America’s Got Talent 2019 Recap: Quarterfinals 3 Performance Videos

America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals conclude tonight, LIVE from the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.  Twelve contestants will perform in front of judges Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell for YOUR votes.  Terry Crews hosts.  Join us as we live blog all the performances.

Which Acts Perform on America’s Got Talent 2019 Next Week? (Aug 27)

The winning act receives 1 million dollars and will headline their very own Vegas show. Only SEVEN acts will advance to the Semifinals. FIVE acts will be eliminated by the end of tomorrow’s Results show.

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Detroit Youth Choir – Terry Crews Golden Buzzer – Terry gets choked up even thinking about his Golden Buzzer act. The choir exists, says the video package, to give underprivileged kids a voice. They’re singing Carrie Underwood’s “The Champion.” They seem like hard working kids, but the African choir from last week has it going on. Likely only one (if any) will make it to the finals. Standing ovation from the judges and the crowd. “Hallelujah!” says Gabrielle. The crowd is shouting. “You deserve all of it,” she says. Howie compliments the choir director, calling him a hero. Julianne calls them “bigger than AGT. You guys are better when you’re together.” Simon calls them “bloody fantastic” and “better than your first audition.”

Check out Simon’s bright red t shirt. What’s gotten into him! 

Lukas & Falco  – Dog Act – Aw. Falco the dog will soon be too old to perform. Lukas is bringing brand new tricks to the act tonight, he says. They perform to Blink 182’s “All The Small Things” in some sort of mushroom patch. Oh! It’s a Mario Kart thing. Got it. Falco jumps rope tonight, which is new! Lukas does a mini handstand and they touch feets. It’s a cute act.  The tricks are just OK, but that doggo is so adorable. “Falco was better than you,” says Simon who compliments Lukas kindness to the dog. Gabrielle says he upped the ante. Julianne agrees “It got 10 times better.” Howie disagrees! He didn’t see new tricks. Simon and Julianne buzz him.  Booooo Howie BOOOOO.

Dom Chambers – Magician – His shtick is all about using everyday items in his magic tricks. He’s keenly aware that Eric Chien, the close up magician, is big time competition. This week, he promises to use BIG pieces, including a massive video screen. In one clever bit, Don switches clothes with his video image. The main event has the screen filled with photos of AGT alums, Brady Bunch style. The judges, studio and home viewers are asked to pick and point to a photo after a confusing set of instructions. Apparently, everyone pointed at the photo of Tape Face. And Dom was so sure he was the pick, he brought Tape Face to the studio in person! Dom also predicted that Simon would NOT pick Tape Face. I’m not sure what happened there, but it seemed sorta cool? Julianne says, “You make magic cool.” Simon says, “I swear to God this was not planned. It was genius. Your best performance by a mile.” Howie says. “You are amazing.” Gabrielle says, “You make people believe.”

Benicio Bryant – Teen singer – In Benicio’s video package, he sings the National Anthem at a Mariners game. His dad is so proud! Tonight, he’s singing another original song. His vocals are high, strong and sweet. He sings with surprising emotion for a young teen. He reminds me a little of YouTube star Greyson Chance from a few years ago. Julianne has been waiting for this moment! She calls it “risky.” She thinks he did an “unbelievable” job. Simon says, “I love you…you have a natural talent.” He would have stripped the song down more, though. “You have a great future ahead of you.” Howie didn’t respond to the song. He rarely appreciates original songs, it seems. Gabrielle calls him a rock star. “You have it.”

Gonzo – Tambourine master  – In his video package, Gonzo tells the story of how he became a tambourine master. He loves watching Karaoke, but can’t sing. When pushed on stage to sing, he picked up a tambourine and star was born. Or something. Gonzo bursts out of a pile of yellow balls. He’s actually got a quartet of tiny tambourine dudes as back up. Gonzo continues to be a complete waste of time. Simon buzzes him, while Howie jumps to his feet. Howie says, “He is so much less, and he gives us so much more. I would go to see this. I’ll always remember you.” Ok then. Simon was glad it didn’t last very long. “You actually did nothing there,” he says. Gabrielle loved the four little tambourine dancers. “You are special and unique.” Julianne also loved the little dudes. “I was thoroughly entertained though!” The judges do a bit wearing red Gonzo glasses. Hopefully, the reign of Gonzo is finally over. 

