting Gravity will win, but I want Michael Grimm as the winner. Jackie creeps me out – can’t see her performing in Vegas. I also think Poppycock blew it with a dull performance.

  7. *waves Michael Grimm flag*

    OK, OK, I’ll raise mine back up (he is and has been since day #1 my favorite). He wants to help his grandma for Pete’s sake. I do love him, would gladly shell out $$ to see him in concert, and hope that he puts out an album that I can spend my $$ on. Do it, Grimm. He sounds like *OTIS* – I mean, when I say *OTIS* there’s like a choir/heaven sounds… Hee.

    Ack, I’m tempted to go see the stupid tour. Is the tour stupid? Has anyone gone? I’d like to see Grimm and Poppycock and Fighting Gravity and… my kids loved a lot of the acts this year, too.

    Sads that Poppycock dialed it back. I liked his sass last week.

  8. Based on today I would vote for Fighting Gravity. My heart is still with Poppycock though ;)

  9. Fighting Gravity had to turn out with new act in one week that was bigger and better than last week. Practiced it with 12-13 people to perfection. Not easy feat to achieve that. That also mean since QF to final 4, they had to think of 4 different acts that had to be different or else they got a buzz from judges.

    Meanwhile the singers had easier job. To pick a song to sing and practiced it to perfection.

    Prince Poppycock clearly out of idea about how to top his last week entertaining act so he chose to just sing tonight.

  10. The kid didn’t move me at all, but they talked like she was the second coming of Maria Callas. Does this show bus throw? Seemed like there was a little bit of that going on with Poppycock looking annoyed ripping his ear thingies out and random super close up camera zooms on Fighting Gravity which kind of takes the mystique out of their act. Still hope blacklight frat party wins, LOL.

  11. I saw three novelty acts tonight and one very talented singer.
    Poppycock blew it by being serious.

    Jackie, IMO blew it with a boring song choice that was not that well sung. If she wasn’t 10, she would not even be in the final. She will probably win but it will not be because she is the most talented — it will be because she is the most poised and charming 10 year old I have ever seen on TV.

    Fighting Gravity was OK tonight but that was not an exciting performance. Seemed like it lasted 10 minutes.

    But Michael Grimm is a real talent — and win or loose, I will be at one of his solo concerts and will be first in line to buy his record. He will probably come in #2 since I seem to have a thing for #2 talent contestants (3 years running backing the #2 on Idol!)

    In any case, add me to the list of people waving the flag for Waveland, MS Micheal Grimm. Of course, I am, of course, waving a Mississippi flag for him!

  12. The kid didn’t move me at all, but they talked like she was the second coming of Maria Callas.

    Heh, yeah, I’m sure she’s the *best contestant ever on any reality show ever ever!*

  13. it will be because she is the most poised and charming 10 year old I have ever seen on TV.

    Now I *will* give her that, she’s just cute as can be :)

  14. Though I agreed with what he said, I couldn’t believe that Piers buzzed PP in the finale. I mean, he wasn’t bad but his performance tonight just didn’t work. He might have been able to pull off this performance last week and made the top 4, and then done his patriotic number this week, and won. He tried more or less straight up opera and it just didn’t quite work. He was decent, nothing exceptional.

    I would probably listen to Michael Grimm on the radio or on a CD. He’s sounded like a fairly well polished musician all along – tonight didn’t seem like much of an exception. He didn’t do anything to knock it out of the park though, like was already said – he was just solid and respectable.

    Jackie overall sounded good to me. There were a few breaths she took that I didn’t like where she’d placed them, but other than that she did well. I don’t know if she’ll get the votes, but one thing she could have going for her – people who might actually base it off the last night’s performances may remember Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma and have been very underwhelmed by PP’s. Any comparisons that anyone would make with Jackie will almost always end up with “but she’s only 10!”

    Fighting Gravity was “cool.” That’s really all I can say about them honestly, lol. The more I’ve thought about them the more I really feel that what they do doesn’t necessarily show “talent,” but “creativity.” They did seem in a couple places to be off, but a minor error or two given what their act is doesn’t seem to totally ruin it, IMO – you have to use some imagination anyways and unless you’re looking for problems, a little blip won’t really hurt. That said, I just don’t know if their performance will get people to vote. As I said, they were “cool,” but “wow?” I dunno.

