American Idol XIII – Top 13 – Poll Results and Predictions

AMERICAN IDOL XIII: Kristen O'Connor peforms on AMERICAN IDOL XIII airing Wednesday, Feb. 26 (8:00-10:00 PM ET / PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright 2014 / FOX Broadcasting.

I was a little surprised by your favorite performance. I love Jessica Meuse too, but I was expecting Caleb Johnson, who had folks buzzing about his highly theatrical rock performance, to rise to the top! I know these polls are hardly scientific.  Majesty Rose and Alex Preston are 2 and 3 respectively, and I am not complaining!  I see one of my favorites, MK Nobilette, isn’t resonating with everyone, as she comes in at #8. She’s a little understated for TV. I hope she sticks around, though. I like her style.

Although Kristen O’Connor was voted overwhelmingly as the person who WOULD and SHOULD go home, her performance is not sitting at the bottom of the poll.  She comes in 9 out of 13, which makes me think that maybe she won’t go home this week.  I think Dexter Roberts and CJ Harris are also both in danger of getting the boot. Oh. Ben Briley is on the bottom also. I liked that performance, but it was the wrong song to introduce himself to Idol audiences.

Ha ha. 85% of you feel Randy Jackson is a terrible mentor. I gave the old DAWG the benefit of the doubt, hoping he’d fare better in the role as a hands on mentor. But nope. Still the same cliched meaningless advice from Randy!

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My Predictions:

Bottom 3 (I’m assuming there will be a B3, unless the new producers have come up with a twist.)

Kristen O’Connor
CJ Harris
Dexter Roberts (Or possibly Malaya Watson)

I’ll say Kristen O’Connor will get the boot. But I won’t be shocked if it’s CJ Harris instead.

What are YOUR predictions?

Favorite Performance

  1. Jessica Meuse – The Crow And The Butterfly 18.24%
  2. Majesty Rose – Tightrope 17.57%
  3. Alex Preston – A Beautiful Mess 17.05%
  4. Caleb Johnson – Pressure and Time 13.4%
  5. Emily Piriz – Glitter in the Air 7.82%
  6. Sam Woolf – Unwell 6.63%
  7. Jena Irene – The Scientist 6.18%
  8. MK Nobilette – “Satisfaction” 4.39%
  9. Kristen O’Connor – Beautiful Disaster 3.2%
  10. Malaya Watson – Runaway Baby 2.16%
  11. Ben Briley – Folsom Prison Blues 1.94%
  12. CJ Harris – Radio 0.82%
  13. Dexter Roberts – Aw Naw 0.6%

Who SHOULD go Home?

  1. Kristen O’Connor 37.39%
  2. Dexter Roberts 23.34%
  3. Malaya Watson 19.85%
  4. CJ Harris 5.96%
  5. MK Nobilette 3.66%
  6. Ben Briley 2.56%
  7. Sam Woolf 1.96%
  8. Jena Irene 1.02%
  9. Alex Preston 1.02%
  10. Caleb Johnson 1.02%
  11. Jessica Meuse 0.85%
  12. Emily Piriz 0.85%
  13. Majesty Rose 0.51%

Who WILL go Home?

  1. Kristen O’Connor 51.2%
  2. Dexter Roberts 17.77%
  3. Malaya Watson 12.58%
  4. CJ Harris 11.53%
  5. Ben Briley 1.92%
  6. MK Nobilette 1.44%
  7. Sam Woolf 0.86%
  8. Emily Piriz 0.67%
  9. Caleb Johnson 0.67%
  10. Alex Preston 0.38%
  11. Jessica Meuse 0.38%
  12. Majesty Rose 0.29%
  13. Jena Irene 0.29%
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