American Idol 9 Top 11 Results – Recap Roundup

‘American Idol’ In 60 Seconds: Our Parents’ Hits Can’t Save Paige Miles

“American Idol” in 60 Seconds has fast become an MTV News institution, but it goes by so fast that it’s not always easy to catch every golden nugget. So, here we present to you Jim Cantiello’s bite-size recap of this week’s “Idol” high jinks.


‘American Idol’: On the scene at Top 11 elimination night

“We’ll find out what you’ve done, right after this.” — Ryan Seacrest

Credit where credit’s due, America: What you lack in planning, you make up for in execution. Paige Miles should not have stuck around this long, but she’s gone now and we can all stop rocking our children feverishly to sleep. The curse of “Against All Odds” was probably not even necessary in her case — Miles (not Davis) had become so listless and non-factorish that upon her dismissal, those seated around me in the Idoldome’s neon embrace could barely be bothered to awwww, despite having been coached to do so for upwards of two hours.

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‘Idol’ minute-by-minute: Save a prayer for Paige

Compared to Tuesday night’s snoozy episode, Wednesday’s elimination, which is usually a dour affair, had a lot more energy than we anticipated. Is the Wham! group number to thank? The sweet pairing of Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato? Or were the Top 10 simply more at ease knowing somewhere in the back of their minds that Paige Miles was most likely going home? Here’s our minute-by-minute breakdown of all the action on camera and off…

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‘American Idol’ recap: Tour of Doodie?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier than that broke-down ”Ke$ha” lady performing with a troupe of dancing TVs, tonight’s American Idol Top 11 results-show telecast went and upped the level of ridiculata to new and impressive heights.

There was Big Mike raising a single finger toward the sky, then exploding his fist into a dazzling jazz hand — in imperfect sync with Crystal Bowersox and nine other contestants! There was a pair of magnificently coiffed young people whose vocal cords were the star opponents in a WWE wrestling extravaganza! There was a woman in the audience with a pale, ”blood”-spattered face, who was later revealed to be one of two zombie-like creatures known as ”Siobhan-bies”! And there was Katie Stevens, revealing that her father needs to get his drink on to survive a 60-minutes results show. Oh sister, don’t we all?

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Live at American Idol: What Had Kara DioGuardi Up In Arms?

You’d think all that flirting with Simon Cowell—and Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest—would put a girl in a better mood, but tonight that was definitely not the case for Kara DioGuardi.

In fact, from our seat right behind the judges table at Wednesday’s American Idol elimination show, she looked downright mad!

What went down that threw Kara into a tizzy? And, oh yeah, did those real-life lovies Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato cuddle up behind the scenes? Here’s what you need to know:

Believe it or not, Kara was upset by eliminee Paige Miles’ parting song. No, not because she thought America had sent the wrong girl packin’, but because after weeks of painfully pitchy vocals, Paige performed her swan song perfectly.


American Idol’: It’s Still A Singing Competition, Or So The Judges Say

Even if the exact outcome was by no means a certainty, tonight’s ‘American Idol‘ results were not surprising by any stretch of the imagination. Last night’s “Billboard No. 1 Hits”-themed episode was full of off-key, off-everything performances of songs that had been done on ‘Idol’ many times before, performed by singers who had somehow managed to survive this far in the competition despite more compelling personalities like Lilly Scott and more interesting vocalists like Alex Lambert getting sent home.

Terrible performance gets ‘Idol’ singer booted

As the folks at “American Idol” reminded us constantly, this week was a Big Deal because only the top 10 finalists make it onto the summer tour, and whoever got sent home Wednesday would come in 11th.

You might ask, “Why doesn’t ‘Idol’ let all 12 finalists participate?” The answer, of course, is because then nobody would care who finished in 10th or 11th, and how would the show sell its quota of cars and Coke then?


American ‘Idle:’ Dullsville behind the scenes

Pg156392I won’t kid you. Last night’s “Idol” was dull. The judges looked bored, the contestants chose (mostly) boring, played-out songs, and the 7-year-old girl to my right couldn’t even sit still for more than a minute as she desperately tried to claw her way out of the studio.

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Idol Watch: All Over But the Singing?

So Paige is going home. 100% unsurprising, not much to say; she’s been shaky for weeks and had the worst performance Tuesday night.

Thus begins the long dull middle section of American Idol, in which a number of people we already know have no shot at winning are eliminated in some order, and I struggle to find things to say about it.

Like this: Is there a scenario under which Crystal Bowersox loses this season?


“American Idol” Narrows to Top 10, Paige Miles Out

NEW YORK (Reuters) – “American Idol” narrowed its singers to the top 10 on Wednesday eliminating Paige Miles after her faltering rendition of “Against All Odds” during a week in which contestants were mentored by teen pop star Miley Cyrus.

Miles seemed resigned to her fate of failing to reach the all-important 10 finalists who will go on tour this summer, providing critical exposure for the aspiring singers.

She was unanimously criticized on Tuesday’s show by the four “Idol” judges, who felt she hadn’t stepped up her performances in recent weeks. She also had been struggling with laryngitis.

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‘American Idol’: Miley and Jemi sing, Paige walks

Tonight will be the most dramatic elimination yet on “American Idol” this season. Tonight, the Idolette who got the fewest votes from viewers on Tuesday will spend the rest of his or her life knowing he or she came THIS close to going on the “American Idol” tour which may or may not sell out in venues all across the country this summer.

Also, tonight we will see Joe Jonas for the first time on “American Idol” since he got a grown-up haircut and Demi Lovato decided they are “dating.”

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Paige Miles Sent Packing On ‘American Idol’

Less than 24 hours after “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell chastised this year’s crop of contestants — well, all of them except for Crystal Bowersox — for not pushing themselves hard enough, voters got a chance to have their say on the matter during Wednesday night’s (March 24) results show. And, well, they pretty much said the same thing.

Yes, it was judgment night for the “Idol” top 11, and Paige Miles, whose take on Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds” Tuesday night was pretty underwhelming, was the one voters sent packing.


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