American Idol 2020 Top 11 Power List and Poll Results


The American Idol Top 7 will be revealed on Sunday. With spoilers on the horizon, I thought I’d throw up a quick power list with poll results.

Because the season ended up truncated due to coronavirus concerns, I don’t really have a handle on front runners. I put these singers in order, but I could be totally wrong.  I actually took a peak at Youtube stats to help me make up the list, knowing that social media and video numbers don’t always tell the tale. 

American Idol 2020 Polls: Top 11 Performances – VOTE for Your Favorites

American Idol Top 11 Power List

11. Jovin Webb – Jovin is one of my favorites of the Top 11. But I have a feeling I’m an outlier. 

10. Grace Leer – Grace picked a classic song, Over the Rainbow, last week to sing. While the oft-covered song showed off her range, it didn’t really help define her lane or originality. I’m surprised she’s not singing country songs, considering she is pursuing a country music career. 

9. Dillon James – Dillon has talent, but he’s not connecting on camera. His countrified version of “Yesterday” last time lacked the yearning and sadness the original evinces. I wonder if he’s nervous singing in a room, by himself, to a camera.

8. Sofia James – I’ve been hot and cold on Sofia, but I really appreciated her jazzy version of The Beach Boy’s “In My Room.” However, drastically changing up a classic is always a risk, and I think this arrangement was a miss with the Idol audience.

7. Louis Knight – In a normal season of American Idol, Louis would have the opportunity to sing more originals. How far do you think Alejandro would have gotten singing only covers? Louis seems to have trouble connecting with songs that aren’t his own.

6. Jonny West – Now Jonny, on the other hand, is the king of the song flip. He really knows how to perform a song as if he wrote it. That’s my opinion, that may not be widely shared, which is why he’s not at the top of my list. 

5. Julia Gargano – I’m not sure I’ve ranked Julia correctly. But I admit I’m biased. I just love her full rich tone and phrasing.

4. Just Sam – Sam is the star of American Idol 2020. Her talent and authenticity shines through every time she opens her mouth to sing. I hope she makes the finale.

3. Makayla Phillips – I know. The judges saved Makayla. So what is she doing at No. 3? She made a hard pivot last week from uptempo pop songs, to a tender version of Miranda Lambert’s “The House that Built Me.” I think the risk payed off.

2. Francisco Martin –  I feel fairly confident that Francisco and Arthur are favorites this season. Francisco has likability/talent combo full force. No matter if he’s singing in front of the judges, in front of a crowd, or remotely from his room, he pours his soul into whatever he sings.

1. Arthur Gunn – Arthur could win this thing. He’s got the Phillip Phillips authenticity vibe, and a heartfelt backstory to boot. 

American Idol Favorite Top 11 Performance

Here are your poll results:

Julia Gargano, Francisco Martin, Arthur Gunn, Just Sam, and Jonny West all score in double digits. Julia and Francisco were also my favorites, along with Just Sam

  • Julia Gargano – New York State of Mind by Billy Joel – 22.16%
  • Francisco Martin – Falling Like the Stars by James Arthur – 13.66%
  • Arthur Gunn – Country Roads by John Denver – 12.76%
  • Just Sam – Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers – 11.34%
  • Jonny West – Faithfully by Journey – 10.82%
  • Makayla Phillips – House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert – 8.63%
  • Sofia James – In My Room by The Beach Boys – 7.86%
  • Dillon James – Yesterday by the Beatles – 4.38%
  • Grace Leer – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – 3.87%
  • Louis Knight – In My Place by Coldplay – 2.71%
  • Jovin Webb – Voodoo by Allen Stone – 1.8%

American Idol 2020 Which 4 Singers WILL Be Eliminated? (Pick 4)

For those who like spoilers, we’ll find out very soon which singers your votes eliminated. BUT DON’T SPOIL THEM HERE. You guys think Jovin Webb, Grace Leer, Makayla Phillips and Louis Knight are going home

  1. Jovin Webb – 19.58%
  2. Grace Leer – 15.89%
  3. Makayla Phillips – 15.65%
  4. Louis Knight – 12.43%
  5. Dillon James – 11.05%
  6. Sofia James – 10.92%
  7. Arthur Gunn – 3.36%
  8. Francisco Martin – 3.36%
  9. Jonny West – 2.69%
  10. Julia Gargano – 2.59%
  11. Just Sam – 2.48%

American Idol 2020 Which 4 Singers SHOULD Be Eliminated? (Pick 4)

And your “should” poll is the same, if in a slightly different order.

  1. Jovin Webb – 17.74%
  2. Louis Knight – 15.44%
  3. Grace Leer – 15.39%
  4. Makayla Phillips – 12.32%
  5. Dillon James – 11.43%
  6. Sofia James – 7.59%
  7. Arthur Gunn – 5.46%
  8. Jonny West – 4.52%
  9. Francisco Martin – 4.22%
  10. Just Sam – 3.16%
  11. Julia Gargano – 2.73%

American Idol 2020 – Top 11 Reveal – Who Was Robbed?

Hands down, you believe Lauren Spencer-Smith was robbed. She’s got a dedicated fan base via her popular Youtube channel that just wasn’t strong enough to get her over the top. Lauren’s fate illustrates that Youtube popularity doesn’t necessarily translate to votes. See how “nobody got robbed” comes in a strong second.

  1. Lauren Spencer Smith – 37.94%
  2. Nobody was Robbed – 22.35%
  3. Kimmy Gabriella – 12.35%
  4. Franklin Boone – 8.82%
  5. Cyniah Elise – 5.29%
  6. Olivia Ximine – 4.12%
  7. Nick Merico – 3.68%
  8. Faith Becnel – 2.06%
  9. DeWayne Crocker – 2.06%
  10. Aliana Jester – 1.32%

American Idol 2020 Top 11 Reveal – Grade the Episode

  • B 54.73%
  • A 25.72%
  • C 14.61%
  • D 3.29%
  • F 1.65%

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