American Idol 9 Top 10 Power List

You know what? I’ve decided to cut the kids some slack this week. Because I’m convinced that there was some mighty hinkey business going on last week behind the scenes at Idol

There was a mid-stream theme change, for whatever reason that probably injected some chaos into the rhythm of last week’s preparation for the live show.

So, I’m choosing to believe that things are back to normal. The kids have been rehearsing songs all week, and we should be treated to some reasonably decent performances tonight. After the jump, check out my power list for this week.

The list is not ordered according to my favorites, but where I think each of the Idols stand in relation to each other today.

What do you think? What does your power list look like? Who are your favs?

  1. Crystal Bowersox –  Her magnificent performance of “Me and Bobby McGee last week puts Crystal at the top of the pack. I’m not convinced she’s going to win, but for now, she’s still the front runner.
  2. Siobhan Magnus – Simon gave her crap last week for singing yet another song with a great big screamy note, but I think Siobhan has captured the imagination of the viewers.  She needs to mix it up in the coming weeks if she hopes to win.
  3. Aaron Kelly – Aaron has been gaining steam these past few weeks. He still needs to work on his stage presence, but his vocals have been decent.  The judges love him, and at this point, I think he’s got the tween/granny vote sown up.
  4. Micheal Lynche –  Simon calls Mike “corny” and he is, kinda, but I think AMERICA as a whole, loves his shtick. Right now, he’s the R&B king, splitting votes with nobody, leaving lovable Big Mike in a mighty good position.
  5. Casey James –  Actually, I think Casey and Lee are tied for 5th place. They’re both in the same boat–great vocals, need work on the stage presence.  Casey edges out Lee a bit, ’cause he’s hotter.
  6. Lee Dewyze –  Simon dissed Lee last week, while the other judges loved him. I think he’s got a solid fanbase behind him at this point, but I’m not sure he’s picking up new fans.  He still needs work on his stage presence, although I think he improved last week.
  7. Katie Stevens –  The judges like Katie, but her pitchy performances are unsure and roboty. She’s losing the tween vote to Aaron Kelly, as her trip to the bottom 3 last week proved.  Her fans may power vote for her this week.
  8. Didi Benami – I really like Didi and will feel sad if she’s eliminated soon.  She’s got the guts to try new things, but the judges don’t appreciate it.  She’s losing votes to the other girls–Siobhan and Crystal, who have shown more confidence on stage.
  9. Andrew Garcia –  If Andrew hadn’t amassed a super-strong fanbase during Hollywood, he’d be so gone by now. I’m not sure how long he can coast on his Hollywood week success.  If his performances don’t improve, I’m thinking his luck will soon run out.
  10. Tim Urban –  This dude is not very good, but he’s savvy as hell when it comes to song choice.  Last week’s wacked out “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was a real teen-pleaser. If he keeps choosing well, he could go farther, but he’s already made a couple of appearances in the B3.  His luck may run out soon (hopes!)

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