American Idol 9 Recaps – Hollywood Round Part 2

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‘American Idol’ Thins The Herd On Group Day

As usual, chaos, quarreling and drama ruled on group night on “American Idol.” Wednesday’s show found the 95 remaining singers shoehorning themselves into unnatural combinations that mostly upped the already tension-filled pressure-cooker atmosphere as battle lines were drawn over choreography, harmony, personality and anything else worth arguing about.

Tears were shed, fingers were pointed and lyrics were blown time and again as the groups spent the traditional sleepless night working on their steps and trying to find their groove as viewers’ heartstrings were pulled by big Michael Lynche monitoring his wife’s labor on his cell phone and listening as his daughter was born across the continent in New York.


‘American Idol’ Turns Hollywood Into High School For A Day

Tonight’s ‘American Idol‘ focused on Hollywood Week’s group round, in which the contestants who made it through the first round of callbacks are forced to wander around a hotel ballroom, find people they might be artistically compatible with, and learn a song and attendant choreography — all in 12 hours. It’s like a hybrid of ‘Mean Girls, ’ ‘The Singing Bee, ’ ‘So You Think You Can Dance, ’ and ‘Survivor’ — and it’s all happening while the contestants are running on little more than adrenaline and their preferred flavors of Vitamin Water.


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‘American Idol’ recap: Group Therapy

Q: Ninety-six singers enter the second round of American Idol’s season 9 Hollywood Week, and break off into an undetermined number of groups comprised of 3-5 contestants each. At least four groups choose to sing that hellacious Gwen Stefani song with the ”woo-hoo, whee-hoo” chorus. If the Jack Black lookalike hits the sack at 3:20 a.m., and Big Mike goes to bed by midnight, which of the following events will happen first: Big Mike’s wife makes a baby, Mary Powers flies off the handle, or a hyper-competitive guy with a surly mug performs a handspring while singing a Lady Gaga chart-topper?

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Group sing lets the inner crazy out on ‘Idol’

Simon Cowell welcomed Ellen DeGeneres by calling her a sadist Tuesday night after the newest “American Idol” judge tortured some contestants before sending them to the next round. However, the real sadist in the “American Idol” family is whoever came up with the concept of the group sing, which was the focus of Wednesday’s episode.

I mean, seriously. You work your tail off to get to a position to audition for the show, wait in line for hours, get the ticket to Hollywood and make it out of the first round there … and now, your fate is in the hands of a bunch of yo-yos who can’t remember their lyrics, dance in rhythm or say anything at all without whining.


American Idol: The Sad Stuff

Finally we’re in Hollywood. Finally we have Ellen! Dear old Hollywood. Friendly old Ellen. Two good things. We should be happy, right? And yet… Mostly we’re just so sad. Hollywood Week is just terribly, terribly cruel, isn’t it?

A friend and I watched the show last night, and we both couldn’t get over what a terrible, cruel thing this whole dog and pony show is. All the expectation, the airfare, the sad little suitcases packed with care. I know these people are willingly subjecting themselves to an experience that they know, nine seasons in now, to be a resoundingly cruel and demeaning one, but still. Remember in that great monologue at the end of Extras when Andy is talking about how horrid reality shows are, and he talks about X Factor and says something about the “bewildered being sniggered at by millionaires”? Well, yeah. That’s pretty true. These folks are bewildered and overwhelmed and just slightly hoodwinked and we are all monsters for watching them fail and enjoying it. That’s that.


‘American Idol’ Group Night: Welcome To The Drama Club

American Idol’s “dreaded Group Night, ” as Ryan Seacrest so dramatically worded it this evening, is always all about drama, drama, drama. It’s the eagerly anticipated Hollywood Week episode that makes The Bad Girls’ Club look more like Barney & Friends (minus whip-girl Erica Rhodes, of course), as dozens of very different potential Idols, from very different musical and cultural backgrounds, are willy-nillily tossed together, deprived of sleep, and forced to sing in (off-key) harmony. The “Kumbaya”-style moments are naturally very few and far between.

American Idol: Doing It in a Group Is Better Than Doing It Alone

Hollywood Week has ended its first week! Yes, there’s more than one week to this single week. Similarly, all the American Idols are German. It’s just how things work — time bends, reflections change — in Ryan Seacrest’s imagination world.

That’s my theory about this show. When it is finally done, Ryan Seacrest will wake up and realize it’s all just been a dream. Kelly Clarkson will be waiting tables somewhere in the grassy sprawl of Texas, handing out baskets of grease and meat, and suddenly she will sense a strange ripple in the air, in her soul, and she will wonder what it was. Sanjaya will put down the tube of lipstick and turn to his sister, bored and fanning herself on the bed, and say “Did you feel that?” The sister will exhale, tired, and say “Maybe a little.” Dunkleman will stir on the recliner, his mom puffing cigarettes in the kitchen, but he will not wake up. And Ryan will rub his squirrely eyes and pad over to the window, Los Angeles brown and humming along, sticky under its blanket of sun and smoke. Another day on the radio, he’ll think. And after such a wonderful dream.

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