American Idol Panel – FOX Day at TCA Tour

Nine American Idol producers and stars face the critics at today’s FOX session with the Television Critics Association tour: Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Iovine, Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest, producers Nigel Lythgoe, Ken Warwick, Ceclile Frot-Coutaz and FOX reality exec Mike Darnell.

TCA Recaps:

  • The Wrap – Nigel confirms contestants will sing original songs.  Nigel says that The major overhaul of “American Idol” isn’t an acknowledgment that something went wrong last season, but is rather part of the natural evolution of a 10-year-old show. The panel also confirmed that contestants will be able to sing original songs (but it will be limited)
  • LA Times: NO Online voting this year, “”We’ve looked at it, and maybe we’ll do it next year…there are security issues with online voting. And because of the volume of voting we have on ‘Idol, ‘ before we go down that road, we have to make sure it’s completely secure and we have to be able to road-test it, and we just haven’t had the time. It’s not that we don’t want to do it. It’s just that’s there a whole bunch of considerations and it has to be really solid, and we’re not there yet.” – Cecil Frot-Coutaz.
  • TVGuide: “Following the back-to-back victories of singer-songwriters Kris Allen and Lee Dewyze, Lythgoe said there would be limitations on how often Idol hopefuls will be able to play their own instruments. “[Producers] felt as though they had a bunch of strummers rather than guitarists or musicians, ” Lythgoe said. “[Contestants] hid behind their guitars and certainly we want to avoid that.”
  • Broadcast&Cable – Randy says, “Who will be the mean one? You will hear from all of us. If it’s terrible, it’s terrible and we’re going to say it.”
  • Zap2it: It’s about records, ” Jackson explains. “The record has to be great. The mistake that people make is that they look at the show and think, ‘If I win, I’m guaranteed to be a success.'” Seacrest adds, “It shows you how hard it is to have a great record, ” even with a springboard like the show.
  • Hit Fix (thorough live blog of the session) – “It’s a fact that very often, America gets it wrong, ” Ken Warwick says.
  • Entertainment Weekly:  Steven Tyler: “Everyone’s got their opinion. I want to test my limitations. I’ve been judged all my life for what I do. Many have things to say about it, but it’s not going to fly. I am who I am.””
  • TVLine:  “We’ve got the rock legend, we’ve got the triple threat…. We’re gonna be good, ” last judge standing Randy Jackson said with a nod to newcomers Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Speaking of “Jenny from the Block, ” Randy says she’s at her judging best when her urban roots come bursting forth: “I like that boogey-down Bronx girl!”
  • Access Hollywood: ” “We didn’t say this yet, but they are some of the most extremely competitive individuals I’ve ever seen on the show…They wanna win. They wanna win. They know it’s an individual competition, ” he replied. “I don’t know if it’s sabotage yet — that’s an extreme — but they definitely… they know what the show is about and they know that there’s one winner. “
  • The Hollywood Reporter

ETA: Nothing earth shattering came out of today’s panel–just the usual spin:  The judges lurve each other, kinder, gentler Idol, we’re looking for a great artist. Blah. Blah. Blah.  You will find actual details about Season 10 changes in today’s press release from FOX.

Steven Tyler had a couple of good soundbites, including answering “Fuck no” when asked if he’ll be on a 5 second delay.  Also, Ryan Seacrest attributes his youthful look to “placenta.” Ew.

