Americas Got Talent 9 Finale Predictions

It has been quite a ride but we have finally arrived at the end. Here is my final prediction of the season. I hope you all will enjoy it!

6th- Miguel Dakota – I still don’t know why the judges saved him when they could have saved Emil and Dariel. Regardless of my bitterness about him still being here I will try to be fair in my assessment. That said, he was totally outperformed this week. Every other act gave me some reason as to why they should win, all except for Miguel. Miguel did basically what he has done in the past and it was, in my opinion, totally underwhelming. If there is any justice in the world, he will not crack the top 3.

5th- Quintavious Johnson – Quintavious is such a favorite and he definitely delivered tonight. He was really great on both his songs (that ad lib in his first song was a total fail though for me), but I think 5th place is where he will stand. Yes he was great, but I just think there are better acts deserving of the million. Nothing against the kid, he gave it his all and has nothing to be ashamed of (well maybe except for that indulgent ad lib), but I just feel this is as far as he will go.

4th- Sons of Serendip – Wow, these guys surprised me. Of all the acts going into this, these guys really stepped it up with two magnificent performances. I actually really loved these guys and went back and watched both of their performances over again. Here is the thing, they did everything they could, but I don’t see them breaking the inevitable top 3. They were really good, but the top 3 are incredible. They have a shot of breaking top 3, we will just have to see tonight.

Note: The top 3 for me are equally tied. I predict one of them will end up winning, but putting them in a ranking is ridiculous as they are just evenly matched.

1st- AcroArmy – How do I describe the performance they put on? Simple: pure adrenaline. When these guys perform, I hold my breath because it just looks so amazing. The one draw back with them I can think of, and this is just me really nit picking, is every time they perform it just is so adrenaline packed, that a full show from them really would be almost to much for me. Regardless, these guys are incredible and definitely deserve to win and in my opinion, have an excellent shot of doing just that.

1st- Emily West – Emily was incredible tonight. Taking on Chandelier again was risky, because while yes it was her best performance on the show, it is also in my opinion one of the most difficult songs to perform. Emily may have struggled with her first song, but with an incredible second performance while in the pimp spot makes me think she also has an incredible shot of winning.

1st- Mat Franco – Mat always puts on such a great show when he performs. If I could pick one of my top 3 acts to win, it would be Mat, because I always find myself looking forward to his act. Mat is one of the greatest magicians to be on the show and in my opinion, deserves to win.

Who Should Win- Mat Franco, Emily West or AcroArmy

Who Will Win- Mat Franco, Emily West, or AcroArmy. This one is just way to impossible to call. If any one of these three ends up winning the whole thing, they will be incredibly worthy of it. Gun to my head, I think AcroArmy will end up taking it, but I really want it to be Emily or Mat.

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments! As always, if you think I’m cool, you can follow me on Twitter @adamhsamuel. It has been fun writing for you guys this season! I hope you liked my weird predictions and stuff. Going through this journey with you guys has been cool and if you ever read my stuff at any point, you are awesome in my book :-)

Peace out everyone! This is AdamSLM signing off…

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  1. The judges didn’t save Miguel. They voted 2-2 and the public vote prevailed. That means he came in 5th or 6th. While he may not be your favorite, there’s no great injustice in the 6th place vote finisher making a 6 act final.

  2. Firstly, I would like to say that this has been an incredible season, and I enjoyed liveblogging the first 2/3 of it here.

    Having said that, I agree with Adam’s predictions, although I’d switch Quintavious and SOS’s placement. Gun to my head, I’d predict Emily to win (although she is my least favorite out of the singers) because of the sheer pimpage. I would really REALLY hope Mat or AcroArmy pulls out a win though.

  3. Its a variety show. I want to be shown something new. SOS have a style that I’ve never heard in a talent show before. AcroArmy and Mat have all shown me something I’ve never seen before. Quintavious at least has a sort if novelty of being 12 years old. If Miguel or Emily wins, I’ll be disappointed.

  4. I wanna say something let’s plz not do the same thing last year giving jimmy rose 3rd would be like giving Miguel Dakota 3rd they should’ve both been 6

  5. I hope the top 3 are Matt, SOS and Miguel. They are the only 3 of the 6 I like. I really hope Emily doesn’t make top 3 let alone win. Hopefully Matt takes it all. AA are ok, they are very skilled. I just don’t really enjoy that type of act. Might sound bad but I don’t really care one way or the other about Quintavious. He is very talented for his age though. Just my thoughts

  6. I’m still surprised that Jimmy got farther than Forte, Cami Bradley, and Collins Key last year…….

  7. I checked this line up out last night – because of the OMG ‘one more time’ with”Billie Jean”, and then the same with “Yo Face”, I was curious. So I haven’t watched the season – but just from the acts I saw last night I would like to see the AcroArmy win and take that act to Vegas. They were breathtaking. The rest of the acts I’ve seen before, in some form or other. That was fresh.


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