American Idol Season 8 – Top 7 – Results – VIDEO

Next Week:   Disco! And David Archuleta performs “A Little Too Not Over You”. Plus: Disco Icons Harry Wayne “KC” Casey, Thelma Houston and Freda Payne perform.  

Matt Giraud is eliminated. BUT THE JUDGES USE THEIR SAVE! Matt will be back in the competition next week when two people will be eliminated.

  • Ford Commercial – Freeze Frame – VIDEO
  • Group number – “Maniac” from FlashdanceVIDEO
  • 17 Again premiere, Zac Efron is in the audience – VIDEO
  • Anoop Desai is sent to the Bottom 3. Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert are safe – VIDEO
  • Jennifer Hudson performs “If This Isn’t Love” – VIDEO
  • Anoop Desai wonders why he hit B3. Kris Allen is safe, Simon tells him he was “brilliant”. Lil Rounds is sent to the B3 and babbles on and on.   Danny Gokey is safe, Matt Giraud is sent to the B3.   Anoop is sent back to the couch. Simon says he’s willing to save one contestant – VIDEO
  • Miley Cyrus performs “The Climb” – VIDEO
  • Matt Giraud is eliminated.   He sings for his life. The judges save him – VIDEO

In tonight’s taped opening, mentor Quentin Tarentino says he thinks he knows who is going to leave…

First up is another lame Ford commercial.   They’ve got Idols superimposed on magazine covers. “Freeze Frame” is the song. They’re starting to recycle ideas. Zz.

Group song: LOLZ the kids are singing “Maniac” from Flashdash.   WTF???   How random is that? With Quentin Tarantino as mentor, you’d think the kids would sing a song from one of his soundtracks.

Back from break, Ryan asks the kids about working with Quentin. And there’s a taped segment about last night’s premiere of 17 again with Zac Efron.   Oh, and now we get the trailer. Synergy! All the Idols loved it. Of course. Zac is in the audience and plugs the movie.

The results begin.

Allison Iraheta stands up. Allison says she was stunned by the judges praise. And she’s SAFE. Adam Lambert stands up.   He says he wasn’t insulted when Simon compared his “Born to Be Wild” to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. “It’s a great movie, ” says Adam.   Simon is laughing.   “Did he mean it as an insult?” asks Adam.   “No, ” says Simon, still smiling.   “Then were good!” says Adam, who is SAFE.   Anoop Desai stands up. He says he’s finally feeling comfortable on stage. “So it’s a tough moment here, isn’t it?” says Ryan.   “C’mon Ryan!” says Anoop.   The audience laughs.   Ryan finally gets to the point–it’s the Bottom 3 for Anoop.

Back from break.   Jennifer Hudson, previously recorded, is next. After a video package highlighting her successes after Idol, she hits the stage to perform her single, “If This Isn’t Love.”   It’s so cool to see her, a huge success, back at Idol.   GO JENNIFER! She’s awesome.

Back from break, Ryan tortures interviews Anoop Desai. “What’s going through your head right now?” What do you think, Ryan. Anoop says he thought he did a good job last night and was encouraged by the judges.   “I honestly didn’t expect to be sitting here.”   I’m not surprised.   While Paula is a little surprised Anoop is in the B3 (“Your voice is magical!”,   Simon says that he deserves to be there. Kris Allen and Lil Rounds stand up…Kris wasn’t sorry he didn’t play his guitar.   Simon interrupts to say he thought Kris was “Brilliant.” Yay! Ryan hands Lil the rope. she hangs herself a little bit more. Yappity yap. She goes on and on. “I thought I did good last night, ” she says. Eep.

Ryan, who seems to love effing around with Kris, says, “Kris, the bottom 3…it’s tough…you’re going to have to take a seat…” PAUSE. “on the couch.”   Kris is SAFE and Lil is in the Bottom 3.   Lil joins Anoop at the stools with a little fist-pump.

Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey stand up.   Matt says if he had a do-over, he would have tried to sing it straight, and not make it his own so much. Danny says he really felt confident about his “Endless Love” arrangement. Randy throws in his critique, “You worked it out last night.” One is in the Bottom 3.   There’s no way Danny isn’t safe and Matt knows it. “Danny, you are safe, ” says Ryan. Matt heads center stage to join Anoop and Lil. Kara says it’s the right bottom 3. Paula says there were flaws in each performance, and that’s why they are up there. Anoop’s performance was flawed? Really?   Before break, Anoop Desai is sent back to the couch.

Next is Miley Cyrus singing “The Climb.”   Snack break!

After Miley, Ryan asks Simon about the possibility for a save. Simon says there is one he would consider saving, and that it might be a surprise to that person. Is it Lil? “We’ll see” says Simon.   Ryan throws to commercial and….nothing.   “That’s your cue!” says Ryan.   Gah. Bruce Gowers, asleep at the wheel again.

Back from break. Lil and Matt stand center stage. “After the nationwide vote of over 36 million, ” says Ryan, “Lil I’m afraid you’re going to have to endure the competition at least one more week. You are safe.” Lil Rounds is SAFE.

Matt Giraud is eliminated  A relieved Lil heads back to the couches. Matt is smiling.   Ryan tells him to give it all he’s got, “Go baby go!” he says. The crowd is going wild. Matt is singing for his life. The judges appear to be deliberating, but in the next shot, Paula and Kara are up dancing.   OMG. I think their vagina’s are exploding.   This is a little better than last night night. But…he sounds desperate.

The crowd doesn’t care. They’re shouting “Save…save…save…”   The judges have a decision.   Simon says he didn’t think it was as good as the night before and that he doesn’t have a chance to win the competition.   Kara and Paula begin to protest. Simon waves his hand. “Matt we’ve made a decision, ” he says, “And it’s good news.”

Matt Giruad is saved!   The crowd goes completely nuts.   Paula and Kara are hooting and hollering.   Matt’s castmates rush out to center stage to hug him.   “Idol history has been made, ” says Ryan, “Matt G. has been saved!” Simon is smiling as he watches the scene.   Matt is wiping away tears.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to congratulate him, ” warns Simon, “Number one, two people are going home next week, second piece of bad news…next week is disco week.”

“Thanks for the buzzkill, ” says Ryan.   The idols dance a group hug victory dance.


Allison Iraheta
Adam Lambert
Kris Allen
Danny Gokey
Anoop Desai

Bottom 3

Anoop Desai (sent back to the couch)
Lil Rounds
Matt Giraud.

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