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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Episode 1015 -- Pictured: Animation Crew -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

Hey guys!

It’s Adam, here again for another live recap of tonight’s America’s Got Talent. Join me here at 8 to see how it all goes down.

Tonight, Marlon Wayans will be joining the judges table with his own golden buzzer. Like the previous guest judges, he can use this buzzer to send an act straight on to the next round at Radio City Music Hall.

I just want to say by the way, I am LOVING this new format for the middle rounds. I think it keeps the show moving and interesting. What do you guys think about it? Do you agree?

After a quick intro, it is time for the first act! The competition starts…. NOW!

Triple Threat is a musical trio that will be kicking off the night. They had a strong audition, if I remember correctly. They want to be the next big boyband. “Watch out One Direction”, they warn to the camera. If you say so guys. They take on Ariana Grande’s One Less Problem, and I am digging it. The rap part I could have done without, but the middle singer has a great voice. I think they delivered tonight, and should advance, but I think there is a chance that they could slip through the cracks. The judges give them a strong response, except for Howard who reminds them that only 7 acts will go on.

Time for a dance act! Honor Roll Skate Crew, Evoke Tap Movement and The Squad are all montaged, which is another way of saying they will not be advancing. Sorry guys.

Animation Crew are up next. They take the stage dressed all in red and black with fake mustaches. Right from the start of their act, I am HOOKED! These guys are crazy crazy good! They do slow dancing to “I’ll Be There”, and I can’t really explain what happened next, except they bust into some incredible robot moves. Loved these guys! Howard cautions them, and suggests they stick to their robot moves, which I agree with, but I still think these guys should sail right through.

Oleksiy is the nutjob contestant who dances with a faceless mannequin. He does some cool tricks, but really, it is basically the exact same as his audition. His moves are impressive, but I have seen them done better by many other contestants, that and he hasn’t changed up his act at all! YAWN!

Johnny Shelton is tonight’s first sob story of the night. He lost his five year old son to cancer…. poor guy. His son drives him to keep his live together. He sings The House That Built Me, and of course they really play up his story. I feel bad for the guy, but I really hate when a contestant’s act is carried by the story. When I think of Johnny Shelton, I don’t think of his voice, I think of his story, and I think that is the issue I have with how they are handling him. It should be about the talent, not the story! Still, I think he will end up advancing.

Montaged quickly is a magician who uses a bird for his tricks. He was pretty boring.

After, we have a ventriloquist. Paul Zerdin comes on stage with a baby as his puppet. He does a whole shtick, but honestly thee whole thing is kinda creeping me out. I’d almost rather watch Ira (GASP) perform. AWKWARD! Marlon really really liked this guy and HITS HIS GOLDEN BUZZER FOR PAUL. Whatever floats your boat, Wayans. I think this was a waste, to be honest.

Time for a mentalist! Oz Pearlman fooled Mel B at his audition, and now he is back tonight to fool another. He does a trick where he predicts celebrities that the judges pick from a notebook. Incredible trick, and fantastic execution. He ends his trick cutting up a piece of paper into the celebrity Howard picked. Oz nailed it. He should sail right on through tonight.

Britney Allen is montaged quickly. I think she is screwed…. and I liked her audition!

That Hula-Hoop Guy gets 4 buzzes, so he is screwed also.

Next is Pretty Big Movement! I remember these girls! Their audition was fantastic. They celebrate big people, and have an excellent work ethic all about working hard. Tonight… they kinda disappointed me. In the past, it was their personalities that drew me in, but tonight I felt like they were trying to out-dance the other dance acts. These girls’s act is not about the moves as much as the personality and message, and when they try to outperform other dance acts, there is no way they can compete. Such a shame. With a buzzer from Howard, I think their fates are sealed.

Stacy Kay and her band are shown quickly. Their audition was montaged, but I remember loving the lead singer. Stacy is SLAYING! Mama Knows Best is their song pick and dang can that girl sing! If they go home tonight I am going to be pissed. These guys were phenomenal!

Mountain Faith Band are up next, and I already know where they are going with them going right after Stacy Kay: only 1 is going to end up making it. I hope that isn’t the case. I remember really liking these guys’s audition! They are a family band and tonight they are singing “I Believe in A Thing Called Love,” and I am LOVING THESE GUYS! The lead singer is really great. I hate so much how they are building this up that only one of the bands will advance. As much as I loved these guys… I would have to give the nod to Stacy Kay (but I think the opposite will happen).

Time for a drag queen act singing The Lady Is A Tramp, and while I like her, tonight there are just better acts that need to advance.

Next is Vita, who is a contortionist. She does some impressive moves, but honestly, I don’t think I need to see her again. She was good, I just think tonight in the competition there were better acts than her.

After a montage involving a young dancer and martial artist, closing the night we have Benton Blount. Benton is a stay at home dad who cares for his son. Tonight, he takes on Jolene and I think he is doing fantastic. This guy is a contender! I was really digging this guys voice! The judges seem supportive, so I think this guy is going to advance.

So it is time for my final predictions! Check them out below.

Adam’s Predicted Top 7
1- Paul Zerdin (Golden Buzzer)
2- Johnny Shelton
3- Animation Crew
4- Benton Blount
5- Oz Pearlman
6- Stacy Kay
7- Mountain Faith Band

Results after the break! Sound off in the comments with your predictions!

Official Advancing Top 7
1- Paul Zerdin (Golden Buzzer)
2- Oz Pearlman
3- Vita (really?)
4- Mountain Faith Band (I knew it. Poor Stacy Kay deserved to move on also)
5- Triple Threat
6- Animation Crew
7- Benton Blount (poor Johnny must be crushed. Poor guy)

Wow… I was way off with my predictions. Still, some great acts made it through!

So that about wraps up tonight’s show! Thanks for joining me everyone! If you liked what you read and you want to show your appreciation, you can follow me on Twitter at @adamhsamuel.

This is AdamSLM signing off…

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