American Idols Live 2010 – Toledo OH

UPDATE: Crystal Bowersox sang her original song “Holy Toledo” in front of her hometown crowd! The tune replaced “Up to The Mountain.” According to tweets, the performance was extremely emotional…

Also: Vid of Andrew and Lee singing at the barricades before the concert. Plus, a photo of them buying ice cream for a group of kids!

The American Idols Live tour heads to the hometown of Crystal Bowersox–Toledo OH!

Watch out for something special tonight. Reportedly, Crystal will sing one of her original songs on her hometown stage.  Awesome.

The countdown is on: The Idols only have 3 more shows before they wrap things up and head home.

The show starts at 7:30 EDT

Check out the live twitter blog after the jump. And later, check back for VIDEOS.  If you’d like to write a recap of YOUR show, send it to mjsbigblog at gmail dot com. Also, if you’ve got photos or videos you’d like to share, bring them on.

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Video Sources: jodemh82

Video after the JUMP

Live Blog after the JUMP….

Crystal Bowersox – Holy Toledo – HQ VERSION ADDED from hannip1

Andrew and Lee sing for fans outside the Venue

Lee and Andrew buy treat a group of kids to Ice Cream before the concert:

Reviews: The Toledo Blade

Photo Credit: LeeDeWyzeQuotes

Pre-show interviews with 101.5 The River:

Michael Lynche

Andrew Garcia

Katie Stevens

Aaron Kelly

Crystal Bowersox

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  1. Tim apparently exposed his chest in some way. If I ever did that, a gigantic laser would shoot from my chest and destroy the stadium (I have some Iron Man powers). I don’t think I’ll ever do that. (that was really dumb, I was just bored >_>).

    Siobhan was on last time I checked.

  2. Looks like two tweeters are reviewers. Don’t seem too negative. This is good.

  3. GetKatieSigned

    @LOVEBOSTONMA he [Tim] wrote ”CB” on his chest for crystal bowersox since its her hometown. LOL i love him<3

    Oh wow, rofl!

  4. I wonder if she’ll perform “Saddest Song I Never Wrote” as a tribute to Mark Brinkman

    She tweeted she was going to dedicate Holy Toledo to him tonight. I’m sure it will be lovely.

  5. It must be a bittersweet moment for Crystal tonight. Hope Casey is OK.

  6. Casey tweeted that he’s been missing Meet & Greets due to illness. I dunno if that means he’s not performing, though.

  7. Hmm. Big Mike seems to be getting the worst reviews this tour. I wonder how he could’ve added more energy. I actually liked him. Maybe it’s just that bladepopculture guy. Wonder what he thought of Aaron? Didn’t really say much other than him coming after Siobhan was weird.

    But this is about tonight’s show, so I’m glad Casey’s fine and the rumor’s false.

  8. I love that Casey can rock the hell out of the crowd even when he’s sick as a dog.

  9. Bladepopculture:
    big mike and casey r now doing their duet on have you ever really loved a woman. perhaps a special dedication 2 teenage aaron.

    The funniest concert tweet I´ve seen during this tour :)

  10. Sorry to hear that Casey is still not feeling well. He’s been pretty sickly all year, hasn’t he? He’s still rockin out tonight though! Hopefully they can all rest for a bit after the tour, take time to recover from the grueling schedule then start all over again, well the top 3 anyway.

  11. Sounds like a lot of love for Toledo’s daughter! I saw it was 400 short of a full house.

  12. Glad to hear good crowd for Crystal tonight.

    orry to hear that Casey is still not feeling well. He’s been pretty sickly

    He has had problems with sinus/allergy and no doubt exhaustion as well. He said that he does not sleep well on the bus due to anxiety that still creeps in from the motor cycle accident of a few years back. Lack of sleep will take it’s toll and he does expend a lot of energy on the shredding. It sounds like from his last tweet that he is doing much better and Dr. ordered rest so he couldn’t meet and greet after last two shows, but did indicate he will be able to after tonight and tomorrows shows.

  13. It is really heart warming to read how the home town crowds have welcomed their own and the others as well.

  14. Please tell me someone is going to post a video of Crystal singing Holy Toledo? That will most likely be the most emotional song of the tour for her, with her friend passing and being back in her hometown.

  15. I’m so happy for Crystal! Can’t wait to see the Holy Toledo video. Lots of Lee luv there too.

  16. Please tell me someone is going to post a video of Crystal singing Holy Toledo? That will most likely be the most emotional song of the tour for her, with her friend passing and being back in her hometown.

    This. I can’t wait to see that performance.

  17. This has been a lot of fun to read the tweets tonight!

    Sounds like a great concert! I’m so glad Crystal is getting the love at home!

