American Idols Live 2010 – St. Louis MO

The American Idols Live tour heads to the Midwest, where the kids begin a seven night stretch of shows that begins in St. Louis MO tonight and ends in Indianapolis, IN on August 31.

And that’ll be the end of the tour. The Season 9 Top 10 will head off into the sunset to begin their careers in music, television, theater, wherever their lives take them. Sniff.

LA's Next Great Stage Star II ...
LA's Next Great Stage Star II Finale

Seven shows in a row. Stay strong Idols!

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Reviews: St. Louis Post Dispatch,

Live blog after the JUMP…

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  1. Thanks MJ. Great bunch of tweeters, I see there’s a music critic among them!

    Sorry this will all soon be coming to an end – but these next 7 days do include the hometown shows of winner and runner up, so a great week to finish on!

  2. I just bought my ticket to Saturday night’s show. I get to see Lee’s hometown concert!!! :)

  3. I envy you, wjmtv! I will look forward to any info you can provide about the show. I’m sure you will have a fabulous time!

  4. Lots of tweeters tonight. I can’t believe the tour is almost over but I’m excited to see what’s to come for these idols.

    wjmtv Glad you’re going!

  5. That will be an epic show, so glad for you wjmtv! Lots of tweeters tonight! I will miss this group when they stop touring together.

  6. wjmtv, that’s great news! I can’t wait for your recap!

    I will miss this group, too, when the tour ends.

  7. Wonderful wjmtv, we’d appreciate your comments about it, either during or later! Exciting to be going to Lee’s hometown concert – did you go to his homecoming (I’m assuming you’re from Chicago)?

  8. Just remembered another video from St Louis @BigMikeLynche

    @andrewagarcia my luggage was made in Mexico

    I’m going to miss these snippets as well. Several of the group seem to be settling in LA so I wonder if we’ll get the occasional update.? Wishful thinking I know, they’ll probably be all too busy with their own lives and careers that will take them in many directions. Good luck to all of them.

  9. Imkhemari, thanks for the made in Mexico snippet, LOL! Andrew is too funny.

    wjmtv, I’m really green with envy, truth be told. LOL, I wanna go too!

  10. I guess I will go against the grain by saying that I’m looking forward to the tour ending and the idols going their separate ways. Don’t get me wrong, it has been fun following the tour all summer, but in the end, I’m really only interested in the career of one particular idol after the tour and I can’t wait to only have to follow his career once he is on his own.

    Ok, that sounded a little harsh. What I mean is that I like all the other idols and I wish them all the best; I hope they all get record contracts and have great careers but I’d be lying if I said that I’m interested in all of them equally. There is one that is my favorite and he’s the one I will personally continue to support after the tour is over.

  11. It cracks me up that these hard core Lee fans finally get to see their Idol perform but then they leave to get in line for the meet and greet. I think that is one thing Idols won’t miss. In the real world there is no meet and greet–you do it all on the stage for your fans and that’s it.

  12. I’ll miss the live blog tweeting and recaps but I agree with you Powter48 that I’m definitely looking forward to the next step, original music and solo tours and all that. The Idols show is fun but it gets even better after that.

    Andy11, I have the same thought as well. I know I was hoping to meet the Idols but leaving before the show is over, particularly my favorite, makes little sense. The music is the only thing guaranteed with the price of admission and that is most important to me.

  13. Wjmtv, very excited for you and jealous too;) Dare we hope for lots of video, pictures, details, etc? It will be EPIC.

    Imkhemari, thanks so much for all the video uploads. Very fun.

  14. I think Des Moines is 7-8 hours away by road, usually when there’s a longish bus trip after, the show starts and finishes early but this one seems to have started about 8.45 as usual. Considering the 7 shows in 7 days it seems a bit demanding to have to get most of their sleep on the buses. I wonder if they’re flying them on this leg?

    One other leg is also long – 8-9 hr from Minneapolis to Chicago – the rest are between 2 and 5 hours, so it’d possible to get some rest at a hotel after they arrive at the next stop. Anyone know?

  15. Andy11-

    Actually sometimes in the real world there are meet & greets. Especially in Country genre.

    Danny Gokey sells meet & greet passes (to benefit Sophias Heart Foundation- his charitable org.) for $25 to 30-50 lucky takers. He also signs after almost every concert, even if there are hundreds (or 1000 at two I went to) in line.

