American Idol’s Kris Allen Drops Hopeful “Don’t Stop Dancing” (Audio)

Kris Allen Don't Stop Dancing new single

It’s been a hot minute since Kris Allen released new music. The American Idol season 8 winner’s last album, 10, out in 2019 was a reimagining of his older material. Before that, he dropped Somethin’ About Christmas in November 2016. His last studio record, Letting You In came out in March 2016. His last single, after a five song acoustic EP dropped in 2017,  was “When All the Stars have Died” released in 2018.

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But now, a brand new song is here. As America emerges from quarantine and a difficult  year, Kris drops “Don’t’ Stop Dancing,” which is actually excellent advice for these crazy times. 

Written by Andy Skib, Kris Allen, and Quinn Redmond, the upbeat, rhythmic new song has a bit of an island feel and urges the listener to keep dancing, even when “the darkness finds you” or “even when there’s nobody left on the floor/and you can’t hear the music anymore.” 

Next, Kris will head to Europe this fall with Season 7 winner, David Cook. The two originally planned to tour in 2020, before COVID forceds artists to cancel their tours. Check out the schedule HERE

“Don’t Stop Dancing” is produced by Andy Skib and Quinn Redmond. It’s available everywhere to stream and download. Listen to the song below. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing Kris’ new song MJ! Absolutely in love with this new era so far! :D

  2. This might be an unpopular (and shallow) opinion, but Kris needs to cut his hair. He looks a lot better with short hair.

  3. I doubt Kris consults the fans on his haircuts, but in any case, he’s got a bet going with David Cook about who can grow their hair the longest. David says Kris is winning. ???

  4. I dislike both of their newest hair styles, but just like everything else that people do I have no say in the matter. My husband thinks Cook’s is totally ridiculous. When he saw it he said “what is he thinking?”

  5. It ages him. He looks like a mid 40s college professor. But I do like the song! I don’t follow Kris. This is very different for him, no?

  6. Elliott Yamin also sported that man bun back in the day. The combed side thing I think David got from his drummer Thomas Branch

  7. I really like this…I can imagine listening to it while driving near the ocean. And I like his hair too. I have such great memories of the older Idols, when the show was really something special.

  8. Just had a listen to Kris’ new song. It’s a decent song but I expected it to be much more upbeat based on the title. I guess it’s upbeat for him though. I don’t know where Kris is going with his new “look” but it’s not flattering at all. It definitely ages him.

  9. Cook looks even worse than Kris. They look like they don’t give a hoot about their appearance. Maybe they will make themselves over before heading to Europe. They both need a stylist.

  10. David Cook was one of the best Idol contestants. But his post show career never lived up to that. His Monthly Listeners on Spotify is only 293,800. Compared to David Archuleta who has 1,732,809.

  11. To me, they look like they don’t give a hoot whether people approve of their appearance or not…this is no surprise – I don’t think either of them ever has. Did you see the original Roller Dome commercial they made for the European Tour?. ???

    They happily poke fun at themselves, It’s the music they take seriously. ? ???

  12. At first it seemed like he was growing it out because barber shops were closed at the start of Covid. But now that they have been open for almost a year, it’s not the case anymore. Long hair works on some people, but Kris isn’t one of them.

  13. But Thomas’s is shorter, DC’s is twice as long. When he was wearing his hat but kept that long side in front of his ear, I cringed.

  14. Archie’s fans are mostly international. He’s huge in Asia. I noticed he plays the same type of venues(Small clubs/theaters 300-1000) as cookie though here in the US.

  15. I think Kris looks fine. He gets to present himself any way he wants. Adam is often referred to in the press as the Glam Rocker so no one expecting tame from him, lol. Like Allen’s song btw.

  16. Check Hayes’ comments below. Sometimes he has it in a short man bun too in recent days when it’s not the combed over look.

  17. My idea of Adam’s worst hair is when it was bright red for half a tour.

    Adam, Kris, and Cook are three very-good looking guys. Please guys, don’t sabotage your good looks with bad looking hair.

  18. Reminder:

    1. Please stay on topic.
    2. No trolling.
    3. Don’t lecture or tell fellow posters what to do, what to say or how to post..
    That’s my job.
    4. Opinions on a fellow poster’s style (calling them obsessed, for instance) is always and forever off topic
    4. Heyyyy How about that SONG by KRIS ALLEN?

  19. My fav is Lambert. Kris new song sound great. Cook is not one of my fav. You don’t have to win to become a star. Look at Daughtry and JHud.

  20. Andy Skib has established himself as a great producer. I hope Kris and David include some US dates on their tour, maybe next year.

  21. The song story by the way?

    It’s a song dedicated to his daughter Rosie! :)

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