America’s Got Talent 2019 Auditions 3 Recap – Live Blog (VIDEO)


Tonight more acts perform for America’s Got Talent 2019 Season 14 Auditions 3 episode on NBC. New judges Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union join veterans Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel on the panel. Terry Crews from the Champion’s edition is the new host. We’re live blogging all the performances with video here.

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Terry Crews jumps from a plane, landing with an American flag parachute as a crowd watches from outside the theater. SO DRAMATIC.

Marina Marzepa – Dancer/Contortionist – You may remember the Ukrainian artist from her creepy/crawly 2018 audition for So You Think You Can Dance. Marina’s mother put her in ballet classes to take the edge off her tomboy ways.  She starts off her routine coquettish, performing classic balletic dance moves. coquettish, wearing a black tutu and  out classic ballet moves.  But after shedding her black tutu she busts out the super bendy contemporary moves SYTYCD fans remember. Oh. She’s pretending that she’s never been on television before. She added an element of comedy tonight, which is appropriate for AGT. “That was amazing! That was so strong…precice,” says Gabrielle. Howie calls her a true artist. Julianne calls Marina’s act strong, powerful yet graceful and elegant. Simon compares her to the Exorcist4 yeses

Dom Chambers – Magician – 26 year old magician from Australia. Check out a full preview of his AGT audition HERE. Dom’s obsession with magic started with his grandfather. When the older man passed away last year, it strengthened his resolve to follow his dreams. He booked a gig at a funeral! Weird. His act involves a paper bag which he uses to make glasses of beer appear and disappear. Everytime he pulls a glass, he takes a swig. He’s an appealing mix of comedy and magic, and his sleight of hand is very clever. He gets a standing ovation for that. Julianne is completely blown away. Gabrielle describes him as “super refreshing.” Simon calls it an amazing audition and very much of the youtube generation. Howie says he comes with the full package. There’s a beer for everyone at the end! 4 yeses

Carmen Carter – Singer – 55 year old Carmen performed with the Dancing with the Stars house band from 2005-2012. She also sang at the Superbowl with Maroon 5. She tells the panel she’s a background singer. Oh. She has a sob story. Over the years, her weight kept her from the spotlight. An exec told her she was too fat to be a lead singer. Ten years ago, that would have been Simon tbh. She’s a mom now, with grown up kids. She sings INXS “Never Tear Us Apart” in that belty way that was popular in the 80’s and 90’s. She brings the gospel realness, for sure–her vocals are powerful and rangy. Standing O from the crowd. Gabrielle calls her voice a gift and a blessing. Julianne calls her an artist “Nobody will be forgetting your name.” Howie calls her beautiful. “Don’t change anything.” Simon admires that she didn’t come out as a victim. They all vote together – 4 yeses.

We see a montage of energetic kid acrobats as Edson & Leon SLOWLY make their way on stage. 

Edson & Leon – Elderly hand balancers – Edson is 54, Leon is 84, explains the translator. The duo is from Brazil. They met 14 years ago and have been working together ever since. After taking off their suit jackets, the two begin an agile acrobat act. Ha ha ha. Fooled us. The moves they’re pulling take a ton of strength. The younger one is doing most of the heavy lifting. But still! Howie calls their strength “unexpected.” Gabrielle says, “You guys knocked it out of the park.” Julianne says “Age is nothing but a number!” Simon says, “This…is exactly why we created this show.” – 4 yeses

Sethward – Animal impersonator comic dude – Inexplicably, Sethward is a returnee from last season. He felt like he blew last year’s audition. He stopped performing altogether (hmm….or this is part of a new bit). He went back to nature. And now he’s a giraffe! Simon “recognizes” him right away. He starts a thing about having a short neck. He’s buzzed by everyone right away. It ends with Terry dragging him off stage and his bu** “accidently” being exposed…like last season. Next, it’s a montage of more horrible acts, before Sethward returns as a walrus, and continues to be stupid. The red Xs start up anew. After jumping on a bunch of inflatable balls, breaking them with his tusk, he falls off the stage. I still don’t get why they brought him back (SORRY SETHWARD IF YOU’RE LURKING YOU PROLLY SHOULDN’T BE). Howie loves it. “I think America’s is going to love you. Uh. Simon has changed his mind as well. Gabrielle says no. The crowd  goads Julianne to say yes. But she says NO too! 2 yesses 2 nos