    My picks – 4.) Prince Poppycock, 3.) Fighting Gravity, 2.) Michael Grimm, 1.) Jackie Evancho. Yeah, I think she’ll win it. But I’m probably wrong, lol.

  15. My two favorites Michael and FG did well tonight. I think Fighting Gravity will win.

  16. Poppycock, FTW, and I voted with both my Dad’s and my Cell phones, both of our email addresses, and our landline, so that is 50 votes from my house. I paid attention to the strict 10x per method, so no shenanigans from here! :-D

    I would be thrilled with either Poppycock or Fighting Gravity winning, but I do not care how either Jackie or Michael fare, as I honestly do not see either of them doing a show in Vegas, and ESPECIALLY a 10-year old child. Do not get me wrong, I like both Jackie’s and Michael’s voices, but a show in Vegas? No.

  17. Sorry – I just didn’t get the concept of Fighting Gravity’s piece tonight (admittedly, I had to watch it on a small screen), but nevertheless, it should have translated easily to that level. Wasn’t that interesting…

  18. They don’t actually get a Vegas show, do they? Have I heard correctly that it is really just headlining the tour show in Vegas? I could be totally confused, God knows I’m tired ;)

    Though I agreed with what he said, I couldn’t believe that Piers buzzed PP in the finale.

    I think my Idol “throw ’em under the bus” theories bled over into this show – it sure felt like bus-throwage for Poppycock. I mean, I did think he blew it but… it wasn’t bad enough to buzz the guy. In my opinion. Which Piers clearly disagrees with, lol.

  19. Haven’t I heard or read somewhere that the winner is only actually promised “a show” in Vegas? As in, one show, nothing more than that? The whole thing about it being a headlining show in Vegas is kinda misleading because I don’t think it means at all they’d have a permanent gig there. I could see any of them having such a show if it’s just a one time thing. Now if winning meant a permanent gig, I wouldn’t agree with Jackie doing something like that, but I could see any of the other 3 doing it.

  20. ^^^ Lol, we’re pretty much saying all the exact same things. Honestly I agreed with all that Piers said, but I didn’t agree with his actual action of pressing the button. Let it go, and then say your piece. It’s not like he couldn’t find the pitch and sounded like a dying cat – it just wasn’t really a good choice, IMO. And actually, when PP went first, I said out loud “well I guess they don’t want him to win.” Meaning I too believe in AGT bus throwing…lol.

  21. I’m watching my DVR.

    Didn’t somebody say in this board last week predicting that Jackie will sing Ave Maria ? She is so limited, I think.
    I really hope she doesn’t win.

    This might be a stupid reason, but I don’t want a 10 (?) year old wins a million dollar prize just for singing 4 or was it 5 songs ?
    American Idol winner did not win that much and they have to sing so much more with more pressure. Michael Grimm was good.

    I want Fighting Gravity to win so at least they can divide the prize money among them. Their act tonight was their worst though.

    Like I said, stupid reason, but so be it.

  22. I voted for Fighting Gravity. The singer doesn’t impress me. There are too many now that he sounds like. I always get the feeling when I watch Jackie sing that she is lip-synching. The voice does not sound like her age. Was disappointed in Prince Poppycock and I thought that Piers was somewhat correct on his comments. Not sure if I would want to go to a show and watch him. Would be hard to do costume changes so would he perform in the same costume for the whole show?

  23. This was poppycock’s first stumble. I expected more theatrics. Some have complained about his singing tonight and you can see he’s messing with the in-ear monitor in his left ear at one point. He’s the only one who screams VEGAS entertainer to me. I’d go see his show and expect a fun time. Shame on Piers for buzzing him at an important moment.

    The little girl’s singing leaves me cold. She’s so robotic she appears to be miming. It’s creepy, like those scary little pageant girls. This isn’t even the best child singer I’ve heard on these songs either.

    Michael Grimm is just OK. Song choice was probably smart for vote grab but that’s it.

    I don’t get Fighting Gravity’s appeal. For the past few weeks their performances have lacked a clear storyline and each seemed dreadfully long. I spend the whole performance not in wonder but in seeing through it and how it’s done. I’d walk out on their show if I didn’t fall asleep. How do they not get buzzed?

  24. Grimm FTW! heh. Poppycock made the wrong song choice. I believe Neil Boyd (who won two years ago sang that same song TWICE).