Marcin Patrzalek  – Teen guitar wiz – He’s been writing music since he was 12. He can be inspired by any sound, he says. The young musician delivers another jaw dropping performance on the guitar. WATCH HIS FINGERS FLY. Oh my. He should make the final. Gabrielle is blown away. “You are such a rock star.” Julianne gets up to dance. She can’t help herself! “You create what other creators pull from…artistry at its finest,” she says. Simon thought the song was all over the place, but thinks that technically, he’s one of the most talented AGT contestants ever. “Ever thought about the tambourine?” snarks Howie. 

Eric Chien – Magician – He was raised in America, but born in Taiwan. He had to go back for mandatory military service. He couldn’t bring cards with him, so he learned to use found objects, and it helped his creativity immensely.  Julianne will serve as his assistant tonight. This time, Eric works magic with M & Ms. He creates mini Rubik’s Cubes out of the candy. Julianne mixes up the cubes. Eric sucks them up into a container and they come out…solved of course! And then he turns the cubes back into chocolates. Pretty cool. Howie calls it crazy “Magic melts in your hands, not in your mouth.” He thinks there is room for TWO magicians tonight. Gabrielle was not disappointed, “You raised the level of competition.” Simon thinks Dom was better than Eric. He’s getting bored. Uh oh. Simon just threw him under the bus. “I don’t know how you did that,” says Julianne, who was sitting next to him. Eric promises, if he makes it to the semis, to make the act bigger for Simon.

Berywam – Beatbox quartet – They perform a classical piece, but sped up. This quartet really does take beatboxing to another level. It’s hard to believe there is no additional percussion. This is a very weird performance though. They slip into “Old Town Road,” but perform it like an opera. Odd, but good. Julianne thought the performance felt more intimate and technical this time. America may not get it, she says. She’s right. Simon compares them to Marmite– people will either love it or hate it. He’s rooting for them, however. Howie was impressed. “Have you thought of a tambourine.” OK Howie. That’s enough. “Y’all killed it!” says Gabrielle. 

Matthew Richardson – WILDCARD – Hoop aerialist – Yay. Matthew is back. In his video package, Matthew reveals he’s had two major injuries. Tonight, he’ll do something he hasn’t done before. It involves glitter and water and Matthew’s elegant and athletic moves on his giant hoop. Simon buzzed him? Why? He’s ridiculous. This is beautiful to watch. He ends, taking the hoop high in the air and finally down again. Julianne is on her feet. “You do belong. I think it shows tenacity,” she says. Simon can’t see it going any further. The crowd boos him. Rightfully. Julianne begins arguing with him. Gabrielle calls it “spicy.” Heh. “Jennifer Beals Flashdance realness,” she says. Howie agrees with Simon. I mean, say you hate the act, Simon. But buzzing him? So unnecessary.

Mackenzie – Singer – Mackenzie discovered his passion for music in church. Tonight he’s singing “Life on Mars” by David Bowie. Bold song choice. Last time he oversang. So far, it’s a strong, but restrained performance. He hits some big notes, but keeps it cool. Nice job. Simon looks bored. Howie says, “You have an amazing instrument.” But he’s worried America won’t think it’s enough. Gabrielle assures him that he’s enough, “We need America to vote.” Julianne loves his powerful, but subtle voice. However, she didn’t feel connected tonight. Simon only liked the last 20 seconds of the song. Eh. I liked that this time, he didn’t yell his way through the performance.

Jackie Fabulous – Comic – Her video package, about speed dating, leads to her routine that’s all about dating…white guys. And black dudes who have only dated white girls. Howie is laughing his head off during her routine. She is pretty funny. Gabrielle calls her “absolutely fabulous” and “a star.” Simon says it felt like she belongs here. He “prays” America puts her through. Howie calls her authentic. “I think America should vote for you.” he says. Julianne also calls her a star. 

Emanne Beasha – Young Opera singer – Jay Leno Golden Buzzer – When it comes right down to it–I don’t want to listen to a little kid singing opera. Yes, I felt the exact same way about Jackie Evancho. I’m not an opera fan, but obviously it’s the experience and training that makes a great singer. A tween can’t cut it. Shouldn’t have to cut it, really. The judges are on their feet. Simon says “You’re on a different planet from everyone else.” He compared it to watching the Olympics. “If you don’t get through, I will eat this judging table.” Julianne calls her an “icon” at 10 years old. Gabrielle says she just created millions of opera fans with her voice. Howie calls her an amazing talent. Hyperbole much? She’s a little kid singing passable opera.


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