American Idols Live 2010 – Bean99’s Dallas Recap

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The Idols were at American Airlines Center.  We arrived a bit early and noticed that there was a Relocation table.  I found out later it was for the nosebleed tickets because they closed off that area last night and moved them lower.  It still left a lot of seats and they were pretty much all full.  We also had the $10 tickets and weren’t too bad other than we were on the wrong side of the stairway.  Thanks for the videos so I can get a better view of Casey, Mj.

The crowd was a mixed bag of ages.  We were sitting near families, older couples, and a lot of young women but luckily no screamers.  It was very pro-Idol, especially for the hometown boys Casey & Tim.

Didi: As a lot of people have said before, she’s not the most dynamic start to the show but she got a nice reception and I liked her first song but it was “Terrified” where she really shined.  On a side note she’s even prettier in person.

Andrew: People really liked Andrew including me.  I thought “Straight Up” was really well done but wish he’d switched order with the Maroon 5 song.  That was a pattern for me last night.  I like it when they finished with their strongest song.

Katie: Katie has a very good, strong voice but she left me cold.  Her singing was fine but I felt like she was being a bit of an Allison wannabe.  Maybe this is what she wants to do post-idol but it felt more of an act than being genuine.  I also didn’t like the mini-lecture where she talked about staying with your dreams, etc.

Tim: The crowd was very happy to see Tim, especially the young girls.  He’s cute but what was distracting was that his hair was messed on one side and his ear was sticking out and I kept wanting him to fix it.  It wasn’t just me, hubby mentioned it later, lol.    I know others say he was better than on the show and maybe was a tiny bit but really was a big yawner for me and I had trouble paying attention.

Siobhan: Her voice really is incredible.  She started with “Paint if Black” which was my favorite of the 1st half and had her trademark scream.  Both of us loved it.  The 2nd song was good but wish it was before PIB.  The last song was strangely out of place.  I like louder rock but hated this one and for me ended her set on a bad note.

Aaron: He was a pleasant surprise for us.  I had heard it before in reviews but didn’t really believe it not being a fan but they were right.  He sounded great, picked really good songs for him, and was so much more confident than in the show.  I could really see him in country and could do very well.  He wins my most improved prize.

Group song: I liked it and seemed like a good choice for their voices.

1st half: Siobhan got my favorite and least favorite song but Aaron was the best overall set.

Michael: I like Mike’s voice and personality but I’m just not a fan of his music.  He was very popular and had a lot of fans in the crowd.  His voice was really good but his songs were a bit of a snooze fest for both of us.  I found myself anticipating Casey coming up during it.

Casey: The one I was waiting for.  He got a huge roar from the crowd and he was so happy to be home.  They showed his mom a few times.  As you can tell from the videos, his guitar playing was incredible and he made multiple guitar changes throughout the set.  The 1st song was more a showcase for that but I thought “Don’t” had the best vocals.  After that Mike came out and they performed their duet from the show which was lovely and very well done.  I kind of wish this was in between their sets and not in the middle of Casey’s though.  Casey ended with “It’s all over now” which he said we might have heard him playing in the area a year ago.  Loved him and he didn’t disappoint.

Crystal: I’ll admit up front that I was texting through her 1st number with my friend who’s a huge Casey fan.  We would have gone together if she hadn’t moved.  (More on that later)  I really liked Crystal’s voice and she gave her fans an excellent set.  At first it was a little disconcerting after Casey’s rocking but she brought it and got the audience going.

Lee: I really enjoyed his set.  He got a huge reception and was clearly touched by it.  I loved this version of “Beautiful Day” and only regret that he didn’t do it on the show.  I really liked “Hallelujah” and also preferred this version to the one on Idol.  “Treat her like a Lady” is another favorite of mine and he did it well.  I enjoyed his voice and thought his performance was overall quite good.  It was clear that most of the crowd were fans and they stayed right until the end.

Group song: Sounded pretty good but must say I miss the cheeze fest that was season 7’s group song.

2nd set: For me Casey and Lee were highlights but really all four were good and made pretty good song choices.  Heartwarming moment was when Crystal spotted a little boy on his dad’s shoulder wearing a bandanna on his hair and dancing like crazy.  She passed him a guitar pick and he immediately blew her a kiss.  Awww.

I really liked this season but was still pleasantly surprised by the quality of the concert.  I guess it’s been drilled into me that the top 10 was the least talented yada yada but I have to strongly disagree.  They may not have come in as the most polished group but they’ve grown along the way and put on a good performance last night.  Even my dh who I dragged screaming to this concert, actually had to admit that he enjoyed himself.

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