American Idol 9 – Top 24 Results – Recap

Eliminated: Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez, Joe Munoz, Tyler Grady.

Tyler was a little upset after his elimination. He had a few pointed comments for the judges. “I didn’t get much constructive criticism during Hollywood week, and then when I did get it, it was too late.” he said. Simon looked really annoyed. (Looking at the clip again, Simon was actually agreeing with him! Not sure what went on in Hollywood, but the judges often give contradictory, confusing or useless critiques to the contestants.

After Tyler was eliminated, I think something was bleeped. No idea what was going on there.

UPDATE: EW is confirming that Alex Lambert was bleeped, due to the use of some  “salty language” after he was declared safe and Tyler Grady was eliminated.  Read it HERE.

2nd Update: Danny Gokey will perform on next week’s Top 20 Results show. Danny’s album My Best Days drops the day before.

It just goes to show you, that everything can change once the live shows start. Prior to this week, I considered Ashley Rodriguez, and to a lesser extent, Janell Wheeler, front-runners. But neither could cut it once they hit the Idol stage. Although there were worse performances, sometimes it’s betters to out-and-out suck or get slammed by the judges than to turn in a mediocre performance. Pity votes could have helped Lacey Brown and Haeley Vaughn stay in the race.

On the boys side, Joe Munoz’s lack of screen time did him in. He sang OK Wednesday night, but he wasn’t memorable enough to move out of fodder status. Tyler Grady’s boot is really a surprise. He’s a good looking guy and performs music that is quite frankly, cougar bait. I guess all the cute boy votes saved Tim Urban, who looked absolutely shocked (and I little guilty) to be still in it. Alex was also really surprised to be outlasting Tyler. In fact, he might have been the one who was bleeped-swearing out of pure shock at remaining safe.

  • Kris Allen Interview – VIDEO
  • Kris Allen sings “Let it Be” – VIDEO
  • Allison Iraheta sing “Scars” – VIDEO
  • Group song – “American Boy” – VIDEO
  • Kris Allen tells MTV news his piano player, Cale Mills, suggested he sing “Let It Be”. Watch the video HERE.

Download: Allison Iraheta – “Scars” – iTunesAmazon

  • For more information on how to donate to the United Nations Foundation for Haiti relief, check THIS OUT.  DONATE: Text IDOL to 20222 to donate $10 dollars (I just did it)

Two girls and two guys will be sent home tonight. Over 24 million votes came in.  Idol Gives Back news coming up…

Live recap after the JUMP…

Live blogging the Top 24 results show tonight. Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta are both set to perform. Kris will be urging viewers to donate to the United Nations Foundation.

Ryan chats up the judges at the top of the show.  Simon didn’t think he was harsher than normal with the guys. He says he’s ‘s only trying to be honest. Ellen says her first week had some surprises.  She wasn’t surprised that some of the contestants were nervous. She’s been there and done that. However, Ellen says the kids now have to step it up. “It’s make or break time, ” says Randy.  More blah blah about Kara and her fake crush on Casey (Ugh. Please stop) Kara’s husband is in the front row (he’s hot!)

Group song: The Top 24 sing Estelle’s “American Boy”. OMG Hooray for cheesy groups songs. The choreography is awesome. They are totally lip syncing though.  But, if they weren’t, it would probably be pretty ugly (and hilarious!).  The guys like American Boys!

Ryan begins with the girls. Dim the lights. Back row stand up. Let’s start with Siobhan…she’s safe. Haeley is next…she is safe. Michelle is next…and she’s SAFE.  Katelyn is next…and she’s safe.  Either Katie or Janell leaves tonight.  Are you serious? Of course it’s Janelle. She knows she’s toast. Bye Janelle. Randy says it’s too tough to call.  Oh, c’mon Randy! You know damn well Katie isn’t going anywhere.  Janelle Wheeler is eliminated.  She sings out.  Oh man…there go my pool points! – VIDEO

Allison Iraheta takes the stage to sing her new single “Scars”  She looks gorge!  And she sounds AWESOME. Take note girls!  “Scars” is a beautiful song. I hope she sells a crap load of downloads after this performance. Allison says she feels like she’s going to be eliminated again.

Paige is next…and she’s SAFE.  (My pool points are shot to hell!)  Lacey is next…SHE’S SAFE!!!!! HOORAY.  Lilly is next…she’s safe.  Crystal is next…and she’s safe.  Ashley and Didi are left. Ashley Rodriguez is eliminated.  She sings out, and she’s super pitchy. Poor Ashley. – VIDEO

Tyler rehearsed in a bathrobe because he thought he’d be able to change. Oops. Back row stands up. Big Mike is first…he’s safe. John is next…he’s safe. Aaron is next…he’s safe. Todrick…is safe.  Joe and Tim are left. Tim is safe. Joe Munoz is eliminated. Poor cannon fodder. I got one right in my pool. Tim looked totally shocked to be safe. Joe sings out…he’s still got a nice falsetto. That’s about it, though. – VIDEO

Idol Gives Back News: Ryan announces the sponsors–Ford, AT&T, etc. Kris Allen takes the stage. He chats a bit about what is recent trip to Haiti was like. Kris’s performance will be available on iTunes, with 100% of the proceeds going to the UN Foundation. Text the word IDOL to 20222 to donate $10.

Kris sings “Let it Be” with band member Cale Mills on piano, Kris plays guitar.  Film from his trip runs while he performs. Aw. Kris’s rendition is lovely. He’s very emotional after he finishes. Good job, Kris.

Casey is next…he is safe. Jermaine is next…he is safe (Ugh). Lee is next…he is safe. Andrew is…safe. Alex and Tyler are left. Simon thinks Tyler is gone. Alex is safe. Simon is right. Tyler Grady is eliminated.  Tyler isn’t happy. He calls the judges out.  I can’t wait for the press conference tomorrow. Heh. – VIDEO


Janell Wheeler
Ashley Rodriguez
Joe Munoz
Tyler Grady

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