Headlines: American Idol Judges Weigh Competition, Jeremiah Harmon’s Journey

‘American Idol’ judges weigh the competition as finalists play post-Disney Night matinee – The top eight — Alejandro Aranda, Laci Kaye Booth, Walker Burroughs, Wade Cota, Laine Hardy, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Alyssa Raghu and Madison VanDenburg – showed no wear and tear, aside from one singer’s vocal strain, and seemed quite happy to be at what was billed as a “listening session.” For one thing, it means they’re still in the ABC singing competition. In response to social-media complaints that Uche and Graham were the only two black singers remaining, Perry says the judges advance singers based on their talent and performance, and there’s often “a disconnect” between “Idol” voters and those who comment on social media. As for the viewers’ choices, “it’s out of our hands. The audience is what it is. We try to bring many different voices to the table, but we only choose based on the talent.” – Read more at USAToday

American Idol Q&A: Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie sit down with Radio Disney’s Morgan Tompkins to share their best advice, behind the scenes stories, and what it’s been like mentoring the “GREATEST” Idol class ever!

‘American Idol’ hopeful Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s brave coming-out story: ‘Everybody was a little jolted by how transparent I was being’ – “I think ‘estranged’ would be the wrong term,” Harmon clarifies to Yahoo Entertainment. “I think one thing that I’ve learned in the process of owning my own story, and taking my personal power, is how to draw appropriate boundaries in my life. And part of that resulted in me quitting the job at my dad’s church and deciding to move out of my parents’ house, because of differences that we had. Even through that, I’ve always been in touch with them, and I’ve made it a point to keep the conversation going. I’ve never been estranged from my parents. There is intentional distance, but I think that distance has been healthy for us. “I think everybody is going to see how that’s shaped and strengthened our relationship next week,” he adds, revealing that his parents will be in the audience when he performs on this Sunday’s Queen Night. – Read more at Yahoo.com

Kelly Clarkson: ‘I love the Cross Battles’

Kelly believes the round puts the focus back on the contestants.

Q&A: Singer Haley Reinhart talks inspiration for latest album, industry experiences – They’re all kind of crazy different transitions that I’ve made through my journey as an artist. So I feel like there are probably some similarities – definitely a streamline – between my first record, “Listen Up!,” and “Lo-Fi Soul,” … but I would say on my two original albums, “Listen Up!” and “Better,” you’ll definitely hear a lot of the same kind of, stylistically speaking, moves that I’ve made, because that’s just me. But I do feel like I’ve evolved a lot. So I’ve taken a lot of these different genres that I love so much and finally mixed them together in a way that I think really shows exactly who I am as an artist. – Read more at Daily Bruin

Carrie Underwood Backstage at her Cry Pretty Tour


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We started rehearsals on my new #CryPrettyTour360 stage over the weekend! It’s getting REAL!!!

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Katie Steven Talks ‘The Bold Type’ Season Three and Plans for a ‘Faking It’ Onscreen Reunion

‘The Bold Type’ star Katie Stevens sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss her days on ‘American Idol,’ why she wants a ‘Faking It’ reunion and more.

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  1. Wow Jeremy’s parents in audience on ‘QUEEN theme night…. Ironic or commendable? small steps, good thing’

  2. Ugh! Are Jeremiah’s parents becoming the focus of the show? Are they being cast as hero’s now for accepting their adult son on his terms?

  3. This could actually backfire as I think it’s been milked now for the wrong reasons. I have a gay son and don’t make him the center of conversations.

  4. Adam Lambert to star and sing in new film ‘Playmobil: The Movie’

    Lambert will be voicing the character, Emperor Maximus, while Meghan Trainer will be playing the Fairy Godmother. Daniel Radcliffe will be voicing Rex Dasher with Anya Taylor-Joy as Marla. Lambert and Trainer will also be singing original songs for the animated film.

