America’s Got Talent 2023 Recap: Qualifiers 1 (Live Blog)

America's Got Talent 2023 - Mitch Rossell
Pictured: Mitch Rossell — (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2023 Recap: Qualifiers 1 Performances

After nine weeks of auditions, 55 contestants are ready to compete for a spot in the finale. Eleven contestants will perform over the course of five weeks, with two leaving the competition by the end of Wednesday’s results show.

VOTING begins this week. To vote for your favorite act, download the official America’s Got Talent phone app at the Apple store and Google Play, and/or vote at All voting methods CLOSE Wednesday 7 am ET.

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara sit on the panel, while Terry Crews hosts. 

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True Villains – Rock band

In their audition, this Nashville rock band covered a Billie Eilish song. This time, the quartet will perform an original song. These guys will NOT advance no matter what they sing. It’s smart to showcase their own music on the way out. They headbang their way through a dated sounding song. It’s super 80s hard rock with the wailing and big riffs. The song is nothing special amid fire tricks and a big skull in the background. The lead guitar player is decent though.

Howie says, “This is my favorite kind of music.” He thinks the original is a gamble. He loves the lead singer. Heidi compares him to Axl Rose “two thumbs up.” Sofia loves the original even more than their audition. She loves the energy. Simon compliments their playing, but he hated the song. “It reminded me….” and then Sofia cut him off. Simon is correct. Solid musicianship, mediocre songwriting.

Lambros Garcia – Kid dancer

Lambros shared that kids bullied him at school for his dancing. But now that he’s been on TV, the kids love him. He’s chosen a Todrick Hall song “Vogue Zone” for his performance. His dream is Broadway. He calls the new act “Lambros 2.0.” Young Lambros is full of energy and enthusiasm. He’s got hutzpah, finishing off his routine with a couple of cartwheels.

Heidi says, “You do you. You have your path. You are perfect.” Sofia says, “I love who you have become. You are so confident tonight.” Simon is happy to hear that the bullies are at bay. “You define the word personality. I adore you.” Howie says, “You changed the world. It’s The World 2.0”

Mitch Rossell – Country singer

The original song Mitch sang about his dad last time went No 1 on iTunes, all genres. He wrote a song for Garth Brooks that has kept his family fed. Tonight, he’ll sing another original. Can Mitch knock a certain right-wing redhead off the No 1 spot on iTunes? I’M ROOTING FOR YOU MITCH. Tonight’s song is a love song about not having many worldly experiences. But his small town love makes up for it all. He’s a solid songwriter. He seemed a little nervous off the bat, but he eventually finds his groove.

Sofia says, “You sing with such emotion. I think you’re the perfect talent that America will fall in love with.” Simon calls his audition brilliant. “You are the real deal,” he says. I really hope this works out for you.” Simon noticed the shaky start, but attributes it to emotion. Howie predicts No 1 again. FINGERS CROSSED. I may download the song myself. Heidi calls him radio ready.

Oleksandr Leshchenko & Magic Innovations – Multimedia dancer

Oleksandr and his group are from Ukraine. The group is working down to the wire to get everything perfect! Tonight, he tells a story that’s an allegory for Ukraine’s struggle for independence. The tech the group employs is creative and unlike anything seen on AGT so far. It must be spectacular in person. HE SMASHES THE EVIL BIRD IE RUSSIA. Not everyone is going to like that as the war has become controversial.

Simon thinks the music almost ruined it. “Corny…not as good as it should have been.” Howie disagrees, “You check every box. You just set a bar.” Heidi also disagrees with Simon. “You’re a great storyteller. You piled a whole lot of stuff into two minutes.” Sofia calls it amazing, “You took it to another level.”

Adrian & Hurricane – Dog act

Adrian and his doggo are more than just a collection of tricks. The two also tell stories on stage. Definitely a superior dog act! This time, Adrian attempts to garden, but Hurricane mucks up his plans. That’s one smart pupper. The antics are so cute. The two operate like an old fashioned comedy team.

