American Idol Alum Goes Viral After Sharing his Fake Trauma

American Idol Katy Perry
Pictured: Katy Perry. (ABC/Gavin Bond)

How does a former American Idol contestant, one who didn’t even make the semi-finals, get the attention of the press? Complain that they were “traumatized” of course! Even if it’s “fake” trauma. A recent example, is squeaky-voice singer, Normandy, who complained that the show humiliated her. She’s part of a class action lawsuit of disgruntled former contestants who claim the show engaged in unfair labor practices.

Conveniently, Normandy timed the lawsuit announcement with a new song release!

The latest attention grabbing alum is Adriel Carrion, who made it to Hollywood on season 19. On Tik Tok, he shared a clip of Katy Perry complaining about his “Watermelon Sugar” performance before it began. In the clip, Carrion and another contestant, Anthony Guzman, were getting ready to perform the Harry Styles’ song during Hollywood Week when Katy whines “Not ‘Watermelon Sugar’ … I can’t take another ‘Watermelon Sugar’!”

The video then pans to Adriel who says, “It’s the way that it has been three years and I’m still traumatized by this moment,” adding “I could be getting my beauty rest and all I hear in my nightmare is, ‘No Watermelon Sugar.'” He conveniently leaves out that he and Anthony advanced, with a ton of praise from the judges.

Adriel does make sure to compliment Katy in the comments section of the post, saying that she was “so sweet afterwards” after a commenter wrote, “This would keep me awake for DECADES.”

@adriel_carrion SHE IS IN MY NIGHTMARES NOW!! ????#watermelonsugar #americanidol #nightmare #katyperry #harrystyles #traumatized ? original sound – Adriel??

If Adriel was hoping to garner attention from the post, it worked beyond his wildest dreams. People magazine picked it up first, followed by a ton of other outlets.

After realizing he hit paydirt, Adriel posted more. He shared the clip again, but including the singing part, in response to a commenter who said “U looked so CRUSHED when she say not watermelon sugar.” Adriel responded “I was crushed but, it just made me wanna prove them wrong. that’s why I make those psycho faces. Katy was so sweet.” Yeah, those faces Adriel made. Yikes.

Adriel and Anthony received the only on-air praise from the judges for ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

Actually, Katy was more than sweet. Adriel and Anthony closed a “Watermelon Sugar” montage, where the judges dissed a slew of singers who performed it, until Adriel and Anthony. In the end, the judges praised the performance. Lionel Richie called both vocalists “lead singers” and all three judges enthusiastically sent them on to the next round. REAL TRAUMATIZING!

Actually, the singers that came before them as part of a 5 minute “Watermelon Sugar” bit, whom the judges mostly dismissed, might have room to complain. Adriel and Anthony, not so much.

After the his Tik Tok clip went viral, Adriel posted a video and was all “HA HA HA I WAS ONLY KIDDING!” making fun of fans who took him literally. He pledges his undying love to Katy, saying she could never traumatize him.

@adriel_carrion Btw I got a nose job cos I got in an accident ? that is all…. #katyperry #americanidol #americanidol2023 #katyperryfan #watermelonsugar #watermelon? #harrystyles @katyperry ? original sound – Adriel??

Adriel adds, that he did not choose the song himself. If I’m not mistaken, in the group/duet rounds, there is a short list of songs the kids can choose from. Maybe producers picked the song or his “viking” partner, Anthony Guzman chose it? But in any case, Katy was doing a bit for the cameras. And now Adriel is doing a bit for social media.

He needs to drop a single stat to take advantage of his extra and unexpected second fifteen minutes of fame. He’s probably not going to get another.

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