Charlotte Summers – Tween singer – Thirteen year old Charlotte Summers from Marbella, Spain has already appeared on talent shows such as La Voz Kids Spain in 2015, Big Talent in 2016 and Eurokids International in 2017. Charlotte’s entire family is along for the ride. She and her sister speak impeccable English. Charlotte confesses her undying love for Simon, insisting she and her sister would buy guinea pigs with their million dollars and name them Simon and Howie. At this point, a tween kid busting out with big bluesy vocals is an expected thing. She’s much better than last season’s teen belter, Courtney Hadwin. Unlike her, Charlotte sings passionately, but with surprising control. Her intonation is on point! Howie calls her beautiful and sassy. Gabrielle compliments her depth and soul. Julianne just loves her. Simon suggests she drop backing tracks next time (???). He tries to pull a fake out on her, but of course he says yes. – 4 yeses

Kevin Schwartz – Comedian – He’s a deadpan comic in the tradition of Emo Phillips and Steven Wright. Fear rules his life, Kevin says.  At one point, he was diagnosed with agoraphobia, and his psychiatrist suggested that he write jokes to perform at an open mic. Slowly, he came out of his shell. He claims to be inexperienced and really nervous, but the 49 year old comic has posted a bunch of his routines on Youtube from the Madison club where he frequently performs. He gets off to a slow start. His delivery is off but the crowd eventually comes around to his punny jokes. Simon FINALLY laughs out loud. Julianne says “Rough start…but you got me!” Gabrielle says, “You came out here and you killed…you’re a freaking star.” Simon thought the second half was really funny. Howie saw his nerves, but thinks he’s “really wonderful.” 4 yeses.

MacKenzie – Singer – Originally from Virginia, the 31 year old lives in Los Angeles now. He performs “Nothing Compares to U” by Prince. He dedicates the song to his wife Denise. As a kid, he played songs for the animals on the family farm. He attended Berklee in Boston, but couldn’t afford more than two semesters. He met his beloved wife there, so some good came out of it. He has a beautiful tone, and this performance would have been better if he didn’t oversing toward the end. But it gets the crowd up on their feet. And Gabrielle is wiping away a tear. MacKenzie is crying too. “I’m just happy to be here,” he says tearfully. Howie thinks MacKenzie is a shining star. Denise joins him on stage. Julieanne says, “I’m just rooting for you.” Gabrielle says, “You both are stars!” Simon calls it a “great moment.” MacKenzie and Denise are a VERY handsome couple! – 4 yeses

Yurian Retriever – Comedian – This Japanese based comic claims to love Julianne! Simon hits his buzzer in protest. Apparently, she’s going to dance. She peels off sweats to reveal a skimpy one piece suit. Hopefully she has herself taped up in there. She prances around a bit to “Final Countdown” before Simon and her hero Julianne buzz her. That was pretty stupid. Julianne explains why she hit her buzzer: “I would have liked to seen a little bit more, but a little bit less.” Yurian drops her hotel address, after calling Simon cute. Oh boy. Gabrielle wants to know her double sided tape trick. Ha. That question was also my big take away. Howie and Gabrielle inexplicably say yes. Julianne and Simon say no. Yurian saunters down to the judges table to press the golden buzzer by accident. IT’S NOT ON. Hm. The Golden Buzzer. Not so spontaneous after all. Julianne gives Yurian a few dance lessons backstage – 2 yeses, 2 nos

Michael Paul – Ventriloquist/Comic – Philadelphia native Michael Paul has been in the business for 25 years doing, comedy, puppeteering, voice overs and more.  He sets up the bit, describing how he’ll work with a dangerous “bird of prey.” He pulls the bird out…and it’s a puppet. Ha ha ha. He hypnotizes the bird and when he tosses away the pendant and says cr*p…guess what the bird does! The bird suggests Michael do impressions, chirping inane guesses (Kim Kardashian!) before Michael even starts. “You are tweeting without thinking” Michael says. DONALD TRUMP! The bird yells, before making some pretty wacky (and funny) guesses for a couple of actual impressions. The bird ends the routine with more cr***ing. Simon says his son Eric would love it. “It was fantastic.” Julianne calls it fun. Howie believes he changed his life tonight. While Gabrielle usually doesn’t like his type of act, Michael has made her a believer. Ha ha. It’s Terry’s job to clean up the fake poop. – 4 yeses. 

Tyler Butler-Figueroa – Child violinist – 11 year old Tyler was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was 4. After three years of chemotherapy, he is in remission. He started playing the violin as a way to deal with being bullied in school. Kids cruelly teased him after losing his hair to chemo. But now, he’s no longer the kid with cancer, but the kid who plays the violin. He demonstrates his musical chops by playig an impressive version of Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.” He’s a skilled little dude with lots of energy on stage. And of course, he’s tonight’s golden buzzer. After receiving a standing ovation, Tyler becomes emotional. Julieanne gives him major props. Simon calls him an extraordinary young man. “You have such an amazing talent.” Oh he’s Simon’s Golden Buzzer.  Tears ensue! He goes straight to the live shows in Hollywood.


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