America’s Got Talent 2022 Finale Winner Results (Live Blog)

America's Got Talent 2022 Finale
Pictured: (l-r) Kristy Sellars, Terry Crews, Mayyas — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2022 finally reveals the winner tonight! The AGT champ wins a $1 million annuity and will headline the AGT residency at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

America’s Got Talent 2021 Top 10

The Top 11 finalists are: Saxophonist Avery Dixon, Ventriloquist Celia Munoz, Country trio Chapel Hart, Country singer, Drake Milligan, Multimedia pole dancer Kristy Sellars, Dance crewe Mayyas, Deepfake tech duo Metaphysic, Comedian Mike E. Winfield, Magician Nicolas RIBS, Teen singer Sara James, Magician Yu Hojin,  (Read last night’s Recap)

Tonight’s Guest Stars

Jon Pardi performs with Drake Milligan, Darius Rucker performs with Chapel Hart, Darci Lynn, Terry Fator teams up with Celia Munoz, Black Eyed Peas, Trombone Shorty, Jeff Ross, Henry Winkler, Light Balance

America’s Got Talent 2022 FINALE Poll Results and Prediction

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara sit on the judges panel. Terry Crews serves as host.

The Black Eyed Peas open the show in a performance that was taped on a roof. The performance plays as a montage of the finalists flash on the screen. Terry and the Peas make an entrance through the auditorium. Are there only 4 Peas now?

Next, Light Balance take the stage dancing to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. Their light up routine is very energetic. OH LOOK TERRY PERFORMED WITH THEM BIG REVEAL. They are appearing in the big AGT Luxor Las Vegas residency.

Terry introduces the judges, before the big long and boring recap. Simon declares last night the Best! Final! Evah! Until next season, of course.

Terry calls Henry Winkler “AGT’s Biggest fan.” Oh really? He introduces Nicolas RIBS, Yu Hojin and Shin Lim. Shin is playing piano and Yu, and then Nicolas perform magic. Eventually, Shin joins in the magic making. He’s the master! Also, Henry promotes his children’s book.

Next, Jon Pardi and Drake Milligan perform Pardi’s latest single “Last Night Lonely.” They kinda sound alike. They both work the stage as they play guitars. 

Without a break, Chapel Hart takes the stage to sing Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About.” The lead singer sounds a little less off key than last night, but still rough. Darius Rucker HOOTIE joins them. Jon and Drake are also on stage singing along. Jon advises the contestants to keep chasing their dreams. Darius says songs are important, good songs. 

Now, Mike E. Winfield is on stage to introduce a video package all about Simon. It’s “The Roast of Simon Cowell.” Don McMillan appears to throw a few zingers Simon’s way, with the aid of a Powerpoint. The roasting is very gentle. Next, it’s Mr. Pants. And then, Lace Larrabee, whom Simon rudely buzzed. She’s the funniest of the three! The bit ends with Jeff Ross, who literally does roasts for a living. The bit ends with “Metaphysic Simon.” Simon roasting himself. 

Next, Celia Munoz is on stage doing her radio bit. She sings “Over the Rainbow” while brushing her teeth. Here come the puppets! First Darci Lynne with her rabbit friend. Next, Terry Fator enters the stage with a ridiculous puppet that’s supposed to be Hawaiian or something? He sings the ukulele version of the song. The three all sing together. Celia says Darci and Terry are big inspirations. 

Now, it’s a video clip promoting Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights. Heidi is big on the Halloween, creating elaborate costumes every year. She takes Terry and Howie on a scary tour. Simon and Sofia join them as monsters jump out from nowhere. It ends with Terry in a dress scaring everyone.

Next, Kristy Sellars and the Mayyas join forces for a performance. Two of the most creative acts in the finale performing together just makes sense. That was very short. Like a minute!

So much time wasting! Now it’s a video package about Terry. Wow. Heidi can move her boobs like him. Who knew. That leads to Terry’s golden buzzer, Avery Dixon, performing with Trombone Shorty. They play Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground.” Troy calls Avery a star. “I’d like to have Avery on tour sometime.” 

Now, it’s a recap of the entire season. WE WANT RESULTS. 

Next, Sara James and The Black Eyed Peas perform the group’s big hit “Let’s Get it Started.” calls Sara a “superstar,” adding that she’s a shining, bright personality. 

That, is followed by a video clip featuring the finalists watching holograms of their parents, friends and loved ones wishing them good luck. Oh look, it’s Mike’s “Real Son.” Tanya Tucker shows up to congratulate Chapel Hart

Now, it’s time for a Kia promotion. The winner and runner-up win a car! 


Finally. But first, a promotion of the ongoing America’s Got Talent residency at the Luxor in Las Vegas. Tonight’s winner will headline the show. 

Drake Milligan and Mike E Winfield step forward. America has voted. The act taking the first spot in the Top 5 is…Drake Milligan. Mike E. Winfield is eliminated

Next, Nicolas RIBS and Metaphysic step forward. Only one is going into the Top 5. And that is Metaphysic! Nicolas RIBS is eliminated.

Celia Munoz and Kristy Sellars step forward. Too bad they both won’t make it. America has voted. The act taking the next spot in the Top 5 is…Kristy Sellars! OK I was NOT expecting that at all!

The Mayyas and Yu Hojin step forward. Only one stays in the competition. The act taking the fourth spot in the Top 5 is…The Mayyas! Yu is eliminated.

Sara James, Avery Dixon and Chapel Hart step forward. America has voted. The act taking the last spot in the Top 5 is…Chapel Hart!!! HOLY COW. SHOCKER. The trio were NOT VERY GOOD LAST NIGHT to say the least. Simon is VERY DIPLOMATIC about his golden buzzer leaving the competition. 

Next, Terry announces the fifth place finisher. And it is…Chapel Hart. As well they should. Simon believes that the song they performed last night could be a hit song. 

The next act to leave the competition and in fourth place is…Metaphysic! They were over their skis last night. And in third place is…Drake Milligan.

Kristy Sellars and Mayyas are the Top 2

And NOW it’s FINALLY TIME to reveal THE WINNER! America has voted. The winner of 1 million dollars and headlining show in Las Vegas is…MAYYAS!!!!!

The Mayyas win America’s Got Talent season 17 2022

Congratulations to the Mayyas! Kristy Sellars would have been a worthy winner. America got the Top 2 right. But the Mayyas deserved the win. However, Celia Munoz should have been Top 5 at least!

Overall, the talent was good this season. But the new format was NO BUENO. The ratings were good, so Cowell will probably stick with the same deal next season. And why not? It’s less work for him and the rest of the cast. Film in April, and then come back for six weeks of live shows. That, instead of filming four rounds of shows. 

Top 5

Mayyas -WINNER!
Kristy Sellars – RUNNERUP
Drake Milligan – THIRD PLACE
Metaphysic – FOURTH PLACE
Chapel Hart – FIFTH PLACE


Mike E. Winfield
Nicolas RIBS
Celia Munoz
Yu Hojin
Sara James
Avery Dixon


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