    The winner gets to be the headliner for the 25 city tour. No Vegas show except the one in which they will headline.

    But I do believe Michael could have made a stronger song choice. I would have gone with possibly “Dreams to Remember.”

    FG put their worst performance out there tonight. The guys in red look like they faded into the background. Not enough lighting or something.

    MG got all of my and my Mom’s votes. And for the first time, his line was really busy. Tough for us to get through.

  25. This is the first season of AGT where I think any of top four finishers would make a worthy and credible winner. But I’d be especially happy to see Fighting Gravity win simply because it would break the unrelenting string of singing acts that have totally dominated the competition.

    All four of the previous winners have been singing acts:

    Season 1 – Bianca Ryan, 11-year-old pop singer
    Season 2 – Terry Fator, singing ventriloquist
    Season 3 – Neil Boyd, opera singer
    Season 4 – Kevin Skinner, country singer

    Some might question whether Fator is a singing act, but singing is such an important part of his act that I don’t believe he would have won without it. It’s the singing that makes him different and distinctive from other ventriloquists.

    Of the 23 top finishers in Seasons 1 to 5, all except 5 have been singing acts:

    Season 1 – 3 of the top 5 finishers were singing acts
    Season 2 – All of the top 4 finishers were singing acts (5th place finisher was not announced)
    Season 3 – 4 of the top 5 finishers were singing acts
    Season 4 – 4 of the top 5 finishers were singing acts
    Season 5 – 3 of the top 4 finishers were singing acts (5th place finisher was not announced)

  26. Ah, did Prince Poppycock blow it? Or do we consider his body of work and then declare him the winner on that?

    His *straight* voice is beautiful, so one cannot condemn him on that. So he might have found just one more song to camp all over the place, but would he have won? One never knows. I certainly believe that on this night of all nights, he never should have been buzzed. Lord, Piers, what were you thinking? He didn’t put that usual smile on your face? I have watched you Piers since the show has been on and Prince Poppycock was so right, when he said, “You look like you’re sucking on a lemon.” I have said that often at home. Right on with that.

    Last week with ten contestants, each one was complimented, no one was buzzed and each one was treated with respect and all of a sudden of the finale with four performers left, One gets buzzed?

    Thrown under the bus as has been said above is the perfect way to put it. Piers is desperately trying to push the little girl through. He personally championed the two dancers, even as the girl fell down a flight of steps. No buzz there. But, a finalist who sang on key and didn’t put a smile on Piers’ face gets buzzed?

    So much easier and less cruel to say, “Your voice was fine, but I prefer the *campy* Prince Poppycock.” Finis. Sharon impressed me when she said, “Piers, the show is not all about you.”

    Meanwhile, I do believe Prince/John will have a wonderful career. He has done enough for weeks on end whereas Piers’ little girl came on late, straight off youtube and sang what? Three songs? Not fair,but then again when was anything connected with Idol ever fair?

    Thank goodness for the lovely, fair Sharon or else it would be a foregone conclusion that all Brits are nasty SOB’s.

  27. I don’t follow this show, but occasionally see parts of it channel surfing or if everything else is a re-run I’m not interested in watching again. Or, I’m just busy and don’t have the TV on at all.

    I have seen all these acts and from the start I’ve felt that Fighting Gravity is who should win from the start. They’re clever and have an act that I feel could sustain a Vegas audience’s attention for the 2 hours or whatever these shows are.

  28. The more I’ve thought about them the more I really feel that what they do doesn’t necessarily show “talent,” but “creativity.”

    Ah, but creativity IS a talent. Not everyone has it, or is able to express it in a way that can wow and entertain people. The singers, all of them good singers, all sang straight covers with varying degrees of passion and emotion (Grim wins there, then Poppycock, then the girl), so that leaves Fighting Gravity showing the most creativity last night by a mile. Usually Prince Poppycock brings the creativity too, but I think something weird was going on there. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he had something along the lines of the infamous AI “song clearance issues” LOL. Not that it matters, because I’d be shocked if the kid didn’t take the prize.

