American Idols Live 2010 – Denver CO

The Top 10 Idols head to the Mountain Time zone!  The kids are performing in Denver, CO tonight..

The show starts at 7:30 MDT

Check out the live twitter blog after the jump. And later, check back for VIDEOS.  If you’d like to write a recap of YOUR show, send it to mjsbigblog at gmail dot com. Also, if you’ve got photos or videos you’d like to share, bring them on.

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Video Sources: felixulyssesmeritus, SweetSweetQ, astepp11, JBROXTHEWORLD

Video After the JUMP…

Live Blog after the JUMP…

Aaron Kelly Fast Cars and Freedom

Mike Lynche – My Love

Casey James – I Got Mine

Crystal Bowersox – Piece of My Heart

Lee DeWyze – Beautiful Day

Lee DeWyze – Hallelujah (partial)

Lee DeWyze – Use Somebody (partial)

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  1. With a show every night, they may have to get on the bus right after the show. Dang, if they don’t get to do the barricade thing after, there will be a lot of disappointed fans, and idols too I think. :(

  2. Yea, I think it’s a 13 hr. ride to St. Louis. But they should let them greet the fans – their next show isn’t until Wed. – that starts the last week when it gets really hectic with a show every night.

  3. If Lee doesn’t get to do the barricades in Chicago, he won’t be the only one who’s really pissed.

  4. Aww it is really nice to see Lilly, she herself is so talented and she was voted off way to soon. Seems that she likes Aaron, Casey Crystal and Lee. :)

  5. I was at the show tonight. I’m sorry I didn’t tweet but just watching and taking photos was about as much as I could manage. I hope to write up a recap in a day or two and share some photos. I was in row 2 and it was fantastic. I really enjoyed everyone and appreciated the diversity in styles of music they offer. Aaron really is as good as people have been saying, and that takes a lot for me to say since I’m not a country fan. Lee was my favorite, but that is no surprise since I am a pretty big fan of his. His set was great and then some. But again, everyone was good and worth watching.

    The crowd was good and energetic, they stood for at least part of everyone’s set, usually the uptempo ones. There wasn’t many people I could see on the lawn but the seating area looked pretty full. I’d say it was a good turn out.

    The barricade situation was looking rough earlier today. The venue wasn’t helpful at all. I was anticipating some issues because the tour had not been to Denver in 4 years, this was an entirely new venue for the Idol show, they did not arrive on their buses and the venue is situated in a large office park with only an entrance for the Idols off the street. So there was no barricade situation earlier in the day. They did however come out to meet fans after the show, which was nice to see and there was a pretty big crowd that had gathered in an adjacent park where they set up the barricades.

    I saw Lilly backstage as well but didn’t see her otherwise. I am glad she was able to be there.

  6. Tigervixxxen, thanks for the short update. Am eagerly waiting for your full recap and photos :)

  7. Me, too, tigervixxxen….anxiously awaiting your recap! Sounds like a good crowd.

  8. Thanks for the updates. Glad they made it out after the concert. I wonder if they had sort of a cast party last night after the show? Tim tweeted that he wouldn’t be tweeting until 1:45 am Denver time, and Lee sent some really late tweets…about 2:30 am Denver time. Today is their last day off before end of tour, so I just wondered a bit if they had a party last night. I’m going to be so sad when the tour is over. I have loved following it on MJ’s..thanks everyone for keeping us posted! I need a few more LNS videos before this is over, too!

  9. Good to hear the idols made it out to meet fans after the show. Looking forward to your recap tigervixxxen. Good to see Lilly Scott tweeting from the show too.

    ETA: Sounds like they are flying to St. Louis:

    CaseyEJames At airport. Back in a bit!
    about 2 hours ago via Echofon

    LeeDeWyze But I’ll keep trying to keep you updated and all that jazz. So thank you, love you guys and I’ll update ya in a bit, thanks guys :)
    about 2 hours ago via mobile web

    LeeDeWyze Going to the airport, thanks for all your messages guys, you really are the best. Things are pretty busy crazy lately..
    about 2 hours ago via mobile web

  10. Tigervixxxen……..count me in as one of those awaiting for your recap :)

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