American Idol 2022: Top 5 Contestant Rankings, Poll Results

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UPDATE: Leah Marlene told fans during an Instagram livestream that the Top 5 are singing Carrie Underwood songs AND the other is A SONG OF THEIR OWN CHOICE.

And it’s confirmed true: The BMG press release the label sent to press promoting the studio songs states that the Top 3 will sing their original songs on next week’s finale. Last year, the Top 4 performed their original songs. And a recent Billboard piece reported the originals would be sung at Top 5. 

It changes things a bit. But not my power list!

This week, the Top 5 will sing original songs they recorded with top-notch producers. Additionally, season 4 winner and country star Carrie Underwood mentored the singers at Resorts World in Las Vegas where she began the next leg of her residency this week. She also chose one of her hit songs for each of the singers. The country artists, Noah Thompson and HunterGirl really lucked out one week before the finale.

After last week’s Top 7 performances and Top 5 results, I have shaken up my power list this week. Based on last week’s Top 7 performances, the original songs and the country theme–AND OK I took a look at Facebook numbers–I think HunterGirl could have a strong week coming up.

ABC will broadcast American Idol coast to coast on Sunday at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Voting will take place throughout the show and end after the last commercial break. At the end of the episode, Ryan Seacrest will announce the TOP 3 finalists that will head into the May 22 Grand Finale. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan sit on the judges panel. 

Here are my rankings for this week.

American Idol 2022 Top 5 Ranked

I linked the original songs within each of the Top 5 artists rankings. Enjoy!

5. Leah Marlene – I know. Up until this week, I believed Leah would breeze into the finale. Now I think she’ll have to fight her way into the Final 3. The recorded version of her self-penned song “Flowers” (produced by King Henry) is beautiful, but not showstopping. However, if she arranges a riveting performance, the game could change. Also, I can’t imagine her singing a Carrie Underwood song, although apparently she covered Carrie’s songs as a kid. Surprise us Carrie. Pick something that Leah can arrange into something wonderful.

4. Nicolina Bozzo – Nicolina has been coming on strong the past couple of weeks. She’s not a country singer, but like Carrie, she’s a belter. There are a number of her songs that could serve as a showcase for her. Her original song, “Glitter,” written by Patrick Droney, Wayne Anthony Hector and produced by Mr. Franks includes a soaring chorus that fits Nicolina’s voice perfectly.

3. HunterGirl – Hunter’s original song “Redbird” is emotional and country radio ready. Penned by Austin Goodloe, HunterGirl and Matt McKinney (produced by Jimmy Robbins), it gives Hunter the opportunity to steal the show. Plus, lucky Hunter, the mentor is a bonafide country star who could deliver moment number 2 to Hunter on a silver platter. And, while Hunter isn’t very popular around here, her videos sure as heck pull in impressive Facebook numbers. 

2. Fritz Hager – Fritz sang two original songs last week. That’s a pretty big risk. But unfortunately, after testing positive for COVID-19 the morning of the live show, producers aired his dress rehearsal footage. Fritz admitted that live performances of the songs would have been both more energetic and emotional. Nevertheless, he managed to impress on stage. Unfortunately, this week, he’s singing a Carrie Underwood song. Like with Leah, it’s a thing I can’t imagine. But maybe both will come up with inventive arrangements that blow fans away.

And after performing several original songs on the show, fans would expect his winners original to be self penned. Nope. Interestingly, his track “Hearts Align” is written by Season 18 alum Francisco Martin (signed to 19R) and Drew Pearson (produced by King Henry). It’s a solid track. Not as great as the best tracks on Fritz’s self-titled EP, however. When ranking Fritz, I keep in mind that he charted impressively on iTunes a few weeks back. Also, Fritz and Leah ‘s and mad arrangement skills could save the day for both singers on Sunday.

1. Noah Thompson – Noah does not write songs. But he does an impressive job flipping tunes to his style. And he always sings plainly, simply and authentically, from the heart. However, I worry sometimes that he’s in over his head. He’s barely left his small West Virginia town and had to be persuaded to audition for Idol. But he seems to handle pressure well. For instance, like Fritz, he also tested positive for COVID last week. But he had been ill for a few days. He admits later that his throat really really hurt. But nevertheless, from his hotel room, Noah turned in one of his best performances of the season! He’s No. 1 in both polls this week.

His original song “One Day Tonight” written by Brett Sheroky, Jered Griffin and Trannie Anderson (produced by Jimmy Robbins) is a country bop, and like Hunter’s song, radio ready. If Carrie is smart, she’ll give him a song he can flip into a tender and personal performance. He’s proven he can turn female songs into something special with “Landslide” and “Stay.” He’s coming into the week strong, with advantages. For that reason, he slides into No. 1 ahead of Fritz. 

Poll Results

You all voted in a few polls after Sunday’s (May 8) Mom’s Day/Tik Tok episode. Check out the results below.

American Idol 2022 – Favorite Top 5 Contestant

Noah and Fritz run neck in neck!

  1. Noah Thompson – 25.22%
  2. Fritz Hager – 24.94%
  3. Leah Marlene – 22.20%
  4. Nicolina Bozzo – 15.61%
  5. HunterGirl – 12.04%

American Idol 2022 – Favorite Top 7 Performance (Pick Two)

While Noah prevails, Fritz and Leah aren’t very far behind. No overwhelming winner in this poll. 

  1. Noah Thompson – Landslide (Mother’s Day) – 14.23%
  2. Fritz Hager – The Ocean (Mother’s Day) – 13.84%
  3. Fritz Hager – All My Friends (TikTok) – 12.26%
  4. Leah Marlene – Sanctuary (Mother’s Day) – 12.01%
  5. Noah Thompson – Painted Blue (TikTok) – 11.33%
  6. Nicolina Bozzo – Alone (TikTok) – 8.37%
  7. Nicolina Bozzo – Light in a Hallway (Mother’s Day) – 7.87%
  8. HunterGirl – You Broke Me First (TikTok) – 4.50%
  9. Leah Marlene – Electric Love (TikTok) – 3.97%
  10. Christian Guardino – Dear God – (Mother’s Day) – 3.83%
  11. HunterGirl – Like My Mother Does (Mother’s Day) – 3.75%
  12. Christian Guardino – Lonely (TikTok) – 1.75%
  13. Jay Copeland – I Have Nothing (TikTok) – 1.18%
  14. Jay Copeland – A Song for Mama (Mother’s Day) – 1.11%

American Idol Top 5 Reveal: Who Was Robbed?

I almost didn’t bother running this poll. Because, yeah. Obviously, no robbery.

  1. Nobody was robbed – 70.90%
  2. Christian Guardino – 19.20%
  3. Jay Copeland – 9.90% as Mentor Yay or Nay

  • YAY – 50.76%
  • Don’t care either way – 34.75%
  • Nay – 14.49%

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