    I have heard Kris Allen signs after concerts. And I also heard Adam’s fan club has VIP M&G packages (although at $175 a pop, yikes!)

    And no leaving concerts early for that :) Hopefully at least Casey (since he is in the country genre) will do that when he starts touring.

    It is sad to think of the tour ending already. And we have until next year until another season!

  16. That’s true Indigo. Most concerts I see are old timer rock guys like the Stones and Iron Maiden. They don’t stick around.

  17. I am not sad this tour is ending soon — but for a good reason. I am very interested in what Lee, Crystal and Casey will put out — and we know very little about their albums so far.

    And I also heard Adam’s fan club has VIP M&G packages (although at $175 a pop, yikes!)

    Adam also has meet & greets at many concerts after the show, signed for the fans in line at a few concerts, has radio promo M&Gs for almost every concert plus a regular pre-concert M&G. The VIP Fan Club M&Gs ($175 membership) are only for 25 fans for the end of the tour concerts and some international shows — all but Hong Kong sold out almost instantly.

  18. Just saw a tweet that Casey was taken to the hospital after the concert. He was visibly ill on stage and his mother is with him. I’m going to see if I can get another confirmation of the tweet.

    ETA: Confirmed by his mother’s tweet. She is not with him but she is checking on him by phone, I guess. No other info other than she said that he didn’t sound well when she talked to him on the phone earlier in the day.

  19. Wow, I hope Casey is OK. Pretty intense that he performed if he’s that bad off.

  20. Really disappointing to hear that news about Casey – I sure hope he gets better, because next to Crystal he was probably the one I was most looking forward to seeing this weekend. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious – this 7 night stretch though coming at the end of the tour is rough enough, I can’t imagine if he’s sick too…

  21. Came here looking for news about Casey being in the hospital, but I guess there isn’t any beyond what his mom tweeted. Praying he’s ok! If anyone hears/reads anything, please keep us updated.

  22. I read another tweet that he was coughing throughout his set and then almost fainted during the finale.

    It sounds like he might have the flu and perhaps be suffering from dehydration as well. His mom is going to let her followers know what she finds out. Her twitter name is BybeeDJames.

    I hope it’s nothing serious and he can continue with the tour.

  23. But is he in hospital now or not, it sounds like his mother cant reach him.

  24. HIs mom just tweeted again:
    Hello my friends. I found him and spoke with him briefly. He said “Im fine Momma”. He had to go. They’re treating him. Thank you so much for…all your sweet thoughts & prayers. He told me he would call me later. God bless y’all. Don’t know anyone who could have better fans? y’all

  25. Aaron finally hit 15,000 followers!

    Apparently he didn’t know much about what happened to Casey, though. Hope he’s not lying when he says he’s fine.

  26. It was so nice of Casey’s mom to tweet the update that she had spoken to him. I wonder if Casey will be able to continue with the final blitz of the tour with no days off. Sounds like he needs to take it easy, poor guy. I have really become an admirer of his over the summer…he seems to be a real gentleman (above and beyond his obvious talent). That guy needs a real rest which I don’t think he’s had for the better part of a year.

  27. First, Lee is taken to the hospital after the concert in LA, now Casey. I hope he recovers as quickly as Lee did.

  28. Hope Casey gets well soooon!
    as silly as this may sound but this is kinda sad…last week of the tour! this is the first season ive actually watched from the start to finish and followed the tour on MJs. after watching Lee..i was basically pulled in! thnx MJ and all u guys…ive been following all this AI stuff from Sydney and it’s been fun :)
    caaant wait for videos from the Chicago show!

  29. So You Think You Can Dance had a lot of injuries, and American Idol has had a lot of people taken to the hospital (Crystal during the show, Lee and now Casey.) What’s happening to these kids? Kind of weird. I hope Casey’s okay. 1 more week, then maybe he can get some rest.

    wjmtv, I was so hoping you’d get to go to the concert – YEAH for you! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts afterwards.

  30. I really feel for these Kids. The tour is a tough and physically
    rough. I’m not surprised at the flues cold and dehyration that can
    occur at that pace and sometimes not enough rest between venues.

    Awwww! Casey and Momma who are as adorable as Adam and Mom.
    Both guys really care for their mothers and it shows!!
    I didn’t know that Lee also had a episode….Hope they can all
    make the show tonight…Bon Chance!