  18. Great concert. Lots of love for Crystal. Can’t wait to see Holy Toledo too.

  19. Now this is how reviewers/critics gain respect. Not with a piece that shows nothing but bias and negativity. Way to go Toledo!

    I read somewhere – I can’t remember where – that Casey is fighting pneumonia and was ordered bedrest. But his mom said that he would not hear of it.

  20. Dlynne, I was going to say the same thing. He was fair, noting when improvements had been made and noting audience reactions even if he didn’t agree. Sounds like a great concert. Can’t wait to hear mozart’s reaction to seeing his girl Crystal. Hope there’s lots of videos and recaps!

  21. Totally can’t wait to see Holy Toledo from Crystal.

    It sounds like it’s going to be epic!

  22. Back from the concert!

    I tried to sign on during intermission to give an update through my phone, and of course the damned thing restarted itself, so I couldn’t. We didn’t stick around at the barricades or anything – I would have, but those who went to the show with me definitely wouldn’t have. *sigh*

    Anyways, a few brief thoughts, I’ll write a review later. First of all – I have the “Holy Toledo” performance on my phone from tonight’s show. I’m not sure how well it’ll come out though when I post it to the computer. I’m guessing there were others who recorded it so I imagine it will pop up from someone. Emotional to say the least – Crystal probably almost oversang it, but it was pretty understandable. She replaced “Up To the Mountain” in her set list. (I actually really wanted to hear that too, but it’s ok.)

    All 3 of us who went (my 59 and 60 year old mother and father, and my 30 year old self) agreed with what others have been saying – they all sound better on tour than they do on TV. Whether it’s because of song choice or acoustics or experience, or what, who knows, but they did all sound better than on TV. (Even Lee, despite the fact that he’s nowhere near my favorite, at least he was in tune.)

    The biggest surprises to me – Andrew (!) and Tim. Both sounded quite good in person – plus, I missed the original “Straight Up” performance and never went to watch it just so it would be fresh when I saw it on tour. It was quite cool, and I thought his other song was good as well. Very smooth, jazzy style, probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but entertaining if you like his sort of thing. Tim has a wonderfully clear, pure voice – no frills or embellishments really, but just a really pleasant voice and a great personality. I was already expecting Casey to be something beyond what he was on the show, so he wasn’t a true “surprise,” but still, quite impressive. Very much so. And the Toledo crowd loved him. (The crowd in general was pretty receptive, nearly all of them got people standing up at times, Andrew actually got quite a good cheer. I don’t think they were quite ready for Siobhan but still showed some love.)

    All but 400 seats sold? Looked like more than that empty, but I think the place holds 8,500 for a concert – I’d say actually about 7,500 seats filled. Anyways…more later. I’ll see if the video came out.

  23. though i am sooo looking forward to crystal’s post-idol career, i cant help but feel amazed how much she has achieved on that show as well…

    first to get an original pre-idol song on the program (on HER season- a note to DC fans), first to get an original(s) airplay on radio and now this… she freaking just sang one of her most known songs on the tour… i cant wait to hear it as well…

  24. Seeing the way Toledo went absolutely berserk for Crystal, I have to conclude everyone in that town is a 40-something year old dude like me. ;)


  25. I read somewhere – I can’t remember where – that Casey is fighting pneumonia and was ordered bedrest. But his mom said that he would not hear of it.

    They never really officially said what is wrong Casey did they? It seems amazing that he is still able to sing, without people really noticing anything.

    It sounds like the crowd had lots of love for everyone, I canT wait to see Crystals Holy Toledo video. :)

  26. I agree Crystal has accomplished a lot. It bodes well for her CD. I just can’t imagine she’d agree to put out some overproduced fluff. Now, someone post that tape!!!

  27. Lol ok…I listened to my recording of “Holy Toledo.” You’re going to have to suspend any ideas you have of audio quality ;) It totally sounds like what it is – a live concert recording from a cell phone. But it’s uploading to YouTube as I type this, so I’ll give the link here in a minute.

  28. I’m not sure if the audio is working – when I try to preview it, there’s no sound for me (there is on the original I uploaded, lol I checked it). Maybe it’s still loading on YouTube?

