American Idol 9 – The Finale! Recap

And the winner of American Idol is…Lee DeWyze

  • Alice Cooper & the Top 12 sing “Schools Out” – VIDEO
  • Kris Allen performs “The Truth” – VIDEO
  • Siobhan Magnus, Aaron Kelly & The Bee GeesVIDEO
  • Mike Lynche & Michael MacDonald – VIDEO
  • The Girls sing a Christina Aguilera medley – VIDEO
  • Christina Aguilera sings “You Lost Me” – VIDEO
  • The Boys sing with Hall and OatsVIDEO
  • Daryl Hall and John Oats – “You Make My Dreams Come True” – VIDEO
  • Carrie Underwood performs “Undo It” – VIDEO
  • Kris Allen gives Crystal and Lee their Fords, plus Ford commercial – VIDEO
  • Casey James & Bret Michaels sing “Every Rose has It’s Thorn” – VIDEO
  • Lee DeWyze & Chicago sing a medley – VIDEO
  • General Larry Platt & William Hung – VIDEO
  • Crystal Bowersox & Alanis Morisette VIDEO
  • Paula Abudul salutes Simon CowellVIDEO
  • Idols return to salute Simon CowellVIDEO
  • Janet Jackson sings “Nothing” and “Nasty Boy” – VIDEO
  • Crystal & Lee video package – VIDEO
  • Crystal, Lee & Joe Cocker – VIDEO
  • Lee DeWyze wins “American Idol” – VIDEO

Tonight, we find out who takes the crown! Lee DeWyze or Crystal Bowersox. What started in Chicago ends tonight…

*Less than 2% separated the finalists coming into the vote* However, did NOT announce the vote total. Ryan introduces Crystal and Lee.

OMG Crystal has this school-girl get-up on! Janell Wheeler is hosting the party in Ohio.

The Top 12 take the stage with Alice Cooper to sing “School’s Out”. Now I get the crazy school girl outfit. Choir is dressed in school uniforms with Alice makeup. Orianthi is shredding on guitar. The choreography was hilarious.

Kris Allen takes the stage to sing “The Truth. And effing Bruce Gowers shitty direction keeps Ryan’s mic open through the first couple of bars. Ergh. Still, solid performance from Kris. Hope it helps to sell the song.

The first video tribute to Simon runs. Paula Abdul, Ellen Degeneres, Kara Dioguardi and Randy Jackson are interviewed saying nice things about Simon, intercut with clips that belie their words. Funny. The clips are like the “greatest hits” of Simon.

Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly take the stage. Siobhan opens with “How Deep is Your Love”. Aaron comes in on harmony. This is very nice! Oh Look! Robin managed to get to America. The two remaining Bee Gees take the stage to sing. I’m an old fart? But I really hate these 70’s era AC hits. So not my bag. Aw, Siobhan is being serenaded by a Bee Gee!

Michael Lynche singing “Taking it to the Streets”. He sounds like a dying cat. He usually sounds so much better than this! He introduces Michael Macdonald who sounds terrible.

Dane Cook sings a “funny” song to Simon. All of he most annoying contestants from over the years take the stage. Wow, that lasted hardly a second. I saw Tatiana Del Toro, and Ian Bernardo–who wasn’t supposed to talk, according to some twitter tweeps in the press room. Yeesh.

Lacey Brown and Didi Benami take the stage singing “I Am Beautiful”. Katie Stevens, Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox join them. This must be the girls medley! This is a Christina Auguilera medley. They sing “Fighter” next.

Christina joins them on stage. She sings her single “You Lost Me”. This is her new single? It’s pretty dull. She just canceled her summer tour. Trouble! I think she’s having a nervous breakdown on stage.

Ricky Gervais is there by satellite. He calls Simon a “kingmaker” who only takes “80 percent of your wages.”   Simon could always go back to his job as a “58 year old lap dancer.” Funny stuff.

Lee Dewyze takes the stage to sing “I Don’t Go for That.” Here’s the Hall and Oats medley for the boys. Andrew Garcia? Dude. That was bad. Casey James is singing “Maneater”. Lulz. According to Idol tracker, H&O said they suggested those 3 songs for the guys. Hall And Oats take the stage and sing “You Make My Dreams Come True”.

Ryan introduces Crystal’s Dad, before he introduces Crystal Bowersox who sings “Isn’t it Ironic” before she introduces “Miss Alanis Morrisette” singing “You Oughta Know”. The “BJ” line was changed. Ha. Big hug after that. Oh well. No Melissa Etheridge.

Carrie Underwood takes the stage to sing “Undo It”. Woah, Could those leather pants on Carrie be any tighter? Thigh high boots and space-age mini-jacket. Hm. Another powerhouse vocal from Carrie.

Kris Allen “surprises” Crystal and Lee with new cars. Oh, and they get a car built with the fugly designs they created early in the season. Yippie. Now, a montage of the season’s Ford commercials.

Casey James is center stage, playing guitar singing “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”. Poison! And Bret Michaels takes the stage. I hope nothing bad happens. Actually, he seems remarkably well considering all the bad shit that’s happened to him recently.

Lee DeWyze takes the stage with..Chicago. SHOCK. They’re singing “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is.” and a bunch of other songs. The entire band is off-pitch. Perhaps in honor of Mr. Lee DeWyze.

Matt Rogers is hosting Lee DeWyze’s party in the suburbs of Chicago.

Next Simon Cowell tribute video features more commentary from the judges.

Oh here it comes! General Larry Platt and “Pants on the Ground.” He’s got dancers! AND A DUET WITH WILLIAM HUNG. I was over “Pants on the Ground” like two minutes after the first time I saw it.

Next Simon Cowell video segment. Paula Abdul reminisces about her time working with Simon. Aw that was kind of sweet. OMG PAULA TAKES THE STAGE!!! OK Paula is standing on stage talking to the judges. What is she doing? She’s making jokes. Paula says Idol will go on without Simon. Montage time of Simon moments set to “I Did It My Way.”

Kelly Clarkson! Ruben Studdard! Fantasia! Carrie Underwood! Jordin Sparks! Taylor Hicks! Kris Allen! It’s a winners medley!!!! Aw, too bad David Cook couldn’t make it–he had a gig at a charity event in Kansas City.

A pile of ex-idols take the stage, dressed in white. Paula is sitting in Simon’s lap. After, Simon joins the contestants on stage. Simon says he’s genuinely emotional. “The show goes forward, it’ll be different, ” he thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart. Simon says that we, the audience are the judges of the show and have done an incredible job. “It’s been a blast, ” he says. “Thank you.”

The contestants sing Janet Jackson’s “Nothing”. Adam’s green lasers are being recycled! Janet takes the stage to sing in a whisper. “Nasty”! Now it’s time for some Paula Abdul moves! The crowd loves Janet!

Now, a little video tribute to the Top 2. Oh yeah. You know. The season 9 contestants! Right. Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox sing “A Little Help from my Friends”. Crystal introduces “Joe Cocker, living legend”. OMG. Crystal is way too awesome here. CRAZY. “What would you do if I sang out of tune.” Indeed. Ha.

RESULTS!!!! Telescope is in the house.  Crystal and Lee are center stage.  Lee looks like he’s about to hurl.  Crystal rubs his back.  “And the winner of American Idol is…..Lee Dewyze!

Lee is completely blown away.  Crystal steps back to allow him to have his moment.  The confetti flies.  Lee, so overwhelmed, thanks his fans.  Ryan hand him the mic.  Lee turns to Crystal and tells her he loves her.  They hug.  And now, it’s time to sing…  The show fades out as Lee performs…

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