American Idol Semis Week 3 – Who Stays? Who Goes Home?

It’s the last week of the semi finals and it’s time for Group Three–one more brand-new slate of contestants to audition in front of the judges. Lather, rinse and repeat, peeps. I’m starting to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhogs Day.

Group 3 is at a distinct disadvantage, being 3 weeks away from the Hollywood Rounds, and even farther from the auditions. I had to go back and re-watch clips from Alex-Wagner Trugman, Arianna Afsar, Ju’Not Joyner and Kendall Beard, because I did not remember them.

With most of the front-runners getting their day in Groups 1 and 2, the only contestant I’d bet money on from this crew is Lil Rounds.   The rest will live or die by their performance and judges comments.   I can’t call it definitively now.   Not that it will stop me from trying. Sort of.

What do you think? Who’ll go though? Who’ll go home? Who is your favorite? Who would you love to banish from your Tee Vee screens forever?

PS: Be sure to click on the contestant profile links for tons of video goodness…

Below, read my take, then leave your thoughts in comments.

Alex Wagner-TrugmanProfile – Alex was barely seen after his dry, wry audition in Phoenix–until his bittersweet “triumph” over Cody Sheldon when they sang off for the judges during the chair episode. Viewers will have a hard time remembering him when he takes the stage Tuesday.   It’s going to be tough for him to break from the pack

Arianna AfsarProfile – Arianna had a very good audition, and a sweet backstory (she put together a group of kids to sing at nursing homes) but very little screen time since.   Unless she has an incredible performance this week, her chances are slim.

Felicia BartonProfile –     I’ve been a Felicia fan since the first spoilers leaked back in November.   She hasn’t had much screen time, but the amount of buzz and press Felicia got after she replaced the disqualified Joanna Pacitti in the Top 36 makes up the difference.   I can’t tell you how many hits I got from peeps googling Felicia’s name the day after the news broke.   If Felicia sings really well this week, and the judges don’t sandbag her, she could head straight into the Top 12.   Make sure to check out her profile for some awesome video clips. Here’s a fun fact: Stevie Wright was the 16 year old TPTB had paired with Felicia for an unaired singoff   during the Hollywood chair episode.

Jorge NunezProfile -This kid could be a dark horse.   He’s had plenty of opportunities to show off his vocals during the competition, and if he pulls off a great vocal this week, he could advance straight to the Top 12. His good looks won’t hurt either.

Ju’Not JoynerProfile -He hasn’t had much screen time, but his one opportunity to sing, “Hey There Delilah” in Hollywood, was impressive enough. He could be a dark horse if he sings as well this week.

Kendall BeardProfile – If TPTB are looking for a female country singer, Kendall could be it. Otherwise, her generic vocals and lack of screen time put her at a big disadvantage.

Kristen McNamaraProfile –     Part of the group drama with Nate Marshall and Nancy Wilson, much of Kristen’s screen time had little to do with singing.   But, her few moments on the Idol stage revealed an amazing vocal range.   If she picks the right song, and sings the snot out it, she could move straight to the Top 12.   Check out her profile–she’s had tons of experience.   Like Brent Keith, she was once a Nashville Star contestant and opened for some well-known country acts.   She’s singing pop these days, but it might serve her well to play the country card to set herself apart from the pack.   After all, she does a mean yodel.

Lil RoundsProfile –   Peeps in comments have been predicting a big fat pimp spot for Lil, and I have to say I agree.   Performing last would nearly guarantee Lil her very own shiny shiny silver chair of safety. And, what’s an Idol Top 12 without it’s resident R&B queen? Lil displayed some impressive vocal chops during her Kansas City audition, but her Hollywood stint, featuring some earsplitting over singing–was less impressive.   If she does get the pimp spot, and the judges hail her as the next best thing since Hot Pockets, she could burp her song and still get through.

Nathaniel MarshallProfile – Too bad for Nate that his drama queen antics have overshadowed his vocal ability.   Click on his profile and check out his performance of “Disturbia” from the Hollywood rounds. Ignore the visuals (the producers couldn’t resist editing in his antics) and just listen.   He can sing.   Unfortunately, the “bitch edit” the producers slapped on him will be difficult to overcome. Nate’s chances at this point, are slim.

Scott MacIntyreProfile –   Scott’s backstory–gifted blind guy overcomes obstacles–paired with his pure vocal ability won him an instant fanbase after his Phoenix audition.   He’s a contestant who performs better behind his instrument–although I thought he was pretty bland at the piano in Hollywood. His backstory could give him a huge advantage, though.   A lot depends on how the judges handle him. If they pimp him, he could make it through on an average performance.   If he’s fantastic, Scott could sail right through to the Top 12.

Taylor VaifanuaProfile – The judges absolutely adored her when she auditioned in Salt Lake City.   But we haven’t heard much about her since, so I wonder if she’s really a favorite.   I didn’t think her initial audition was all that, but the short clip of her singing in Hollywood showed some promise.   If she sings well, and the judges are kind, Taylor could advance straight to the Top 12.

Von SmithProfile – Chronic over-singer, and You Tube star, Von has one ace up his sleeve.   If he hits the stage this week with a solid, toned-down performance and gets praised by the judges for taking their advice, he could advance straight to the Top 12. But, that’s a lot of ifs right there, and I don’t think Von can unlearn his bad singing habits in a few short months.   His chance to advance is slim.

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