America’s Got Talent 9 – Semifinals 1 – Power Rankings

Hey guys, it is super late for me, so lets skip the intro and just dive right on in. As a side note though, my rankings for the rest of the season are going to be looking a little different. In the past, I have ranked how I think the contestants stand going into the show, but with the talent so closely matched, doing so would just be pointless as it really will all come down to how they perform. That said, instead of how I usually do the rankings, I will simply evaluate the acts and go over what I think their chances are.

That out of the way, in no particular order

Bad Boys of Ballet (Dance) – Ugh, just ugh. Why waste a wildcard on them when there are such better acts that could have really taken advantage of the opportunity? They were totally just brought back to be fodder; In other words, they have a snowman’s chance in hell of advancing.

Andrey Moraru (Hand Balance) – I wasn’t that sold on Andrey the first time, but the judges love him and it seems so does America. He is a totally wildcard going into this week’s show and it will all come down to how the other acts fair with their performances. For me, he is 50/50 and could go either way.

Paul Ieti (Singer) – Anna Clendening was robbed!!!!!!! Anyway, this week is where I think it will end for Paul. Going up against Emily West, Sons of Serendip, Mara Justine and even Miguel Dakota, of all the singers, Paul is definitely the weakest. If he can blow me away this week (which I doubt), I might consider changing my mind, but for me, this week is where it ends for Paul.

Dan Naturman (Comedy) – I actually am starting to really like this guy’s act! There is no other comedy act going up against him this week, so he has a major advantage by being in his own category. I think going into this he has a great shot at advancing. If he delivers and makes people laugh, I don’t see how he doesn’t advance.

Mike Super (Magic) – I didn’t like him the first time and I probably won’t like him this time. Again, I think he is a waste of a wildcard spot and I have a gut feeling he was only brought back to fill a magic slot this week so we have more variety than just singers (probably also so Mat and Smoothini are on the same night for an epic showdown). Anyway, I just hope he drops the whole Desmond shtick, because it got old quickly. His chances of advancing are up in the air for me because I don’t know how America will react to seeing him again, but I’m hoping he walks out the same door he came through this week.

Mara Justine (Singer) – Of the five singing acts performing this week, Mara is in no way the strongest, but also not at all the weakest. She falls in the middle for me and so her chances are really up in the air at the moment. Mara could really go either way.

Flight Crew Jump Rope (Jump Rope) – Finally a wildcard act that deserved it! These guys deserve to be back, but with this being such a talent filled night, I’m not sure of their chances. I’d love to see them advance, but there are stronger acts performing tonight and I fear they will get lost in the shuffle.

Sons of Serendip (Music) – My second favorite music act  has a lot going for them. They are definitely memorable and the singer has an incredible voice and tone that I think is one of the best here this season. I hope to see them go through this week, but it is a tough night so I’m not 100% sure they will advance.

David and Leeman (Magic) – Why did they make it through again? Their last performance I thought was weak and I don’t think they earned their spot. However, since we have such low expectations for them, they now have potential to surprise us. If they come out and give a strong performance that people will remember, I think they will have an excellent shot at advancing, otherwise they are going straight home.

Emily West (Singer) – Emily killed it last round and is definitely a favorite going into this next round. If she delivers as solid and buzz worthy a performance as the last, she should be sailing through.

Aerial Animation (Aerial Projection) – Abigail is another of the acts I am most looking forward to. She has so much potential,  that if she can pull off another great performance, she should sail right through.

Miguel Dakota (Singer) – A lot of people seem to be buzzing over Miguel and I don’t quite know where I fall on him placing. I actually enjoyed his last performance, but with tonight being so crazy I don’t know where he will fall. My gut feeling though is he will end up advancing, but that could all change.

This is kinda pointless as it really will all come down to how they perform, but here are my predictions-

Should Advance

1- Emily West
2- Aerial Animation
3- Sons of Serendip
4- Dan Naturman
5- Flight Crew Jump Rope

Will Advance

1- Emily West
2- Aerial Animation
3- Andrey Moraru
4- Dan Naturman
5- Miguel Dakota

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below! Also, if you think I’m cool, you can always follow me @adamhsamuel on Twitter.

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