Howie says, “That’s my favorite dog act ever on AGT.” Heidi says, “This is the kind of hurricane we like in Hollywood. Mind blowing.” Sofia calls it “perfection.” Simon felt they stepped up from their audition. The best act so far. “She was amazing,” Simon says of the dog.

Sainted – Trap choir

The group wants to get the audience up on their feet again. Dressed in hot pink, the crew makes a grand entrance through the audience. They sing a medley of popular hip-hop songs, employing soaring harmonies, dance moves and impressive lead vocals. The group is both unique and talented.

“That was so much fun,” says Heidi. “You bring excellence to the stage.” Simon says, “It was like seeing 30 brilliant solo artists together. A step up. This is what we were looking for. Brilliant.” The judges’ remarks are cut short, probably for time.

Brynn Cummings  – Kid ventriloquist

Last time, Brynn mixed magic with ventriloquism. Something different! Terry Fator congratulated her. This time she will do something “I’ve never done before.” She employs mentalism again. The hook is Brynn finding a new boyfriend for her puppet Penelope. Heidi picks the correct puppet, and so does the audience. I think her audition was better. She seemed nervous tonight.

Howie calls her “adorable.” He makes a Sofia divorce joke, saying that Brynn should have picked her instead of Heidi because she’s looking for a new boyfriend too. Whoops! Heidi calls her adorable and wishes her good luck. Sofia can’t say the word “ventriloquism.” Simon criticizes the story telling (yes) but compliments her ventriloquism.

John Wines – Guitarist

He looks like a mild mannered senior, but he can shred on the electric guitar. By day, he teaches music to kiddos. He wants to show people that he’s not a one trick pony. He plays the Star Spangled Banner like Jimi Hendrix to open. He’s a skilled guitar player, but imitative. He can play hard licks just as they sound on the records. Simon buzzes him!

Howie says, “It was like watching old Van Halen. That’s a great Viagra commercial…you kept it up all through the performance…I loved it.” Simon says, “It just felt strange.” Huh? He says his wife won’t be impressed. OK then. Heidi loves him. “You can shred…” The act wasn’t original or interesting, but John didn’t deserve to be buzzed.

Maureen Langan – Comedian

She’s prepared for the live show by practicing jokes on comedy club stages. “I’ve been slugging it out for 20 plus years,” she says. She doesn’t like being profiled as a middle aged woman. I feel that. Knitting and quilting no thank you. I hear you, girl. She got a few chuckles out of me.

Sofia says, “You have been practicing, you feel so confident.” Simon says, “I like you, and I think people are going to like you.” but he missed the “big joke.” He adds. “I didn’t love that.” Howie thinks she’s professional and consistent. He thinks she did land big jokes.

Ray Wold – Fire performer

Ray’s audition was the second most watched audition of the season. Ray set himself on fire, using his mom as his assistant. She’s 85 years old. She admits to having “memory blocks.” Uh oh. Mom is blowing things up with her fire shooter. She’s blowing things up real good. Then she sticks her face right in the fire. She’s the star of this duo. Howie buzzes them for some reason. The act ends with mom setting her son on fire in a tub filled with water and gasoline. Whee!

Heidi says, “This act really flamed to please! It was lit! You are nuts.” Sofia says, “I don’t know what just happened to. It’s the craziest pairing I’ve ever seen in my life. Very inspirational.” Howie says, “I love my mom! You don’t set her on fire! It’s just wrong!” That’s why he buzzed. Simon says, “I thought it was beautiful. I love this act and I love both of you.”

Lavender Darcangelo – Singer – HEIDI KLUM’S GOLDEN BUZZER

Lavender is a singer who is also blind and autistic. The Golden Buzzer made her feel that the world is seeing her now. She chose to sing “I Want to Know What Love Is.” It challenges her vocal range. Her gay dads are very supportive. Her dress is so pretty and some jeweler somewhere lent her a beautiful sparkly necklace. Her tone is very pretty and she imbues the song with heartfelt emotion. She’s sincere! Production could have held back some of that reverb, however. Too much.

Heidi says, “I’m so proud of you. I feel you when you sing.” She begs people to vote. Simon says she “nailed” it. He loved the second half of the song. “That was beautiful.”

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