America’s Got Talent 7 – Las Vegas Part 1 – Recap and Video

Based on tonight’s show, America has NO talent. It’s as if the producers made a point of emphasizing the train wrecks. Numerous performers–particularly the singers–forgot the words, hit bad notes or stopped singing altogether. Is the point to throw shade on the singers early in order to emphasize the other acts?  The best acts were the novelty acts–particularly the sand drawing and light acts. It’s notable that not ONE singer was sent straight through to New York.   We’ll see if an act that doesn’t rely on the voice in any way can take the million dollar prize this year.

It’s Las Vegas week!

One hundred plus contestants stand together in a huge ballroom. The judges make an entrance on a mezzanine. The crowd cheers. The set up is like something out of Roman history. complete with pompous music.

The judges announce how it’s going to work.  The contestants are split into two groups. The Judges’ Favorites and The Standbys.  The Judges Favorites will perform first. The Standbys will perform second for any of the remaining spots.  If a contestant’s name  is not on either board, it means they will be sent home without performing in Las Vegas.

Not on any list: Bandbaz Brothers, Charlie C., Ivy Rose,

Heading home: Bandbaz Brothers (acr, Charlie C., Ivy Rose, William Close, Olate Dogs, David “The Bullet” Smith

The acts assemble in front of the judges. Bandbaz Brothers (acrobats), Charlie C (soul singer) and Ivy Rose (girl band)  are eliminated WITHOUT performing.

William Close (dude who creates his own instruments), Olate Dog (doggie act) s and David “The Bullet” Smith (shoots self out of cannon) are going STRAIGHT to the live shows.

3 slots are filled. 45 remain.

Going straight to the live acts: A dog act. the guy who makes his own musical instruments, Cannon guy

Danger Acts are first. – All Wheel Sports with acrobats (Howard thinks its too much), American BMX Stunt Team (A biker totally wipes out), New Guard America (A rifle team), Cristin Sandu (17 year old daredevil), Ben Blaque (Cross bow act-shoots a balloon above his assistants head with his back turned).

Female singers are next – Mary Joyner – She’s REALLY terrible this time. Howard says she blew it. Roxy Doll, Brianna PriceCecelia Detwiler. The judges didn’t like any of them. Luna is next. She’s so nervous, she stops singing. She completely FUBARS her audition, so badly, the judges send her straight home from the stage. Nikki Jensen is next. She’s the first one not to completely screw up.

Dance Groups are next – Funk Beyond Control, All That (male cloggers), Loyalty (judges didn’t like them), 787 Crew, (They make a mistake),

NoveltyHorse (Kick in the nuts guy), All Beef Patty (Drag queen), Joe Castillo (Sand Art), Todd Oliver and Irving (Ventriloquist), Light Wire Theater, Aurora Light Painters (Were intimidated after seing Light Wire)

Classical SingersSimply Sergio (Having voice problems, and forgets his words. He wasn’t a good singer to begin with), Luiz Meneghin (Bank foreclosed on his house. His death stare frightens me) Andrew De Leon (Male Soprano. He totally blows a big note, then stops singing due to nerves.)

There were no eliminations tonight. More acts tomorrow.

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