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Becky won HoH and nominated Shelli and Steve for eviction. However, her true target is Vanessa. Will she follow through with the plan to backdoor Vanessa or will Vanessa be able to avoid the block? And who will win the Power of Veto? Let’s find out.

After the nomination ceremony, Becky talks to Shelli in the HoH room. She tells her that Vanessa is still her target and the person she wants to see out of the house this week. She also says she wants all the blame for this move and Shelli can pretend she doesn’t know that Vanessa is the target. After her talk with Becky, Vanessa talks to Shelli in the purple room. Vanessa is worried that she is a potential backdoor target and wants to play in the Veto competition, but Shelli doesn’t tell her anything since she knows she is in a vulnerable position herself. Vanessa asks Shelli to pick her to play if she gets HouseGuest Choice at the Veto drawing, because she would use the Veto to save Shelli.

After a scene of Jackie finally not having to wear the knight costume anymore, Vanessa talks to Steve. She also asks Steve to pick her for the Veto competition if he can. She makes him the same promise she made to Shelli. She tells him she will use the Veto on him. Meanwhile, Shelli talks to John. John was allies with Clay and Shelli, and he wants to stay close to Shelli even after Clay left. He tells her that he would use the Power of Veto on Shelli if he were to win it. Shelli wants to pick John if she gets HouseGuest Choice. However, she is worried that if she didn’t pick Vanessa, then Vanessa would know she is the true target and could scramble like crazy.

John talks to Steve next. He informs him that Vanessa is the target. He also asks Steve to pick him for the Veto drawing if he gets HouseGuest Choice. However, he tells him that he would save Shelli instead of him, which bothers Steve. Steve is also upset that his two closest allies (Vanessa and John) are against one another.

Next is a scene of Liz and Austin spending time together. Liz admits in the diary room she was just using Austin’s attraction to her as strategy, but now she has developed feelings for him. Julia, however, still finds Austin disgusting and wants him to take her hands off of her sister.

It’s time to pick players for the Veto competition. Becky draws Austin, Shelli draws HouseGuest Choice and picks Vanessa, and Steve draws Meg. Shelli was really hoping she didn’t pick the HouseGuest Choice chip, but she felt she had no other option but to pick Vanessa. John is now worried that the plan to backdoor Vanessa could be foiled. She apologizes to John and tells him that Vanessa would be blowing up if she didn’t pick her. Shelli also explains in the diary room that Vanessa is still one of her closest allies, and she believes Vanessa would fight for the Veto and use it to save her.

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition. Each player will be called one at a time to compete in the backyard. They must arrange comic book covers that each have a HouseGuest drawn as a superhero in the order that it has been displayed. They can only see the display of comics with the use of a zip-line and there are decoy comic book covers from the ones they have to arrange. The HouseGuest that successfully completes the task in the fastest time will win the Power of Veto. After they all competed, the times are revealed and Steve had the fastest time. Steve wins the Power of Veto. 

After the Veto competition, Vanessa talks to James to make sure Becky is still on board with the plan to name John as the replacement nominee. James dances around the subject and says he hasn’t spoken to Becky, but Vanessa calls him out. She says he is lying and has a guilty expression on his face. James then talks to Jackie and Meg in the have-not room about his conversation with Vanessa. They all find her paranoia to be hilarious.

Vanessa goes upstairs to the HoH room to talk to Becky. She admits she knows that Becky is close to John and might not be able to name him as the replacement nominee. Becky tells Vanessa that she is being too paranoid before lying to her face and saying she will not be naming her as the replacement nominee. Vanessa then goes downstairs to the have-not room and tells James, Meg, Jackie, and Austin that the plan for Becky to name John as the replacement nominee is still in motion. She also tries to make a deal with them, but Jackie points out how they already did. Vanessa now feels good she is safe this week, but Becky and her allies are all on board with blindsiding her at the Veto ceremony.

At the Veto ceremony, Steve used the Power of Veto to save himself. Becky named Vanessa as the replacement nominee. In her speech, Becky tells Vanessa that she is too influential and drops allies at the drop of a hat when she needs to. She doesn’t think Vanessa is trustworthy, so that’s why she wants her on the block. Vanessa is upset that Becky broke her word to her and is nominated, but says no one should count her out just yet.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17! Tune in tomorrow night for a special double eviction episode.


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