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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Judge Cuts 2" -- Pictured: V. Unbeatable -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
AMERICA’S GOT TALENT — “Judge Cuts 2” — Pictured: V. Unbeatable — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Tonight the America’s Got Talent 2019 Judge Cuts continue. Eighteen acts will perform for judges Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell, but only SEVEN acts will advance to the live shows.

This week’s special guest judge is former NBA star and Gabrielle Union husband Dwyane Wade. He’s got the Golden Buzzer and the ability to advance ONE act straight through to the lives. Terry Crews hosts.

We’re live blogging all the performances and RESULTS here. Join us!

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Dwyane compares the audience’s wild reception to how crowds responded when he was playing for the NBA. He’s been watching the show for years, and is very happy to be sitting next to his wife.

Bir Khalsa – Wacky danger act from India – In the video package the group innocently shops for the fruits they’ll eventually smash to smithereens. It all seems so innocent! The tall guy in the trio (DON’T ask me to spell their names, mkay?) is 7 ft 6 inches, even dwarfing very tall basketball player, Dwyane Wade. So first up–slicing melons on a very sharp blade, which one of the men balances on his stomach. Of course, he’s wearing a breastplate of some sort. But I am impressed with his balance! Now it’s time to smash a giant ice block that’s resting on top of the giant. After, the big guy instructs them to smash him on bare skin, which doesn’t seem to phase him. This is like something out of Game of Thrones. He’d make a great White Walker. More smashing melons while blindfolded. That could have gone wrong, but did not. Dwyane calls them unique and entertaining. He wants to be friends! The trio are game. Gabrielle basically says she peed herself, she was so scared. Julianne was freaking out with the audience. Howie says “Melons and nuts sounds like a different show.” Simon likes watching coconuts being smashed on their coconuts. Erm. Mildly amusing, but I cannot imagine that act advancing to the live shows. It’s already getting a little old,

GForce – Tween girl group – The kiddos shout affirmations to themselves before hitting the stage. Last time, Simon felt they lacked authenticity. This time, they chose an original song that is a “little more personal” called “Simon says.”  They want to be the next One Direction. They need to lose the Kids Bop Pageant Vibes. Maybe in a few years, they’ll development more personality. Ha I wonder who wrote this song, which basically calls out Simon for being a bit of a tyrant. Gabrielle loved them even more this time. Dwyane loves their swag and confidence. Howie thinks they’re adorable, but couldn’t understand the words. He liked the first performance better. Simon calls it a “way way better audition than the first time.” He warns there’s a lot of competition. So that sounds like a no.–KU

Olivia Calderon – Spanish language singer – She sings another Spanish song, that sounds a lot like the first. But, it’s hard to tell, because she’s montaged. The panel stood for her, except Dwyane. “It’s not my cup of tea,” he says. “But it could be your shot of tequila!” she quips back. I admire her sass in the face of rejection.

Dom Chambers – Aussie Magician – Last time, he made beers appear and disappear. Oh. He’s moved up to cocktails. He hands the judges a clipboard with a list of cocktails to choose. In a fun twist, Dom uses the iPhone “Siri” as an assistant. She does jokes! And he pulls a card right out of the phone. She makes drinks too. This is pretty clever. Better than that monotonous beer routine from the auditions. Dwyane is on his feet. “This is the best magic I’ve ever seen,” he says, calling it “cool” and “innovative.” Gabrielle calls him “pure magic.” Simon felt it was not as dynamic as the first audition. Simon would be wrong about that.

Mat Ricardo – UK Variety Act – We didn’t see his audition, and now he’s getting montaged. Howie calls him a “showman.” He’s like an old fashioned jack of all trades. 