  5. So Katy in that interview says they’re vague with their criticism to contestants because they don’t want to influence voters. So why at the end of last season did you suddenly decide to be more truthful and say you’re voting for Maddie?

  6. And they have told several contestants that they can win the show. Of course a few are already gone but ya get my point, lol.

  7. Or were they shamed into accepting their son’s sexuality when the show exposed them on national tv.

  8. Adam was really patient when all his interviewers asked about his sexuality, as if it was something so horrendous or shocking like having two noses.

  9. Not sure from article. jeremiah clarified the ‘estranged’ impression.. Knowing the AI producers, ..camera will probably pan over to them when he performs.. maybe it will be subtle ..Or not!

  10. it’s a long trip to L.A. from his parents hometown. hard to imagine they are simply trying to save their skin… who knows.. :)

  11. The show does go on for Queen with Adam Lambert in ABC documentary

    With all the attention brought back to Freddie Mercury and Queen with the awards-circuit success of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a documentary about the band’s second life with a new lead singer is well-timed. Lambert, a Queen fan since childhood, found a kindred spirit in Mercury. Like Mercury, Lambert is gay, has the over-the-top stage manner and of course, that voice. Unlike Mercury, he was raised by parents who supported his lifestyle and career choice and is completely comfortable in his own skin. That his sexuality was an issue at all caught him by surprise. “It wasn’t until he got on ‘American Idol’ where seemingly everyone else had a reaction to his sexuality that it became a story,” explains Matt Lombardi, the film’s executive producer. “But up till then, it was a truth about his life that he was completely comfortable with and his family was comfortable with.

  12. And maybe it’s all been an exaggeration, just to have a story-line growth on the show. So much is scripted.

  13. personally i think the ‘backfire is just being Out on the show.. ‘adam lambert EX. jeremiah is my favorite..but i definitely agree with you

  14. Yep. And Adam said in interviews that he had been out since he was eighteen and long before Idol. That his sexuality was an issue at all caught him by surprise when he appeared on the show. He took it is stride and tried to keep the focus on his talent but everyone else had a reaction to his sexuality and made it a story, he has said. I wish Idol would stop milking these backstories for the contestants. It just becomes too much about the story and less about the talent. Tho, Idol did not do that with Adam even if others did.

  15. Idol will milk anything at all from the contestant’s background, and good taste or being proportional never enters into the equation…as long as the contestant has disclosed and signed off on it. In 16 past years, the show has no rep for using restraint about it…if they have nothing else, they will even hammer the audience with a contestant’s age, the Infamous Only *something*teen chant comes immediately to mind.

    But no one who signed off on whatever is in their application form has reason to expect discretion, or any concern for collateral damage from Idol PTB…see @davidarchie’s recent interviews as a cautionary tale. ?

  16. I think it may be up to the contestant to decided how much they want their lives to be the story. Some may be more easily convinced than others that it is the way to go. But they all have stories but Idol does not exploit them all.

  17. If judges aren’t going to give genuine criticism, why are they needed? Frankly, I don’t see any need for them anyway once voting starts. They really don’t serve any necessary purpose.

  18. The judges are there to judge and in the past critique the performance to help the contestant. These three blow so much smoke it’s a wonder they can see the stage.

  19. Talent shows do that all the time, at least in Jeremiah’s there’s a backstory, i remember AGT doing the same with Brian Justin Crum and it was very obvious that Brian was over all his problems coming out long time ago, he was by far one of the best singers of the show but AGT kept the sobbing storyline again and again.

    Anyway, Jeremiah is not Adam. People tend to remember how talented he was and forget how polarizying he was.
    Yes, he had the voice and the stage presence, but his looks and his performances were a lot of times a love or hate thing.

    What i find great is Jeremiah can compete as openly gay while Adam couldn’t 10 years ago.

    Jeremiah is a great singer but in my opinion what it would make him go deep in the competition or not it would be if he has some versatility, and that’s the case for other fan favourites too.
    No matter how good you are doing your thing, if you do the same week after week people get tired of you

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