American Song Contest Qualifiers 1 Contestant and Song List

American Song Contest Auditions 1 Contestant List
AMERICAN SONG CONTEST— Season: 1 — Pictured: Kelly Clarkson, Snoop Dogg — (Photo by: Chris Haston/Dave Bjerke/NBC)

American Song Contest premieres on NBC Monday March 21 with it’s first crop of 11 contestants. Fifty-six artists, representing the 50 states, five U.S. territories and our nation’s capital will compete to win the country’s vote for the best hit song.

Hosted by Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg, American Song Contest comes from the producers of the long running Eurovision Song Contest and The Voice

Check out a list of week 1 artists, including song names and photos. The video below introduces each act, including Connecticut’s own Michael Bolton

Meet the Artists Week 1 – American Song Contest

American Song Contest Week 1 Qualifiers Contestants and SONGS

  • Kelsey Lamb – Arkansas – Never Like This – Kelsey is a country music singer-songwriter who feels a deep connection to Arkansas known for her strong but pure vocals, she’s accumulated over two million streams since releasing her first single “Little by Little.” – Sneak Preview
  • Michael Bolton – Connecticut – Beautiful World – Michael Bolton is a multiple Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and humanitarian who’s sold more than 65 million records globally. He’s proud to represent his hoe of Connecticut, where his story first started.
  • UG Skywalkin – Indiana –  Love in My City – Josh Kimbowa, also known as UG Skywalkin, is a hip-hop artist known to audiences around the world  for his charismatic persona and electrifying performances. Originally from Uganda, he is proud to call Indiana home. – Sneak Preview
  • Alisabeth Von Presley – Iowa – Wonder (Self-Penned) – This pink-haired pop rock artist with a flair for the theatrical has made an impression on audiences in Iowa and across the country with her memorable live shows and is a fierce advocate for female empowerment.  – Sneak Preview
  • Keyone Starr – Mississippi – Fire – Keyone Starr is a Grammy-nominated and Billboard chart-topping musician and producer proud to represent “The Birthplace of American Music.” Inspired by the Mississippi blues, she performs soul music like a rockstar. – Sneak Preview
  • AleXa – Oklahoma – Wonderland – Though Oklahoma might be known for country music, K-op musician AleXa represents the state’s strong individualism. Her debut “Bomb” launched an award-winning international career when she was just 22 years old. – Sneak Preview
  • Christian Pagán – Puerto Rico – Loko – Best known as the first-ever winner of Idol Puerto Rico, Christian Pagán’s songs pay tribute to the music he heard on the streets growing up. He is also an actor, writing music for his on-screen role with Telemundo. – Sneak Preview
  • Hueston – Rhode Island – Held on Too Long – Cory Hueston’s first solo project succeeds his role as frontman of indie-alternative due The Blancos. Mysterious and gritty, his new sound represents the hard-working people of his hometown.  – Sneak Preview
  • Ryan Charles – Wyoming – New Boot Goofin’ – Western Rapper Ryan Charles takes the cowboy lifestyle to ’00s rap. Just like his hometown, once known a “the most lawless town in America,” he brings style and lighthearted twang to high-energy performances. – Sneak Preview
  • Yam Haus (group) – Minnesota – Ready to Go– Vocalist Lars Pruitt, drummer Jake Felstow, bassist Zach Beinlich and guitarist Seth Blum form Minneapolis-based Yam Haus. With personalities as lively as their music, they bring “Minnesota nice” to the dance floor. – Sneak Preview
  • Jake’O – Wisconsin – Feel Your Love – Jake’O originated the “Nuvo-Retro” sound, where vintage meets futurism. Inspired by the rolling hills, starry skies and eccentric personalities of Wisconsin, his music blends rock ‘n’ roll, blues and R&B. – Sneak Preview

How American Song Contest rounds will work

The first five shows are “The Qualifiers.” All 56 states, territories and Washington, D.C. are spread out over five weeks. Each qualifier episode features 11 songs, except for one episode which has 12 songs, to equal 56. At the end of each show, a jury vote winner is revealed. Then, the following week, three winning songs are announced at the top o the show. Next round is “The Semifinals,” episodes 6 and 7. Ten songs plus one “redemption” song compete each week (22 songs).  The show ends on May 9 with “Grand Finale,” in which five songs from each semi-final will compete.

ACS Results will be based on Viewer and 56 Jury Votes

But like Eurovision Song Contest, the votes will be split between viewers and a jury. A 56-person jury representing all the participating states/territories will also vote. Jurors are not permitted to vote for their own states or territories.

ASC producer Audrey Morrissey promises that the complex voting system will keep things fair. “The great thing about this format,” Morrissey told the New York Times, “which we remained faithful to from Eurovision, is that there is no advantage for an artist and a song coming from a more populous state.” Eliminations are made based on a complex points system in which, according to NBC, “every state and territory votes with equal power, regardless of population.”

How to Vote

Also, voting rules are available. Fans can vote via NBC App, Tik Tok and Online voting. The voting windows are overnight, similar to The Voice. The Grand Finale only allows App and Online voting, because it will basically be one big Inst-Vote, announced at the end of the show.

Casting took months

One way that American Song Contest deviates from the Eurovision template is that across the pond, each country chooses their song/artist, while producers cast American Song Contest. “We went through the professional community to spread the news; we spent a lot of time having conversations, making sure people really understood what this was,” Morrissey told the NYT. “We had a big submission process that lasted for months, with several rounds of review.”

Each song can’t be longer than 2:45 seconds. 

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