American Idol Audition: Dropout Scarlet Ayliz Finds Redemption

 (ABC/Eric McCandless) SCARLET

American Idol Audition: Season 19 Dropout Scarlet is here to stay with her radio-ready original “Bleeding”

Sunday night’s American Idol post-Oscar episode featured outstanding talent, including Scarlet Ayliz, an 18-year-old from Hartford, Connecticut. The young singer explained to the judges that she dropped out of the competition last year, due to poor grades (Read our Recap). Her family wanted to make sure that she would graduate. After a year, she ended up graduating 2nd honors, and came back to Idol for season 20, looking for redemption.

“You’re probably better at 18 than you were at 17,” judge Lionel Richie says before she takes the seal to perform an original song, “Bleeding.” After Scarlet mentions that her grandmother is a huge fan of Lionel, he suggests she join her after her audition. 

Scarlet is radio ready

Scarlet is a star the moment she opens her mouth to sing. She and platinum ticket recipient Kenedi Anderson are the most radio-ready on this season. She has great control over her voice. While she held back a bit in the verses, perhaps it was a stylistic choice. Otherwise, she displayed great use of dynamics when the song got bigger in the verses.

The chorus of her original “Bleeding” was one of the best vocals of the season! Also, Scarlet has presence. She kept her eyes open and looked right into the camera. She’s TV-ready. Not many contestants look so comfortable on camera as she did. Her tone is reminiscent of some of the great 90s and early 2000s pop and R&B crossover vocalists. 

“We will come and find you!” 

Luke Bryan described Scarlet’s voice as “super, duper commercial.” Katy Perry doesn’t think they “made a mistake last time.” She tells her to “pick songs that stir emotions.” Lionel added, “you will not drop out because we will come and find you.” 

Lionel and Grandma Mary have a moment. Scarlet jokes that grandma thinks Lionel is “tall and cute.” Lionel jokes about shrinking and gives her a hug. Next, the judges give Scarlet the news that she’s going to Hollywood with 3 yeses.

Bonus content! Watch Scarlet’s most viral video on Tik Tok. It has 650.3K views and 212.8K likes. She hits the whistle notes on Mariah Carey’s “Emotions” with ease. 


Working on some HIGH high notes ? lmk what u guys fink! #whistle #whistlechallenge #whistlenotes #emotionschallenge #emotions #mariah #mariahcarey

? original sound – SCARLET ?????

This short post-Oscar episode had some other solid talent. Sage’s easy-breezy style was enjoyable, and Ava Maybee has tone for days. Both were standouts. Katyrah Love was an honorable mention. She showed off some real stage presence and beautiful runs, but her song choice and cajon held her back a bit even if it was a lot of fun. Overall, we’ve got some solid competition going into Hollywood.

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