America’s Got Talent 2019 Recap – Finale Live Blog and Videos

America’s Got Talent 2019 Recap Finale Live Show Finale Live Blog and Videos

America’s Got Talent 2019 Recap Finale: Ten performers will take the stage tonight (Sept 17) live from Hollywood. Your votes determine the $1 million dollar winner, to be revealed in tomorrow night’s results finale. Featuring creator and executive producer Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, Howie Mandel on the judges panel, and host, Terry Crews.

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Simon says that each of the Top 10 have the potential to win the show. And it all comes down to their last performances in the next two hours. Heh. Kodi Lee or V Unbeatable have this locked up. But of course, Simon won’t say that.

Now, it’s time for an AGT 2019 SEASON RECAP! Or, in other words, SNACK TIME. And no performances before the first break.

V. Unbeatable  – Dance/Tumblers from India – Dwyane Wade’s Golden BuzzerThe group tells the story of losing their founder to a terrible accident while rehearsing. The V. in their name is a tribute to him, Vikas. They say they never perform without his name on their back. Whoo. Now the boys are jumping off of balconies! DON’T DIE GUYS. The set is made up of a series of blocks, The routine is full of intricate tumbling and crazy dance moves. The last trick has a young one literally thrown off the highest block. IT’S CRAZY. Covered in streamers, the judges are on their feet. Howie calls them dangerous and exciting. He shouts “V for Victory!” Gabrielle calls it “Unfeaking believable. You guys killed that performance.” Julianne says they are everything a dance crew needs to be. Simon calls it a “golden buzzer” performance and calls them “game changers.”

Detroit Youth Choir – Choir made up of underprivileged kids – Terry Crews Golden Buzzer – Tonight, they sing “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Tonight the group adds rapping, to up the ante. However, rapping shouldn’t rake the place of lead singing as it does here. The background singing is better than all the leads. Again, the group is a high caliber school choir, but they don’t belong on AGT. Well, they got a death spot. It’s hard to imagine them making the Top 5. The crowd is going nuts. Gabrielle has to shout her thoughts. “You guys shine so bright on that stage.” The kids are crying. Gabrielle loves that they all had specific moments. Simon doesn’t see a choir, but a group of individuals who have worked hard. “You have meant so much to us…this is going to be such a tough competition tonight,” he says. “I feel like I’m attending the Simon Cowell day care center,” quips Howie.

Emanne Beasha  – Young opera singer – Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer – Emmane turns 11 years old TOMORROW. The combination of performing third and needing the judges to save her last week means she has no chance of winning this thing or even coming close. Hope that doesn’t ruin her special day. She sings “La Mamma Morta.” It’s another nice performance from a young, undeveloped singer. Maybe someday, after years of training, she’ll be a great opera singer. Julianne calls it “otherworldly” and calls her a perfect angel. The judges are bathed in stage smoke! Ha. Simon compares her to an Olympic star and calls her talent incredible. Howie notes that she’s a BTS fan. We needed that info. Or not. Gabrielle calls her a blessing and an angel. 

Ryan Niemiller – Birth defect left this comedian without hands – He and his family grew up in a trailer. Winning  1 million would mean a lot to them. “I hear the camera adds 10 fingers,” he says. Heh. Oh gosh. These jokes are funny tonight. “I got tennis elbow from fist bumping so much.” Folks avoid shaking his hand.  This is such a painful story, yet I’m laughing. Ryan has a special ability to tell a true story without any self-pity or disconnection. “If you don’t vote for me tonight, it’s technically a hate crime.” Seriously, tonight is his funniest yet. Simon thinks he could star in a movie or TV show. He pleads his case with casting folks! Howie says he has an amazing heart, “I want you to be a star, you are a star.” Gabrielle IS a producer and offers to cast him in one of HER movies. Wow. That’s quite an offer. Hope she can follow through. Julianne calls it an honor to watch him. I hope Ryan at least makes to Top 5. 

