American Idols Live 2010 – SavannahSP’s Hershey, PA Recap

SavannahSP was one of our super twitter people at the Hershey PA Idols show. Check out her recap and some photos below.  She was also one of the lucky winners of the Live Nation ticket giveaway!


Hello! First off, I would like to thank MJ again for great tickets to a great show! Thank you!

This has been my 5th Idol concert so far. I’ve been to season 5(twice), season 7, and season 8. I have enjoyed all of them so far, so I was really excited to see how this season would be live. This year I liked Lee, Tim (don’t judge me haha), and Aaron the most on AI (Not counting Alex Lambert since he sadly isn’t on the tour, I loved him) Anyway, my mom came along with me to this show, she’s mostly a big Lee fan. So there’s some random information for you.

Here goes my recap….

Nothing interesting happened before our way to the Giant Center so I’m just going to skip to that part of the day. We were pretty hungry so we stopped at an Applebee’s that was right around the corner from the venue. In the parking lot, there was a limo that had “Great Job Aaron Kelly” written on the windows. I thought that was pretty cool. Anyway, the restaurant had a LOT of idol fans there! Mostly all of them had Aaron Kelly shirts on. It was nice to see so many people showing him support.

We finished eating and then went straight to the venue. We picked up are tickets from the box office and then waited in the blistering heat for 40 minutes to get into the Giant Center. There were so many people wearing Aaron Kelly shirts waiting too. Once they let us in, we went straight to the merch stand to get stuff. Everything was so overpriced!! I mean come on, $35 dollars for a T-Shirt!! I ended up just getting an 8×10 of Tim lol (I’m going to 2 other concerts very soon so I have to save my money for them also). We walked into the arena and as soon as we were being ushered to our seats, the video for “If I Had You” came on hahaha! My mom, being a HUGE Adam Lambert fan, started to sing along and it was very embarrassing haha! We got to our seats and just sat there in aww at how close they were! I was not expecting front row seats! We got even more excited! People trickled into the arena slowly as the same old Idol videos kept playing on the screens. We heard screaming so we looked that direction to see Lee and Andrew waving and saying Hi from behind a curtain at the left of the stage! They left and then the show was about to start. I looked around and was surprised at how many people were at the arena! There were only a few empty seats! It was almost completely filled! Okay, now for the show….

DIDI: She sounded really good. “Terrified” was her best song. Her set was very mellow, I don’t think it was enough to fill the big arena. But overall, she sounded really good.

Andrew: Again, he sounded really good, but it just wasn’t enough to fill the arena. You could hear the crowd singing along to “Straight Up” which was fun. I really liked “Sunday Morning” as well. I enjoyed his set overall.

KATIE: Wowzers, she was sparkly! Lol. She sounded good, you could really feel the energy in the room during “Fighter.” There was this group of little 8 year old girls (something close to 8) standing next to me during the show, they were screaming like crazy for Katie! My ear drums were starting to ring lol. Even worse, they made signs and every time Katie would come to our side of the stage, the girl next to me would hold her sign up. Then when Katie went to the other side, the girl would lower her sign and it kept hitting me in the face! Hahaha! Anyway, Katie did a really good job.

TIM: I was lucky to be sitting next to 2 other Tim fangirls that were screaming along with me haha! “Better Days” sounded great but I wish he would have chosen more ‘arena fit’ songs. Both his songs sounded good though and he looked super happy. For me, I loved it! His set was wayyyy too short. I might have yelled “take your shirt off” once too, I don’t remember…. Lol xD.

SIOBHAN: First of all, I can never spell her name right haha! Her outfit was crazy weird! I didn’t like her at all on AI, and I didn’t like her at all at the show. I just can’t get into her style. She brought a lot of energy to the stage though.

AARON: Pennsylvania homeboy! The crowd went CRAZY when he came out! He was smart to choose upbeat songs and he really rocked the stage. I loved him! My favorite was “Somebody Like You.” I thought his whole set was awesome! I wish he would have been able to sing more.

BOTTOM 6 GROUP PERFORMANCE: As much as I hate Miley Cyrus and “The Climb, ” I thought they sounded good together. I liked how they started out on guitars at the beginning. Pretty good.

INTERMISSION: Same old stuff on the screens. Before the show started back up, people started looking in a certain direction and we were wondering what was going on. Turns out, Tyler Grady was spotted in the audience! I couldn’t spot him in the sea of people but I sure tried. I was just surprised that I couldn’t find him even thought his hair is so big! Lol. Back to the show…

MICHAEL: I didn’t like him at all on AI either. I was so mad when the judges saved him, ughhh. Anyway, he was really boring. He does have a good voice but he didn’t sing anything really upbeat. I felt like taking a nap during his set. My mom didn’t like him either, she didn’t take any pics of him lol.

CASEY: He really surprised me! I thought he was just so-so on AI but he sounded awesome! I love that he came out rocking on a baby blue strat! I’m obsessed with playing guitar so I really liked that element of his live performances. It brought a lot more energy to the room. I wish he had another solo song instead of the duet with Michael, ughhh. Overall, I loved him too!

CRYSTAL: Wow, she sounded great! “What’s Up” was my favorite performance of hers. Some people through a chocolate bar up onstage during her performance, she was like “I can’t eat that” lol. She said she would give it to a friend. Since you all were wondering what happened to the chocolate bar haha. Anyway, she sounded awesome.

LEE: The crowd got really excited. He and Aaron definitely got the most screams. He sounded even better live than he did on AI! He waved at me while I was jamming out and singing “Hallelujah” along with him and the crowd! It was really fun. “Use Somebody” was my favorite part of his set no doubt. The crowd was really rocking out and singing the Oooo woahhh ohh parts with him. It was like a real rock concert in that moment. He said that this was the best crowd so far. I absolutely loved his whole set!

Finale: I really wish they would have sung more of “It’s My Life” instead of going into “My Life Would Suck Without You” so quickly. I thought it sounded better. They sounded okay all together, I don’t know what else to say. It was just okay.

Overall, the show was way better that I expected! It was a really fun experience!

After the show, traffic getting out of the parking lot was crazy, so we decided to go wait by the barricades. It was sooooo humid ouside and it sucked!! But after an hour of waiting, Lee finally came out!! Everyone freaked out when they saw him but everyone was very chill and respectable when he was signing. He was seriously so nice and you could tell he appreciated everything. He autographed the back of my Tim picture and then moved along after saying a few things to everybody. He was such a sweet, genuine guy. When he was done, fans waiting started to yell for Tim and Aaron to come out. The door opened and out came Katie. She was really nice and thanked everybody. She also signed the back of my Tim picture. After a few minutes, Tim came out!! The crowd completely freaked out and screamed! He was sooo nice! He got a 2 minute warning when he was a few people down from us. He said he had to keep signing so he didn’t have time to take pics with fans but a fan asked for a hug instead and he was all for that. He got to me and signed my Tim picture. He gave me a hug and I almost fainted haha! I was so happy! So thanks again MJ! I had a great time!  (Sorry, this was supposed to be short. I got a little carried away)

Here are some of the pics I took….

My view of the stage:







Mike: Sorry, none. lol







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