American Idol 9 Top 8 Girls Power List

My “power-list” for tonight’s upcoming American Idol 9 Top 8 Performance episode. I think Didi and Lacey will be going home this week if they don’t manage to find a way to break from the pack. This field of girls share some similarities–you’ve got your quirky singer-songwriter types right here–and I think there will be a whole lotta vote splitting going down tonight. Paige Miles as the lone R&B albiet rock/popish singer, may benefit from the vote splits.

Where do you think the gals stand at this point in the competition? Post your list in comments…

My List After the JUMP…

  1. Crystal Bowersox – The front-runner not only for the girls, but for the entire group.  There isn’t much she could do wrong at this point.  Her arresting vocals and easy stage presence puts her in her own league.
  2. Siobhan Magnus – Siobhan wowed the judges and viewers alike with a mega power-note at the end of her “Think” by Aretha Franklin.  Siobhan is also incredibly likable, and so quirky, you expect her to bust out an “honest to blog” at any minute.
  3. Lilly Scott –  The judges just adore Lilly. She’s got confidence, and a unique indie vibe. However, she’s a little aloof and may eventually have problems connecting with the audience when it counts.  But for this week, she’s riding high.
  4. Katelyn Epperly –  Katelyn impressed the judges with her ballad-y take on Coldplay’s “The Scientist” last week.  She’s got some pretty powerful pipes and has shown ability to put her own spin on a song.  She’s definitely one to watch.
  5. Katie Stevens – Once a front-runner, it’s becoming clear that while Katie has the vocal goods, she hasn’t really figured out how to use them yet.  She’s very pageanty and robotic on stage.  The judges have been disappointed with her performances. She could be a surprise boot.
  6. Paige Miles – Paige got very little screen time prior to the semi-finals.  She’s got a big voice, but has yet to pick songs that have resonated with the audience.  She’s positioning herself as a pop/rock diva, but the judges don’t seem to be seem to be digging it so far.
  7. Didi Benami –  Didi was also a front runner coming into the semis, but with the judges slamming her performances (a little unfairly, I think) she may not be able to complete with up-and-comers Katelyn Epperly and Siobhan Magnus.
  8. Lacey Brown – To be honest, I was really surprised when Lacey survived last week. Unless she does something drastically different tonight, she’s outta here.  Lacey’s got talent, but no stage presence. She can’t seem to get a hold on those nerves.
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