American Idol 2021: Casey Bishop Exits the Show as a Rock Star (Video)

AMERICAN IDOL - "418 (My Personal Idol/Artist Singles)" - "American Idol" gets closer to crowning its winner as the top four become the top three who will head to the finale on a live coast-to-coast episode airing SUNDAY, MAY 16 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) CASEY BISHOP
 (ABC/Eric McCandless) CASEY BISHOP

American Idol 2021 Semi-final Casey Bishop leaves the show as more than a rock star. She is a superstar.

On tonight’s (May 16) American Idol semi-final (read our recap), the Top 4 got 3 solo performances and a duet. It was super fun to see what the contestants would be like with a fuller setlist. It was like a glimpse of what their concert would be like, and Casey put on a show, nailing every single performance. She had the best overall night, and it was shocking when Casey, the 16-year-old rock star from Estero, Florida was eliminated.

Casey delivered stellar performances

Her night got started with Billie Eilish’s “wish you were gay,” penned by this week’s superb mentor FINNEAS. I wish he could judge Idol, but he is probably way above the budget. Luke Bryan said she “crushed” every aspect of this performance, calling it her “best.” Lionel Richie said she now “owns” her own persona. Katy Perry said she found her “star dust” and that she may look up to Billie Eilish, but she will be her “own idol.”

Next, she sang her original “Love Me, Leave Me” and her audition song “Live Wire.”.I love the verses of this original, which felt very current. This was her weakest of the night with a few flat moments, but it was still pretty stellar. This transitioned quickly into the Motley Crue cover, which she flat out nailed. This was one of the best performances in the ABC Idol era. Her stage presence has grown so much, and she truly rocked out.  Her dynamics were crazy good on this as she had softer moments alongside the big belting notes. So good, I will return to this performance again and again.  

Lionel responded, awestruck, “What was that? Wait. Stop. Live Wire.”  Rightfully calling Casey  “whimsical” but able to drop a bomb at the some time, he added that he  wants “front row seats and back seat passes.” Katy said her favorite song right now is “Love Me, Leave Me” and that she can’t believe how she transitioned from something elegant a few weeks ago like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and then got down on her knees for “Live Wire.” Luke said that Caseye could “go kick the door in” at some of the great hair band venues and that he would be there.

Casey is free to shop for contracts now

Casey truly is a star. She sang tonight in her stellar reprised performance of “Live Wire” – “’Cause I’m hot, I’m young, running free”.  Sadly, that ended up true, but often contestants are fine with losing as the Idol contract can be restrictive. She is free to shop for contracts now, and I hope she gets signed and releases some good music because this girl is a star. Although rock isn’t currently popular, Casey showed her versatility throughout this competition singing pop, easy-listening ballads, jazz standards, and rock songs.

Now that my favorite is out, I am a bit indifferent on who should win. In my mind, it is anyone’s game to win. My bet is on Willie Spence at the moment, as he has been consistent throughout and seems to be riding on consistency. Chayce Beckham has momentum with his original being #1 on iTunes and seems like the typical Idol winner. Additionally, he is the only one left in his genre, country (Americana) and rock. Grace Kinstler did not have the best night and I wonder if she has lost any kind of momentum she had. It should be interesting to say the least.

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