America’s Got Talent – Austin Auditions Pt 2 – Recap and Videos

Another night of hits and misses from America’s Got Talent. The best acts were the Aurora Light Painters, Eric and Olivia, Eric Dittleman and in a I-wonder-what-he’ll-sing-next way, Andrew De Leon.  Actually, tonight’s show overall was way more entertaining than last night’s show.

Aurora Light Painters – They love Austin! I think they’re hippies. The light is their brushes, the air their canvas. Definitely hippies! The act doesn’t translate that well to TV, but the technology involves drawing cute pictures on a screen that incorporates live actors. I imagine it’s kinda awesome in person. The judges really liked this act–felt it was original. Howard says he never saw anything like it before. Howie says it takes what acts like Team Iluminate did to another level. Sharon calls it “spectacular”. 3 yeses.

A montage of weird and wildly unsuccessful acts follow.

Doppelganger Circus Side Show – And one more act I’m NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO WATCH. Wait…OK. That was pretty stupid. The girl stuck a big red apple in her mouth, her partner pulls out a chain saw and cuts a big H in it. That’s the act. And then the girl claims she has lock jaw. She can’t close her mouth? I can’t figure out if it’s part of the act or not. Wow. Totally lame.  3 nos.

More terrible acts— A very out of tune girl group, singing and dancing puppets, Tubby the Entertainer dances in leopard skin shorts (will never get that image out of my brain).

Eric and Olivia – “Moves Like Jagger” – This is White Guy With Guitar…and his chick! Olivia is an Adele knock off, but their cover of “Moves Like Jagger” is pretty jazzy! Nice arrangement Eric likely has a crush on the lovely Olivia, but she ain’t reciprocating.  Oh oh….they’re like Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams, aren’t they? Heh  Howard thinks the duo are original and just broke through. He loved the arrangement. Howie disagrees. He finds the arrangement loungey and small–not a million dollar act. Sharon compares her to Amy Winehouse and Adele. Howie thinks it’s too jazzy. Not big enough. He says no. Howard and Sharon say yes. 2 yeses, one no.

Richard Grossman – Opera singer…or something. His “opera” singing consists mostly of bellowing. He’s buzzed almost immediately. Howie tells him that he’s a little off. Howard calls it a disaster, at which point Richard becomes very defensive. He tells Howard that he’s rude. Sharon calls it “shouty” which is very kind. 3 nos.

Eric Dittleman – Mind reader – Nick blindfolds the guy with coins and duct tape over his eyes. The judges will draw pictures. Eric warns that pornographic drawings are easy to guess. Nick holds the drawings above Eric’s head. He guesses who drew the picture and what they drew. It’s a pretty good magic trick. The judges are really impressed. 3 yeses.

Successful acts including an aerial dance piece, a girl with a guitar singing “Moon River” and a B Boy dancer.

Andrew De Leon – Goth guy was a lonely boy. Aw.  He claims that he is singing in front of people for the first time ever. He’s wearing bright blue contacts that make his eyes look super creepy. So he’s not going to sing punk or goth music like you’d expect, he performs opera, but in a female range–kinda like Prince Poppycock from a few seasons ago.  Prince was a better performer. The judges give Andrew a standing ovation while he tears up. He says he’s really used to being rejected…it’s amazing. His parents are in the audience. They haven’t heard him sing either. Howie tells him he’s great. The audience explodes. 3 yeses.

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