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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Episode 1017 -- Pictured: Kyvon Zand -- (Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)

Hey guys!

It’s Adam, here for another live recap of tonight’s America’s Got Talent!

Tonight is officially the last night of the pre-Radio City rounds! After tonight, we will have 32 acts in total, but if I had to guess, I would think each judge will get a wildcard to make that number 36. With 36 acts, we will be able to have 3 weeks of twelve acts competing before the semi finals, but that is just me guessing. Do you think there will be wildcards?

Also tonight, Piers Morgan will be guest judging with his own golden buzzer. Hopefully he uses it well.

The Gentleman are up first. I remember their audition being super underwhelming. They are two brothers who love to dance. The older brother says he dances for the ladies. They do some good moves, but we already have DM Nation moving on, and they blow these kids out of the box. They don’t even compare to some of the other dance acts we’ve had, but because they are cute little kids, they have a shot of moving on. Howard and Piers are not fans, the latter saying the stage swallowed them. The other three judges loved them though. If they do end up going through tonight, it will simply be so they can be fodder in the next round.

We only get a quick glimpse of Technicianz, Leroy Patterson and Duwende who are all shown super quickly, which basically means they are not going to be moving on.

Next, is Derek Hughes, one of my least favorite acts from the auditions. He is a magician whose first trick at the auditions had him pull a card out of his butt, which made me have to clean my eyes out with bleach to get the sight out of my memory (it didn’t work). Tonight he does a trick where he calls a card Howard picks out of the dictionary. After, he “reads” the judges mind and he predicts names they said before. Piers did not like him, but the other judges enjoyed it. I am personally not a fan. I wouldn’t mind losing him tonight.

Duo Volta and Duo Vladimir are shown next. I know where the show is going with this. Having them be shown at the same time means one will make it on and one will go home, as it has been in the past. Duo Vladimir are shown quickly, and they do some impressive balancing acts. These guys are good, really good! After Duo Volta take the stage. They used to be a couple, but have since broken up. Tonight… wow I think they actually outdid Duo Vladimir! The guy hangs from the ceiling and throws and catches the girl in mid air! This was fantastic! However with Piers’s critique, he basically confirms that only one of the two will move on. I have know idea who it will be, but I would have to go with Duo Volta. For now though, on my predictions both should move on.

James Costa is shown super quickly, but he gets 4 buzzes and is eliminated.

Next is Xavier Mortimer, who is a juggler. When he drops a ball, he quickly gets 4 buzzes, eliminating him.

Next is a favorite of mine, Alicia Michilli. She performs Whose Loving You, by The Jackson 5, and it is a fantastic cover! Great performance from Alicia! For me, I think she was the best act of the night. The judges give her good critiques, but Howard worries she might slip through the cracks. I think she should and hopefully will move on. It will be a travesty if she gets cut tonight.

The Move, is montaged quickly, which basically means they are not moving on.

After, Semeneya are up. They had one of their members break his knee during the audition. Tonight, only three perform, and they were pretty solid! They were shown quickly, so I am unsure if that means they are getting cut. They should move on though in my opinion.

Aaron Smyth rounds out this trio of dancers. Unlike the other acts, he is dancing all by himself. He used to be into a sports, but once he discovered dance he got very into it. Tonight, he is honestly the best of the three dance acts we just saw. There is something oddly spiritual about the guy. His performance tonight was compelling since it was just him and he was all we needed to watch. I think he is probably going to move on.

Siro-A are a dance group from Japan. They work with illusions from a projector they dance in front of. Tonight, these guys really delivered. They do their thing behind the screens and pull off a very mind-blowing performance. Well done guys! The judges give them some great response, but Piers tops it off by GIVING THEM HIS GOLDEN BUZZER! Siro-A are heading to Radio City!!!! Well deserved, if I say so myself.

Quickly Kacey Jones is shown. She sings a song, but with some lukewarm critiques from the judges, plus the fact that she was montaged, most likely she won’t be advancing.

Gary Vider is our first and only comedian. He has a whole awkward character, who does a shtick about getting money from his parents. I am starved for a good comedian act, and Gary might just be what I’m needing! I really enjoyed this guy! The judges praise him, and I think it will all mean he will be moving on tonight.

Kayvon Zand is up next. He is a singer dressed in an extremely flamboyant outfit. His voice is not very strong, and it takes a toll on the performance. The crowd starts booing him and the judges quickly hit their buzzers. Howie doesn’t press the buzzer, which lets Kayvon finish his act. After though, Kayvon insists on playing the piano, to which Howie finally hits his buzzer. After some annoying talking back to the judges, he gets off the stage thankfully before security has to pull him off.

Vox brings us out off commercial, and shockingly, the judges really did not like them! They call them forgettable and basically say they will be going home. I am shocked, but I still think they deserve to move on.

Alex Boye had a strong audition and tonight he is back to top it. He performs Uptown Funk, by Bruno Mars and proceeds to slay it! Alex is just a ton of fun to watch perform, and unlike another singer over on American Idol who sang this song, he actually has strong vocals to back up his performance! The judges call him out on being under rehearsed, and give him critiques that give me the impression he will be getting cut. WHAT IS GOING ON TONIGHT!?

Closing out tonight is a…. *puke* regurgitator. Stevie Starr is the dudes name, and tonight he swallows things like a tomato and a blade and then cuts them inside his stomach….. EWWWWW!!!!! Then he swallows pennies with letters on them, then brings them back up to spell words. This can’t be real, he is a magician right? I didn’t think half of what he does was humanly possible, but somehow he pulls it all off. I don’t want to see this again, but the response he gets from the judges makes me think I will. Ugh.

Time for results! I have officially locked in my predictions for tonight! Let me know if you agree/disagree in the comments!

Adam’s Predicted Top 7 To Advance
1- Siro-A (Golden Buzzer)
2- Duo Volta
3- Alicia Michilli
4- Alex Boye
5- Aaron Smyth
6- Vox
7- Gary Vider

Official Top 7 Advancing
1- Siro-A (Golden Buzzer)
2- The Gentleman (WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)
3- Steven Starr (ugh)
4- Duo Volta
5- Gary Vider
6- Alicia Michilli (YAY!)
7- Derek Hughes

WOW! I was sooooooooo off! A bunch of acts were robbed! ROBBED I TELL YOU!

I’ll be at the show next week, so follow my Twitter then for spoilers/updates.

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This is AdamSLM signing off…

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