America’s Got Talent Results Quarterfinals Week 1 (VIDEO)

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Episode 1016 -- Pictured: Mat Franco -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Hey guys, it’s Adam, your host for tonight’s first live cut of season 10.

America’s Got Talent had a pretty strong night, with most of the 12 acts delivering strong performances, so there are a few ways this live elimination could go. I have predicted that the 7 to move on will be: Piff, Benton, Samantha, Drew, Paul, Siro-A and Showproject, but I think there are 2 other acts that could be potential spoilers of that list. Before the show starts, let me know in the comments now who your FINAL predictions are!

Kicking off the live show is a performance from Omi, singing his new song Cheerleader. Nick says this song is the biggest of the summer. I highly doubt that Nick. The song is fun, but the vocals are off! Omi sounds like he is mumbling and really just phoning the whole performance in. The less said about this the better.

Next, we have a recap of last night’s acts. Afterwards, it is time for the first result! Nick explains that the top 5 will all move on, but the 6, 7 and 8th place acts will be handled differently. Alondra, Samantha and The Gentlemen are all called forward. One will be instant saved based on a vote done right now. In no particular order, these were the 6, 7 and 8th places, one will get the instant save, and the other will be picked by the judges. I am super surprised Samantha is in danger, but even more surprised that The Gentlemen are in the top 8! Howard calls out how insane it is that Samantha is in danger, and with the show letting us know she is already leading with over 60% of the vote, she is pretty much gonna get the save.

After some obvious product placement involving popcorn, it is time for the next result! Piff The Magic Dragon and Triple Threat are called forward! One will be advancing! Moving on is…. PIFF THE MAGIC DRAGON! If it went the other way I would have rioted in the streets.

Next, Vita Radionova and Benton Blount are called forward. This one is obvious, guys. Benton Blount is moving on!

Next is a performance from last season’s winner, Mat Franco, before which, we get a montage from past contestants talking about their time on the show. Well, at least Emily West got a few seconds to talk about her new album and single coming out soon. I wonder if she will perform sometime this season. Anyway, Mat, a super talented past contestant, does a classic trick tonight involving making tubes switch the position of a glass a wine bottle. His unique twist on the classic trick was super incredible and entertaining! It is always a lot of fun to watch Mat perform. If Mat was a contestant this season, he would totally win all over again.

Time for more results! Siro-A and Craig and Micheline are called forward. You can tell from Micheline’s face that she knows how this is going to go. Of course, Siro-A are moving on!

The remaining acts are now called forward. It all comes down to Drew Lynch, Paul Zerdin and Showproject. Two will move on. First moving on is Paul Zerdin! A deserving win tonight for Paul. I am officially a fan of his.

So Drew and Showproject remain. Obviously, the last act moving on is… Drew Lynch!

After the break, we will find out Samantha is moving on who won the instant save. Hmmmm I wonder who is going to get it.

Whelp… the act moving on is…. Samantha Johnson! Even my blind dog saw that coming, and she doesn’t even like America’s Got Talent.

Now, the judges will decide between Alondra Santos and fodder The Gentlemen. Come on judges, there is a clearly right and wrong answer here. Howie, I am looking at you: please don’t disappoint me like you always do.

In Big Brother fashion, it is time for the judges to vote to evict an act.

Heidi votes to save Alondra.

Mel B votes to save Alondra

Howie votes to save The Gentlemen. Really now.

Howard votes to save Alondra!

Alondra is officially moving on! The right act moved on.

Official Top 7 Advancing:
1- Piff The Magic Dragon
2- Benton Blount
3- Siro-A
4- Paul Zerdin
5- Drew Lynch
6- Samantha Johnson
7- Alondra Santos

Thanks for joining me guys! Next week I will be at AGT, so follow me on Twitter at @adamhsamuel for updates and spoilers. Have a great night, guys!

This is AdamSLM signing off…

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