  31. Thanks for all the high-fives everybody. I’ve been whining here for a while that I didn’t know if I’d get to go, but that job I’ve been looking for since January finally came through last week. Yee-ha!


    Exciting to be going to Lee’s hometown concert – did you go to his homecoming (I’m assuming you’re from Chicago)?

    Yes, I did. It was wonderful, both seeing him perform and watching his reaction to the crowd. I’m guessing he’ll be pretty emotional on Saturday too. (And I’m close enough that I should be able to tell!)


    Wjmtv, very excited for you and jealous too;) Dare we hope for lots of video, pictures, details, etc? It will be EPIC.

    I’m afraid with me, what you get is mostly words. I don’t have Twitter capabilities, and after I found myself missing half the Milwaukee concert screwing around with my camera, I’m not even taking one. But we all know there will be pix from other sources. :)

    Casey, Casey, Casey. Hang in there, babe, the end is in sight. Get well soon!

  32. wjmtv. glad to hear that you are finally going to the chicago show. I was so hoping you would because you’ve been to Lee’s hometown concert and to be on the idol concert this weekend too, you’d be the best person to share more insights of what you’ve experience then and now.
    Also , congratulations for new job!
    p.s. glad too that Casey is better and will be joining the last leg of the tour.

  33. wjmtv, happy also to hear that you are able to go to chicago show and found a new job. Enjoy yourself and please bring back some updates. :)Read in an article somewhere that Lee won’t be doing any new songs :( but think the show will still be epic for him. Am glad to hear Casey is well enough to continue the show. Hope he rest whenever he can.

  34. Kinda odd review posted above – it’s weird, it seems like it’s possibly the most neutral of any that I’ve seen. Sorta like they didn’t have much time to write one and just kinda spit one out to meet their deadline. One of the few I’ve seen that didn’t really find much of a highlight in the first half of the concert (and yet almost seemed to give Tim of all people props). And the statement that’s sometimes heard also – that you’ll probably come away from the concert feeling about like you felt before you went to it, in terms of who you like and don’t like.

    Also interesting, their comment that Crystal seems to be the one of the 10 that’s just screaming for her own original material during her set. I really do think she’ll make an impact with her own songs if she’s actually allowed to do her own for her first album. (Side note – I’m really wondering what she’ll do in Toledo, because word had been she’d be allowed to do an original or something like that for that concert. “Holy Toledo” would be the expected one but who knows, maybe it’ll be something else. Maybe even something she’s written since the show?)

    There hasn’t been a sold out show on the tour yet, right? It’d be great if the Toledo show could sell out in the last couple days – the place holds like 8,500 for a concert and there were many many more than that when Crystal came home for her homecoming during the show. Would be great to see it be the only full house…

  35. jennyl:

    wjmtv, happy also to hear that you are able to go to chicago show and found a new job. Enjoy yourself and please bring back some updates. Read in an article somewhere that Lee won’t be doing any new songs

    Well, let’s see, Slumberland and So I’m Told aren’t exactly new albums…..

    I’m not saying to get your hopes up or anything, but I’m also saying you just never know. ;)

  36. I just found the photos and raced here to post – only to find they’d been long ago found tigervixxxen! Some of the best I’ve seen, especially of Lee “rocking” and also Aaron – he looks really gorgeous and a lot older than his age! Casey definitely looks pale and swollen, hope he’s improving.

    There could be some good ones from Chicago as well, I think the photographer who took those stunning b&w of Lee at Newark is coming.

  37. What “stunning B&W of Lee at Newark”? Where????

    Just went looking for them and can’t find them online now but I’m sure they were on The photographer runs the fan website and was able to get to the two NY shows. I remember Lee discovered them independently, adopted one as his current twitter avi and surprised the photographer by following him! (It played out on a forum).

    I suspect the photos have been taken down – maybe there’s some arrangement going on? Best b&w photos I’ve seen for a long while.

    Then there were also some b&w posted for sale on the Broken Records magazine website that were taken down in a hurry – I didn’t see them but people were raving – and it crossed my mind they may have been the same ones.

    I do have, ahem, a few, ahem, samples? If you’re interested email me, same name minus the im, at gmail dot com.

    Hope there’s more great photos coming from him in Chicago!

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