Voices of Service  – Singing quartet made up of active duty/vets – In their video package the group reads letters from struggling vets and relatives of vets who found some measure of peace through their performances. It’s very moving. The group sings a religious hymn, that “Footprints in the Sand” song, an it’s sappy. I like them better interpreting pop songs. But there is no denying their incredible voices and beautiful harmonies. Howie says they are changing lives, “It’s so important and powerful.” Howie asks America to vote. Gabrielle calls them “instruments of feeling.” Julianne says the group brings people hope and joy. Simon thinks they’ve had two incredible weeks. He thinks they have a chance to win. Hm. Probably not. 

Light Balance Kids  – Light and Dance group from Ukraine – Ellie Kemper’s Golden Buzzer – One of the members got sick before their audition. He went to the hospital, but still kept practicing. They don’t give up! The kiddos funk it up this week with a fast food theme. Ha A pizza box comes to life and chases the kids around the stage and bites them. Now, they’ve turned into dancing fries and hamburgers. Cute.  The french fry shoots fireworks. It’s an entertaining, clear story from the group this week. Julianne calls it creative and innovative. Gabrielle admires their commitment and focus. Simon felt they pulled out their best performance when it mattered. “Fun, cool and relevant,” he says. Howie calls it an immersive, fun Vegas act. “The entire act was gluten free!” How about those hamburger buns, though. 

Benicio Bryant – Teen singer competed on The Voice Kids Germany recently – He was one year old when America’s Got Talent premiered. He’s been watching it every year and has dreamed of winning it. He turned 15 recently. His voice sounds tired this week–a little strained. I wonder if he’s sick. At this point of the competition, he needs a dramatic moment, which this song does not provide. Julianne calls him a star, able to hold the stage without bells and whistles. She thinks he can win. Simon respects how he presented an original song without gimmicks. Normally, Simon would have called that boring. Howie also thinks Benicio can win. Simon hits his buzzer for some weird reason. 

Tyler Butler-Figueroa  – Young violinist battled Leukemia – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer – Tyler tears up as he watches fellow cancer survivors deliver good luck messages via video. He performs Destiny Child’s “I’m a Survivor. He’s had better performances, I think. Or maybe at this point, there is nowhere to take this act and I’m a little bored. It’s nice that he inspires other kids, though. Simon is bursting with pride. Beyonce personally cleared the song for Tyler, Simon reveals. “You’ve got a shot here,” he says. Howie is also proud, and inspired. Gabrielle believes he saved the best for last.

Kodi Lee – Blind/autistic singer/pianist – Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer – Kodi insists auditioning for AGT was his idea. He hears music in his head. And he speaks to the people he loves through his music because it’s difficult to express himself otherwise. “My family is always there for me,” he says. “My dreams are coming true.” It takes him a few seconds to begin his cover of  “Lost Without You”. The song is in his vocal range. Sometimes Kodi strains on the high notes. It’s a pretty and simple performance. When he does deliver a high note, it’s clean. Hm. That may have won him the show. The audience is chanting for him! She says, “Kodi has changed the world,” she says. Howie thinks Kodi will “walk out of here with a million.” Julianne thanks him for creating beautiful moments. “That was as good as I’ve ever heard,” says Simon. It’s interesting that it was made clear in Kodi’s video package that he’s operating on his own agency, rather than being manipulated by people around him Admittedly, I had questions about that myself.

Ndlovu Youth Choir  – Youth choir hales from South Africa – For the group’s last performance, they cover Toto’s “Africa.” Which is interesting. Ever read those lyrics? The song is a look at the country from a blinkered white guy’s point of view. Heh. But why not give the song some authenticity? It’s a good thing. This group continues to deliver great vocal performances with verve and energy. I’m glad they got the pimp spot. Simon declares that they ended the “best finale I have ever sat on.” He also calls it their best performance. “If you can dream it you can do it,” says Julianne. Gabrielle calls them the pride of America and Africa. Howie shouts “What a finale, vote!” after comparing the choir leader to Neil Patrick Harris. 


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