American Idol’s Effie Passero “We All Know Who They Want to Win”

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American Idol Top 24 contestant Effie Passero recently conducted an unofficial AMA on the website Reddit and, shall we say, she did not hold back.

The big voiced singer, who performed a memorable duet with the country singer Cam on the All-Star Duets episode does not regret her experience. But she most definitely has some opinions about it. She also reveals the singer whom she and the contestants believe TPTB want to win…

Check out the entire thread HERE. She goes by the handle “operachick209.” And don’t worry! If the thread gets deleted? I took screenshots. Heh.

What she thinks of real time voting, “I think it’s absolutely idiotic. The contestants do, too.”

Effie hints at Idol conspiracy theories, “There are SO many conspiracy theories as to why I was cut it’s hilarious. I’ve all but received written confirmation that my theory is correct and that’s fine and dandy. I’m not that bitter anymore, but its still ridiculous. I had a lot more to give, but at least I’m not tied down to a contract! (sorry for super vague answer lol)”

Basically, if a singer threatens their chosen one, he/she is cut “…they have a certain person in mind to win. If you can sing circles around that person, you’re most likely to be filtered out early so when that person progresses, it’s obvious because so and so wasn’t still there. (this is a conspiracy theory among a couple of us- who knows really)”

18 year old country singer, Gabby Barrett is considered the “chosen one” among the contestants: “We all know who they want to win. We knew from the beginning. There are a few people I would like to see NOT win, solely because that contract is terrible and I want to see them flourish and have actual careers. Of course, I’m partial to someone I’d like to see win, but we shall see!”

A poster says, “it’s obviously Gabby. (right?) everyone else seems to check a “diversity” box, but she’s just about as safely vanilla as you can be.” and Effie answers, “Oh damn. Haha.” and then, “If Gabby doesn’t win, I will eat a shoe. (not really, but shes definitely who they’re gunning for)”

Effie heard that Katy Perry making an “executive decision” to save Ada was all planned (well…that was kinda obvious) “Ada’s moment with her save was on the teleprompter, so that means that was rigged and planned. I don’t know what else is at this point.”

The Idol winners contract is a terrible deal for songwriters, “…I’ve written well over 300 songs. Disney and 19 entertainment would have owned everything I’ve EVER written- not just during idol or post idol. Everything ever. And they’d only give you your ownership back, if after three record cycles, certain songs weren’t recorded. But what you did put on your albums basically belonged to them. Our entertainment lawyer fought really hard for us and made the contract a *little better, but as a straight up songwriter I was terrified.”

Her thoughts on the judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan:

The judges give no feedback, but she wishes they did. “They actually don’t say anything really critical at all, which is something the viewers have caught onto very quickly.”

She wasn’t happy that the judged chose four of the Top 10, ” The judges picking the saves. How idiotic. I’m sorry. In my opinion it just kinda reinforces the disingenuity of the show. I use my ten text votes sparingly. I don’t think they particularly matter at this point.”

She agrees with a poster who says Luke Bryan is the last person who should be a judge, “So much agreement to that statement. He always looked so lost. I think he’s a swell guy, always super nice, but like. Why? Lol”

And when a poster writes that Luke “Always looks like he needs directions during a performance” Effie answers, “LMAO iconic”

Weirdest experience with a judge, “The top 48 elimination where they sat us down 1 on 1. Katy Perry started the convo off with “I bet people have been telling you you can sing for your whole life, huh?” And I was flabbergasted. Had no idea how to even respond to that. Then she proceeded to s*** talk me for about two minutes and Luke/Lionel had to step in. It was so bizarre. I feel like she disdained me.”

Maddie Zahm, Cade Foehner and Caleb Lee Hutchinson were her best friends on the show. Caleb is her favorite, “He is sweet as f****** pie dude. Such a good guy. He’s worked very hard. I mean they all have, but he’s worked at not only his music but constantly bettering himself as a human.”

However “The top 24 got along REALLY well,” she says, “Everyone was always kind to each other and we had fun really getting to know each other.”

But a few have let fame go to their heads, “Unfortunately, when i went and visited the top 14 once they all flew back in i noticed a change of attitude and personality from a few. It was sad to see honestly.”

On being called to the Final Judgement with Maddie Zahm, “Ugh that whole situation was a thing in and of itself. There’s a lot of drama behind that whole day. I was infuriated when Ryan told us they were going to send us in together and I refused. Maddie Zahm is such an amazing woman, and she is so young with so much to experience and learn. I feel like this experience catapulted her into go mode. She’s moving out to LA this week and we have a show together on the 10th in Hollywood with Noah, Ricky and another contestant Matt Bloyd. We’ve gotten very close and I’m lucky to call her a friend.”

She does not regret her American Idol experience, “YES. The platform alone. The free publicity. The confidence it’s given me to continue forward and KNOW MY WORTH. Its so amazing- and EVERYONE in production is a dream. The whole crew. It was an amazing experience that I’ll always be grateful for.”

What’s next for Effie:

She and Ada Vox are performing together at a Pride event in Jacksonville Florida in October. Also, she’s recording new music, “I’m in the middle of recording my album right now! I have a couple decent tracks on my SoundCloud (just look up mah name) and then the album will be released in fall on iTunes and Spotify.”

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