  29. Hate to say it, but I enjoyed the number by the former contestants far more than the finale numbers (except for Michael Grimm, who IMO nailed it). Michael Grasso has it all for an entertaining act – brilliant magician; his illusions are the wow factor, but his slight of hand is one of the best (unfairly critiqued), and he has developed the mystique and personality to match the intrigue; and I absolutely love Harmonica Pierre…

  30. When I read all these posts, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus or clear favorite this season. People are picking different contestants to win with different reasons given. Interesting. It also seems overall, that no matter who wins, will be okay with most fans of the show even if their favorite doesn’t win.

    Jackie is an adorable, poised, intelligent, seemingly grounded 10 year old with raw, natural talent. Her age clearly plays a factor in her appeal. I am concerned that she will burn out her voice. Someone just raised Charlotte Church to me, and stated how she burned out her voice b/c of her age at the time. Jackie is younger.

    Fighting Gravity is a innovative bunch of cool, smart college friends with good creativity. I feel there somewhat at a disadvantage b/c they really can’t practice their act as the other acts can. They need a full stage and one of the judges, maybe Howie, pointed out, they don’t really get that opportunity as much as they probably need. Someone said they’re more creative than talented and that may be true. I find them entertaining but did notice the mistakes last night. Again what they need to do seems more difficult to create each week than the singers in the show.

    Michael Grim has a really good soulful voice and seems like a sweet, down to earth type of guy with a good back story. Not sure if AGT needs another singer to win as another poster pointed out. Terry Fador was probably the only non singer/winner. I know someone who goes to Vegas a lot and has seen every big name show there. He said Terry was the best show he’s ever seen. (He had no idea that he came from AGT).

    Prince Poppycock is a creative, and talented man. Honestly for his 1st performance I thought he was a gag act but later realized his talent, originality and creativity. I agree he should not have been buzzed at this point of the show but agree he does better when he’s sassy and more theatrical. Maybe they did throw him under the bus…I mean going 1st, being buzzed?

    WIth all this said I find some of the acts are more in the “talent” category and some are more in the “originality/creativity” category. They all entertain me and AGT has a very good final 4 this season. Which makes the best Las Vegas show vs. which is the most talented….?????

    Doesn’t it seem that each judge has their own personal favorite? Seems like Sharon likes Poppy best, Piers likes Jackie and Howie is a toss btwn Grim & FG.

  31. I’ve been a fan of Michael Grimm’s from the beginning and would like to see him take it. If not him, Fighting Gravity.

    I scanned the comments here and saw Terry’s name brought up. He is my favorite act to come off AGT and I don’t think anything will change that. He’s so talented and someone I’d definitely like to see live. I doubt anyone could come off AGT and be as popular as him.

  32. Maybe they did throw him under the bus…I mean going 1st, being buzzed?

    I’m not usually a big “bus throwing” conspiracy theorist but it definitely provided lots of grassy knoll fodder. He went first, he got buzzed by Piers who then proceeded to slobber all over Jackie, and clearly he was having trouble with the in-ear things, didn’t he yank out one and then the other? I mean, it may just have been shitty luck for him for placement and the in-ears but Piers was a jerk. Be more transparent, dude!?

  33. Regarding the “grassy knoll” — I think PP did his own damage by going serious tonight. With Jackie sure to do another opera “angel” song, he should have done an OTT entertaining piece. Plus the set design and choreo was boring for his piece. He just might have won if he went way out there. Anyway, he looked great!

    BUT — clearly it seemed like they did not want PP to win. He was first, there were sound issues, Piers buzzed him, the judges clearly didn’t like it, etc. And then when they told him to his face he blew it — Urgh! Really cruel!

    AND — clearly they want Jackie to win — and I think she prob will. She got a great showcase, they once again sweetened her vocals on the broadcast and added the choir to fill in her vocal weakness — I mean this literally because she is only 10 years old and has limited power.

    So my prediction is that Jackie wins the vote, Michael becomes the most commercially successful and gets to record an album, PP gets to do a club act for years to come and VG ? I haven’t got a clue. I just don’t see them as a huge act like Blue Man Group or CdS. But they could really end up in Vegas.

  34. Best performance of the night goes to… Sharon Osborne taking on Piers for buzzing PP.

    Got to admit no breakout stars in this group for me. Jackie still freaks me out – why does it always look like she is lip syncing? I know she can’t be but it looks like it and that always bugs me when I watch her.

    PP took himself too seriously – what happened to his sense of humour?