Lamont Landers – Soulful singer/songwriter – Simon pulled the “come back with a different song” shtick on him last time. And Lamont wasn’t pleased, initially. He did prepare a second song, finally, and Simon was satisfied.  Lamont plays it smart. Simon called him boring last time when he picked a typical song. This time, Lamont flips Pink’s “Walk Me Home” into a bluesy acoustic number. Julianne feels his voice isn’t filling the space. What? Gabrielle felt his performance had a lot of heart. Dwayne calls his voice “unassuming.” He thinks Lamont could take it to another level. Simon likes him and his voice, but says the performance “left me with nothing.” Huh. I’m surprised. “I don’t think I’m going to be fighting for you in the end,” he says. Howie disagrees. Lamont, says rightly, “maybe I should have stuck to my guns.” I thought the performance was pretty good. He’s got an unusual tone. I get the feeling Simon was just using him to create a couple of TV moments, which sucks. But that’s typical Simon.

Adaline Bates – Singer performs a Victor/Victoria act – I SMELL A MONTAGE. And yep, we get a clip of “Endless Love” and Julianne noting there is nowhere for the act to go. That was true from day one, but y’all passed her through anyway.

Michael Paul – Comedian/Ventriloquist  – Oh wow. Michael Paul is montaged. This guy killed with bird poop jokes last time. He really seemed like a contender. Here, he comes out with an old lady puppet and Simon buzzes him. He says, “I think you came out with a terrible act tonight.”

Ginzilla – Comedic drag act – Another dang montage! Simon trots out acts like Ginzilla for the lolz. She was treated the same way when she appeared on X Factor UK last season. However, she performs a cover of Madonna’s “Material Girl” and it is pretty terrible. So much bellowing. Howie says, “It was not a step up.” Simon says, “It just wasn’t as good as your audition.”

Alex Dowis Light Art Show – Light show – Viewers weren’t shown the full audition, but in the video package Simon is the lone no among 3 yeses. Alex promises to tell a clear story this time. Ha ha. He’s from Eastern Europe, but goes full blown Patriotic America. He draws President Kennedy, and then we see a rocket lift off before Alex draws the world. A rocket appears and lands on the moon.  He draws an astronaut with a flag, followed by the the big “One step for man, a giant step for mankind” speech. The episode was timed perfectly with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, which occurred over the weekend. Dwayne calls him an “amazing” story teller. Alex is honest when asked why he chose that particular story. “Simon” he says simply. Ha ha. Luckily, Simon approves. “I got goosebumps on my goosebumps,” he says.

Dwayne is rapping “This is How We Do It” for the crowd. Heh.

V.Unbeatable – Young dance crew from India – Crazy good dance/tumbling team from India. The young men on the crew come from challenging circumstances. Sadly, a few years ago, one of their crew got hurt and eventually died from his injuries. “We are doing all this for him,” they say. This group is a terrific marriage of hip hop dance and danger tumbling. They perform with precision. The last trick has a young one jumping off a chair held high atop a pyramid. It’s crazy. They get a standing ovation. Julianne calls them powerful. She loves the combination of dance and acrobatics. Simon loves their enthusiasm. “We need you,” he says. Dwayne’s heart is beating so hard, he asks Gabrielle to feel it. I KNEW IT! Dwayne chooses V. Unbeatable as his GOLDEN BUZZER. Of course, he relates to the group’s teamwork and camaraderie. 

Izzy and Easton – Kid contemporary dance duo – They are portraying two warriors getting ready for a challenge. Which is appropriate. Unfortunately the duo is montaged. However, Julianne and Gabrielle are both very enthusiastic. 

Adem Show – Movie inspired hip hop crew – Last time, their routine was based on “Mortal Kombat.” This time, it’s “Night at the Museum.” Still. Montaged! Simon calls them brilliant dancers. Howie declares it a step up.

Verba Shadow – Shadow Dance – The leaders of the group are a married couple, from Ukraine. They will do something they have never done before! The routine this week has a witchy theme. The storyline isn’t quite as clear as the war time love story they told in their audition. So it’s about…fighting the forces of evil…or something.  It’s hard to tell. Howie is confused too. “I don’t know what the story was.” Simon says it was “good vs evil.” He didn’t get the “horse” which was actually a unicorn. See what I mean? Compared to last time, this routine is incoherent. I think they are trying too hard. Still, Simon thinks they are amazing. Dwyane liked it too.

