American Idol 9 Top 10 Results – Recap Roundup

‘American Idol’ recap: All the Sinking Ladies

Who says you can’t learn anything from watching reality TV? Tonight, in the course of a single hour, I found out that ”Justin Bieber” is an actual person, not just a perpetual trending topic on Twitter; televised displays of strobe lights can be potentially hazardous to one’s health; and it only takes a single wonky performance — and an awkward assist from Ryan Seacrest — to get yourself booted from American Idol.

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‘American Idol’: On the scene for the Top 10 results, plus Justin Bieber performs

It’s night two of my initiation into the art of writing on-the-scene recaps for Idol, and I am already noticing the symptoms of Idol overload syndrome, which includes getting a Justin Bieber song stuck in your head. See, while last night’s results show may have only lasted an hour for you, who were resting on your insanely comfortable couch while eating these treats while having this cat curled up beside you, I was in the Idoldome for more than four hours. The reason? Usher’s performance of “OMG” was taped (twice) before the live show, and after the show, 16-monthyear-old Justin Bieber shot a two-song concert, which will air during a future Idol episode. While it was definitely a long haul, the evening luckily was stuffed with many memorable moments, including a Bieber fan who was tackled by security and what appeared to be some sort of altercation between Crystal and Andrew during the Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy/Diddy Dirty Money thingamajig.

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‘American Idol’ Top 10 results live: Michael Johns, Wendy Williams and the Usher circus

Zap2it’s weekly “Dispatches from Inside the ‘Idol’ Dome” brings fanatics like you (and us) closer to all the action. What didn’t viewers see on the TV broadcast? We got it covered.

Did Usher’s performance look as crazy on TV as it did in person? Find out what else you missed behind the scenes.


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‘Idol’ elimination leaves a singer brokenhearted

Wasn’t this supposed to be the year of the girls on “American Idol”?

So far, not so much. Didi Benami became the third in a row voted off, finishing in 10th place. Unlike Lacey Brown and Paige Miles, who went before her, she’ll get to sing in the “Idol” summer tour, and if she can channel the vocals she brought to her version of “Rhiannon” on Wednesday, we may not have heard the last of her.


Didi Benami Sent Home On ‘American Idol’

It was another week with no save on “American Idol.” Didi Benami’s ride to potential stardom screeched to a halt Wednesday night (March 31) when even a strong reprise of her signature Fleetwood Mac cover wasn’t enough to keep her in the game. The action-packed hour featured performances from Usher, season-two “Idol” champ Ruben Studdard and Diddy-Dirty Money, as well as a visit from Justin Bieber, but all eyes were on the top 10, as nearly half the finalists were potential bottom-three fodder after an uneven night of R&B performances on Tuesday.


Didi out, Diddy sings on ‘American Idol’

“American Idol” makes history Wednesday when R&B Week results night opens with The Most Egregious Product Placement in the History of TV: a mashup of footage from the new “Clash of the Titans” flick – Zeus’s mortal son, perilous journey, must stop evil underworld, blah, blah, blah — and footage from this season of the singing competition.

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Oh yeah. It’s totally a girl’s year, isn’t it? AI9 Top 10 Results Show Recap

Tonight’s results show begins with a truly over-the-top tie-in for Clash of the Titans. Clash of the Titans is bound to be shit, like 300 or 10, 000 BC or all of the above. Pearl Cream is making me see Clash of the Titans when he comes to town next week. Ordinarily I would say, no way, dude. No way. Let’s go see Hot Tub Time Machine. But I’m gonna let him have this one, mainly because I now know who Sam Worthington is and that he might be even better to look at as a non-paraplegic and I am curious as to what his chest looks like…not blue.

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American Idol Recap: The ‘Vote for the Worst’ Lobby Still Wields Power

For a season that was supposed to be dominated by the ladies, things sure aren’t going according to Simon’s prediction: After last night’s episode, American Idol is down to nine contestants, only three of whom are girls and only two of whom — Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus — have any real staying power. Yes, America voted off teary-eyed waitress Didi Benami last night, and the judges didn’t step in to save her after her “Rhiannon” swan song. What, they’re gonna use their save so she can work her way up to sixth place?

The night began with season-two champ Ruben Studdard taking the Idol stage and reminding us what soul music sounds like when it comes from, well, the soul. His single “Don’t Make ‘Em Like U No More” was a much-needed refresher course in R&B stylings for this season’s too often fervor-free singers.

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‘Idol’ results show minute-by-minute: Say goodbye to Didi

Most of our “Idol” pundits called it correctly, but you didn’t have to be an expert to figure out that Knoxville’s Didi Benami was likely going home on Wednesday night. After a mediocre performance of the ’60s soul classic “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” failed to resonate with the judges or the viewers at home, it came time for Didi to wave goodbye. But not before season 2 winner Ruben Studdard, Diddy and the Dirty Money crew and Usher all performed, followed by a post-tape performance by Justin Bieber (to air on a future episode).

Here’s your minute-by-minute rundown from deep within the “Idol”-dome…

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American Idol: What You Didn’t See on TV

Tensions ran high in the American Idol studio Wednesday night.

Before the results were read, Siobhan Magnus looked “subdued” sitting in the bleachers with the other Idols, a witness tells “She doesn’t look or speak to anybody at all, only cracking a smile when Mike [Lynche] compared his glue-on piece of hair to her look.”

Lynche, meanwhile, was in a better mood. He was “grooving along” to Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard’s performance.

“Lee DeWyze gets the biggest cheer of the night when he is declared safe, ” the insider says. “When Casey [James] is told he is safe, his dad goes crazy, yelling and clapping. Then when Aaron [Kelly] is told he is safe, Siobhan looks even more desolate.”


Wednesday’s ‘Idol’ elimination is a teary affair

In a continuing effort to shield our West Coast brethren and not prematurely spoil tonight’s “Idol” results, we offer a blog post title that could easily apply to anyone but is also completely obvious. With that in mind, Wednesday’s bottom three couldn’t have been more predictable: stool regular Tim Urban made a return visit, as did Katie Stevens and Didi Benami, all on shaky ground but for vastly different reasons.

Teflon Tim, as Ryan referred to young Urban last night, delivered awkward stage presence and a deer-in-headlights stare as he attempted Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love.” Katie Stevens put forth a competent rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools, ” but made the near-fatal mistake of taking on a diva too big for a Connecticut 17-year-old’s britches. As for Didi Benami? Her vocal performance on the 1966 soul classic “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” was fine, but it lacked a connection with the audience, the judges or even herself. Kara Dioguardi nailed it last night when she said Didi had simply lost her way.

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