    FG was good but it’s the same old schtick with the white suits that we’ve seen over and over – could they not come up with a whole new act? Famous People Players could teach them a lot about black light performance – and most of their team is challenged.

    Michael was fine – but I’ve seen him do better on Youtube with more interesting songs. He’s good but not so good that I would ever recognize his voice on the radio.

    With so many acts to choose from was this really the best they could do?

    Still missing singing puppets…..

  35. I’d like to see Fighting Gravity win, and expect they will. Jackie had two bad notes, one at each end of her register, and her hand movements were awkward. She ought to be 4th, but will probably be 2nd. Michael could win. Just look at last year when someone who shouldn’t have made it into the semis, let alone the final, beat the best singer ever in the show. Price blew it. He is a solid singer, but his show is key. Although he has always been in my top two, not last night. But I wouldn’t object to his winning.

  36. I knew Jackie would pull the “let’s sing a Christian song so America will vote for me” stunt. Actually, the last couple of times she performed I heard cracks and no one mentioned it. She’s good but nothing to go all ga-ga-goo-goo over. I agree that she performed less than the others and it’s not fair if she comes in at the last minute and win.

    I voted for Michael Grimm (3 email accounts + land line phone). I liked him from the beginning + he’s from MS and that was another +.

    I don’t why PP scaled back his performance tonight, but Piers was sooooo wrong buzzing him and pumping up Jackie. She wasn’t all that.

    None of the four blew it out the park; seriously, I wouldn’t care if PP, MG or FG won; no JE.

  37. I say either Prince Poppycock or Fighting Gravity should win. I can see either in Las Vegas.

  38. I do believe that the producer CLEARLy want non singing act to win this year after 4 consecutive year singing acts had win. And only Terry make it big in Vegas.

    The evidence is quite clear in tonight final four:

    Just like last week top 10 episode, AGT had guest star. Last week Enrique Iglesias sing after 5 act performed and BEFORE the last 5 act perform.

    Who went into final 4? Michael, Prince, Jackie and Fighting G who perform later after Enrique.

    This is a trick mind for casual viewers who didnot had heavy fav to votes for the final 5.

    Tonight episode also the same. The variety act performed before Fighting Gravity . Casual viewers will tend to forget the previous three acts (Not to mention the 3 acts are very ho hum today) and will likely pick up their phone to vote for FG.

    THe producer had did what they can do to help FG win. (Including the pimp spot) and the separation with guest star act.

    And I hope they win. I am bored to death with singing acts winning. (Not to mention this last 2 seasons the winners are not that great. They only win cause of their background stories) Fighting Gravity act in new, different and definitely fit right in Vegas act.

  39. Best performance of the night goes to… Sharon Osborne taking on Piers for buzzing PP.

    AGREED! I loved her response that it was a selfish act. I wholeheartedly agreed with her. It was kind of an ugly thing to do in the finale.

  40. I think there’s some misconception about the winner headlining a Las Vegas show. Last year, the winner of AGT headlined a Vegas show but it was AGT’s own LIVE show which featured the top 10 finalists and a few other past winners. The show was held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino for 10 weeks Wednesday through Sunday nights.

    This year the AGT Live Show will be a nationwide tour instead of staying in one venue and will only be in Las Vegas one night. So, yeah, the winner gets to headline a Vegas show but it’s AGT’s own show and it’s only for one night:

    I believe anyone has a “chance” to get a real Vegas gig IF a booking agent likes your act but AGT is not promising to give that to the winner. So, this Vegas talk by Piers, Sharon and Howie is definitely misleading.

    Also misleading is the $1 million prize. It’s a financial annuity which is dispersed over 40 years and amounts to only $25,000 a year. Or the winner can take the total amount that the annuity is currently worth but that would be considerably less than $1 million. Are there any financial experts here who can figure out how much less? :)

    So, if you take out the “Las Vegas Show” part, does that change your mind on who you want to win? I believe Fighting Gravity will be offered a Vegas contract by someone so I would like to see Michael Grimm win the money.

  41. I thought that Michael Grimm was the best last night. I am a big fan of Fighting Gravity, but there were errors and it just didn’t have the usual pizazz imo. I also thought Jackie’s song choice wasn’t the best. She didn’t shine with that vocal like last week. She should have chosen the other version of Ave Maria. Poppycock needs the bigger than life persona to draw people in, as his voice is good, but not stellar. I was a bit underwhelmed by everyone last night.