Robert Finley – Musician – Sixty-five year old Vietnam vet, his sight began deteriorating four years ago. He’s now legally blind. His daughter gave up her career to manage him. His audition package painted him coming out of nowhere, but he has had recent success as a protege of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.  He sings another original song called “Medicine Woman.”  It’s reminiscent of another song that I can’t quite put my finger on. I thought his audition song was better, but it’s still a total 60/70’s jam. His voice is powerful and full of feeling. Howie calls him “authentic.” Gabrielle says, “You came to go to the finals.” Dwyane wants to adopt him! Simon says that his age doesn’t matter. Talent is talent. And as an example, Simon declares that he “once left a show” coughamericanidolcough because of the 29 year old age limit. This is, of course, A TOTAL LIE. He left American Idol to launch X Factor, a show he created and OWNS. It’s the second time he’s made that FALSE claim. Sheesh. I feel like Daniel Dale fact checking Trump.

Duo Fusion – Husband/wife Hand balancing act – We didn’t see their audition, but apparently the judges liked them a lot. They do a sexy routine. The schtick is that they are both strong. They balance each other.  That looked edited–but what was shown was pretty cool. The husband was able to stand up from a position flat on his back, all while balancing his wife on his hands. Julianne is very enthusiastic. 

Valerie Sassyfras –  Comedic performer – Howie says to Dwyane, “Are you ready for a totally wacky lady?” and Dwyane quips, “I’m married to one.” Har. Valerie is 66 years old and a total joke act. She sings the same song she did at her audition, called “Girls Night Out.” This time, she wriggles around accompanied by super tall dancers. And, by her description, the second rendition was a “remix” with more “energy.” What a waste of time. The red buzzers go off one by one.  Gabrielle is the only one not to press. She’s going to fight for her. Ok then. “Miss sass is my wife’s spirit animal,” says Dwyane. Simon liked her audition better. But since it wasn’t shown, I’m assuming that sucked too. 

Ryan Niemiller – Comedian – A birth defect left him without hands. The judges LOVED his audition, which was centered around his disability. As if growing up with a disability wasn’t enough of a challenge–he lived in a trailer park with an alcoholic dad. The two loved baseball and stand up comedy. The day his dad died, he went to a gig. He wishes Dad was here to see his dream come true. This new round of disability jokes involve dumb people who ask him dumb questions. Also, there are drive-thru challenges! This routine is actually funnier than his audition. He gets a well deserved standing ovation. Howie loves him so much. “You deserve a spot on this show.” Dwyane says, “I could listen to you all day.” Simon could sense his joy and confidence.

RESULTS! First, the fake deliberation.  And now the time has come to announce the remaining six acts that make it to the live finals.. 

Simon didn’t like Dom Chambers the second time, but put him through anyway. Out of the talent he was up against in this group, he deserved it. I can’t believe they put that kiddie girl group, G Force, through. Or maybe I can. AGT loves the kid acts. Generally, I do not. Also, Simon should reserve the fake outs for the adults. One girl was crying her eyes out at the news. Aw, that kid contemporary duo, Izzy and Easton, were crushed to be eliminated. They need to audition for World of Dance, stat. Eh to putting through the one-note act Bir Khalsa. And I’m not sold on Alex Dowis. Sidenote–for a minute, he didn’t realize he had made it through. Probably a language thing! I would have put through Lamont Landers and the Duo Fusion. Simon generally hates guitar strummers. And perhaps the Messoudi Brothers have filled the only slot for hand balancers. 

Results Part 1

Results Part 2

Moving on the Live Shows

V. Unbeatable – Dwyane Wade’s Golden Buzzer.
Dom Chambers – Musician
G Force – Kid girl group
Robert Finley – Singer/Musician
Bir Khalsa – Wacky danger act
Alex Dowis Light Art Show – Light show
Ryan Niemiller – Comedian


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