    ETA – Yeah the audio isn’t working now…I’m gonna reupload. Sorry everyone. Lol hopefully you’re not expecting much of the audio when it IS finally up…

  29. Waiting for mozart video! *tap fingers* THANKS in advance!

    Casey just tweeted the sweetest note up to date before the show.
    He says that he’ll show up for the Meet & Greet as well as perform for the next/last 2 shows. And he thanks his fans to be such beautiful souls. Aww…

    ETA: oopps, video is already there… *off to listen*

    ETA: Thanks for taking the time to do that mozart

  30. YouTube fail. It’s still not working right, even on a 2nd try. Posts a message that quality may improve after further processing or something like that, so I’ll keep an eye on it and see if the audio appears. I’m a night owl so I’ll be on for a while…otherwise hopefully someone else’s video will appear where the sound DOES work. Sorry… :(

    As far as Casey – I wondered if he was still feeling a “little” under the weather, he didn’t seem overly chipper when talking to the crowd (I’d heard nothing of the rumor before the concert, I would have been really disappointed had he not been able to go on with it). Still put on a heck of a show. Toledo showed him a LOT of love – I was briefly (very briefly) worried that he might almost get more appreciation than Crystal. That was definitely not the case, lol, but he has plenty of fans here.

  31. This is video for “Holy Toledo,” which was just uploaded a few moments ago to YouTube by Jodemh82.

    I think emotion of Crystal being back home, plus the news of the death of her dear friend, Mark Brink (fellow musician from Chicago — the one Crystal sings his song, “Last Song I Never Wrote” on YouTube, may be why her vocal sounds so intense and forceful during parts of the song.

  32. Mahalo2, the audio is good on that video. You can hear the emotion in her voice. It’s just beautiful. I hope we get another one so we can watch her, too.

  33. Dlynne:
    08/30/2010 at 2:12 am

    Mahalo2, the audio is good on that video. You can hear the emotion in her voice. It’s just beautiful. I hope we get another one so we can watch her, too.

    Jodemh82 tweeted to Crystal she was going to post this on YouTube. I’m sure there will be more videos coming out with better video. This was a nice audio version.

  34. ^^^ Lol glad to see that someone else’s recording came out. I just pulled mine off YouTube for a 2nd time because the audio still isn’t there. I don’t know if YouTube has some way of sensing clipping in an audio portion of a recording and just removes the sound if there is, because that would explain it. Oh well…I tried :(

  35. Wow, just WOWWW.. didnt think Holy Toledo would fit into a big arena kinda sound. always thought the stripped down version fits much better for an intimate setting until i heard this version. Have to give props to both crystal and the band for coming up with this in their short time frame– heard they only practised it like 3 times before going on the show.

    Enough with these covers pleeeease… Her own song sounds sooooo much better than those damn covers… AI should just let crystal do HT on her sets for the rest of the tour…

  36. Enough with these covers pleeeease… Her own song sounds sooooo much better than those damn covers… AI should just let crystal do HT on her sets for the rest of the tour…

    Lol did you read the article linked from one of the tweets where they talked to Crystal about a bunch of different things? She addresses the cover song thing…

    She became emotional discussing the death of her friend in Chicago. She also sprinkled her conversation with a little salty language when asked if she was looking forward to playing her own songs live instead of the four covers she’s played repeatedly on the tour.

    “I cannot … wait,” she said, laughing and tossing a colorful expletive before the word “wait.” “You can quote me on that. I’m so sick of playing cover songs.”

  37. Damn straight and we are sick of hearing you play them especially since we know you can belt out your own songs n itd sound a much better concert…

    Would have made some interest for concert goers definitely if they gave that opportunity for the performers especially since they say there were a lot of “singer/songwriters” this season. But I guess not all of them were on board for that — always get the feeling that crystal was alone in that fight. anyways the good news is that the tour is ending and now she can do her own thing and she dont have to carry anyone else. I know thats gonna sound naive and lots of you are gonna be cynical with that (jive, the contract yada yada yada). All I can say to that is if there is anyone who can put up a fight to let their voice be heard, that person is crystal b.. She has proven that during her run on idol (you rem’ber — “arguing with the judges”, “cannot take criticisms”). She speaks her mind — the gal sure got some b*lls and I cant wait to hear what she has to say on her album…

  38. Holy Toledo! This is the Crystal I love. Crystal isn’t Top 40 pop/rock, but who cares? Jive will lose if they try to fit her into that box. So what if Crystal isn’t a mult-platinum selling artist. Not many artists are, but still maintain a long, lucrative career. Mega-stardom is hard to hold on to, many eventually crash and burn. I think Crystal is going to do really, really well. I think she’s very talented.

  39. Wow, I have to say I’m shocked that better video of HT hasn’t surfaced yet. I have been waiting all summer for this performance, and while the audio is great, I really wanted to see her emotions as she sings her own song to a nearly full house in her home town.

    I haven’t been following the tour at all really, so I was also surprised to see it looks like she is growing her hair out? I can’t tell for sure, but her hair looks straight all the way back to her pony tail to me. I didn’t think she would give up the dreads so soon, if I’m seeing things right.

    Thanks to all who provided recaps of the show. It definitely must have been a bittersweet day for her.

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