Read the twitter recap below:

@RealityBlurred: “American Idol will cut from 40 to 20 semi-finalists today and tomorrow…”

  • @RealityBlurred: “Will Steven Tyler be on a five-second delay? “Fuck no, ” he says.”
  • @RealityBlurred: “Idol hair update: Steven Tyler, J Lo’s hair considerably different today, making it easier to tell them apart.”
  • @TVGuide: “J.Lo: “You’re going to have to watch. We’re very honest and in the moment with everything we do.” RE: Her judging.”
  • @RealityBlurred: “Jennifer Lopez: “We’re artists, ” explaining how the American Idol judge panel is different without Simon Cowell”
  • @RealityBlurred: “Randy Jackson blames contestants for sucking: “mistake people make” to think “I’m guaranteed to be a success””
  • @SurfReportDi: “Ryan Seacrest says #Idol shows how hard it is to have a hit record.”
  • @IdolWorship: “Steven Tyler on first meeting Mike Darnell: “I thought he jumped right out of the Simpsons.”
  • @Sepinwall: “Lythgoe on diff btw Simon & JLo/Tyler: “I think they bring more of a critique rather than just ‘Pack your suitcase, you’re going home.'”
  • @RealityBlurred: “Jennifer Lopez: “At first I wasn’t sure about it” but “I love this show” & “helping other artists … We’re not here to break people down.”
  • @TVGuide: “Steven Tyler on how he would have done on @IdolonFOX: “Lord knows.”
  • @LacyVRose: “”It’s a lot more about searching for that eventual winner, rather than stopping them from getting there.” -Nigel Lythgoe on the *new* Idol”
  • @Idol_Worship: “Nigel: “America always comes out with the right winner.”
  • @TheFutonCritic: “FOX at #TCA: Nigel Lythgoe indicates this year’s “Idol” will be more about helping the contestants than knocking them down.”
  • @RealityBlurred: “Mentor Jimmy Iovine: “My role is to help make sure we find an original voice” instead of “singing like somebody else.””
  • @writerchica: “U’ll see a bit more of an assertive dawg….a little bit more hair on the dog. Fewer yo’s, maybe more no’s, less dawgs.””
  • @surfreport: “[Nigel Lythgoe} talking about tech advances such as texting that have made a huge difference for #IDOL in the last 10 years.
  • @RealityBlurred: “Ryan Seacrest finally talks, says the secret to his face is “placenta, ” which he then repeated.”
  • @thesurfrereport: “Seacrest thinks the show will be really funny this cycle too. Can’t wait to do a live show with them.”
  • @RealityBlurred: “Seacrest previews his banter this year: salivating over J Lo (“Jennifer is a different type of star”)”
  • @LaceyVRose: “”Simon + I had our banter, + we were known for that. This is a whole diff dynamic. There’s genuine camaraderie w/ this group.”
  • @Sepinwall: “Steven Tyler explaining he wanted to work w/JLo b/c of how great she was in “The Back-Up Plan.” Seriously. This was said.”
  • @TVGuide: “”I don’t know how it would feel to be anything else, ” says Jennifer Lopez when asked about being a Latina”
  • @writerchica: “Tyler about J-Lo: “I want to sit next to that.””
  • @tvoti: “”I feel so emotionally attached to all of (the contestants) already. I hate seeing any of them go.” Jennifer Lopez.”
  • @thesurfreport: “#Idol went to Vegas because Beatles show LOVE was there – contestants had to learn a Beatles song overnight.”
  • @LaceyVRose: “”Trust me, we’ve got some heat this season + better talent than we’ve had in other seasons.” -Randy Jackson”
  • @Idol_Worship: “Steven Tyler: “What Idol’s all about is taking it up a notch — no more, no less.””
  • @RealityBlurred: “”We’re not allowed to fraternize, ” Steven Tyler says, thinking we thought judges were going to help the contestants grow in *other* ways”
  • @RealityBlurred: “Jennifer Lopez: “We’re supposed to keep a certain distance.” BREAKING: NEW IDOL JUDGES WILL NOT CANOODLE WITH TALENT”
  • @thesurfreport: “”I’m from the Bronx. But I got my pet raccoon from Yonkers. – Steven Tyler””
  • @thesurfreport: “Steven Tyler says Aerosmith is much bigger than he is. Tour planned for Nov/Dec outside the U.S. Band is just on a break.”
  • @RealityBlurred: “Idol producers insist “the audience votes, ” but they forget to say “and we try to impact that vote by pimping certain contestants””
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