  42. Pier’s was first class jerk last night! I voted for PP 30 times and I hope he wins. Piers got Larry Kings job so hopefully he won;t be back next year!

  43. Piers is still under contract ( just had it renewed for three years in July according to Access Hollywood) so he will be back. Read that FG (USAToday) has been offered a NYE gig in Vegas at the Hard Rock Cafe and they are contemplating it. Would think they would jump on it.

  44. I think Jackie will win, but Michael Grimm had the best performance, so he deserves the win.

  45. the other version of Ave Maria

    Which one? There’s more than two ;-) Offhand I’m not really sure how many, but quite a few composers have written an “Ave Maria.” Which brings me to something else…

    Why is it that so many people don’t appreciate quieter, slower songs? I’ve seen comments that “Ave Maria” about put people to sleep, other performances that people do of slow songs (not just on AGT) are frequently labeled as boring. Even big name singers that are pretty widely liked, in a lot of cases people don’t like their slower songs – they just can’t see the beauty in a slower, prettier song. For some reason, I recall people not liking Carrie’s “Temporary Home.” Heck, at her concert, I was crying by the end of it.

    It really just seems like in general, we’ve come to where if you can’t shake your ass to the music, it’s boring. It definitely doesn’t pay in a competition like AGT, or AI, to sing a slow song, because even your fans won’t care for it so much – they’ll automatically say it’s your “off week” even if you knocked the song dead. (And I’m not saying that Jackie knocked “Ave Maria” dead, but she did a pretty good job of it. In all honesty, I’d say she gave the best performance of the night.)

  46. I like Michael, the kid is boring, my favorite is fighting gravirt, and my friend is OBSESSED with Prince Poppycock!! LOL!! He’s actually from the same town he’s from which is cool….:)

  47. I have never voted on AGT, until last night, I voted for Fighting Gravity, in hopes that that freaky kid doesn’t win. But she will. *sighs* .
    AGT contestents win on background stories – REMINDER – the chicken catcher! Combine that with a young cute girl and angelic labled voice (thanks Pierce :roll: ) and ppl pick up the phone for her.

    I saw Terry Fator in Vegas and he does commedy and singing with his puppets and he also sings a song by himself solo, when I saw it he sang “WHole Lotta Love” (right Mieps? – Mieps and I went together), and quite good as I remember.

    mozart4898 may I remind you that your theory is not quite true, that there were the exceptions, Adam Lambert “Mad World” or David Cook “Billie Jean”, but exceptions confirm the rules…. :lol:

  48. Greenhippo

    I agree about the slower songs, also David Cook’s “The World I Know”. I think it’s more than if the song is slow, it comes down to if a person liked the peformance and felt the emotion or not. It doesn’t have to be a fast song for me to enjoy it.

  49. mozart4898 may I remind you that your theory is not quite true, that there were the exceptions, Adam Lambert “Mad World” or David Cook “Billie Jean”, but exceptions confirm the rules…

    True, there’s always exceptions. I realize that people generally do want something more exciting to listen to, I guess I just don’t understand why people don’t more often see the beauty in a sensitive, more artistic performance. It’s probably harder for a sensitive performance to appeal broadly because it has to touch more specific emotions to be effective, and so it’s harder for such a performance to be widely liked – we just aren’t all wired the same way, obviously.

    FWIW, I swore after AI I’d never again vote for anyone in one of these competitions. I lied. That said, I really won’t be that upset with 3 of the 4 winning – and honestly all 4 have been in general better than other acts I’ve seen at this stage so no result to me would truly be an atrocity.

  50. If PP had performed the Queen number tonight, he could have taken the whole thing, but unfortunately I think he will be passed over by little Jackie, …

    Oh, this is absolutely the truth! He had a slight edge going into the Finale. What he did would have been a first performance. The man is a creative genius with a decent voice. Too bad but I do believe Jackie will take this one. She’s a real trooper. I cannot imagine any child under 13 going through that type of stress.

    Didn’t somebody say in this board last week predicting that Jackie will sing Ave Maria ?

    Yes, I did. She needed an operatic performance that most people would recognize. Sharon is right, that is one of the most difficult songs to sing!

    Piers is rude buzzing PP at the finals. Gimme a break!

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