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American Idol Top 11 REVEALED – Vote in the POLLS

After another episode of American Idol filmed at home, I am finally settling into the format. I still miss the immediacy of the live shows, including the screaming audiences, the live band and backup singers. I wish Idol could reveal the results live. But the current format is too complicated. ABC would need to bring back the live results show. 

American Idol is truly putting together the best show they can right now. And I have to say, tonight’s episode flew by. It’s fun to see the singers at home with their families. And with only 11 performances, viewers were able to learn more about each singer. In hindsight, I wish the producers could have pulled the in home show together earlier. Even a couple of extra shows would have made a big difference. 

No Surprises, Goodbye R&B Singers

As far as this weeks results are concerned: There were no surprises. I wanted to hear more from a few singers, including Faith Becnel and Franklin Boone. But the two got so little airtime, their fates were inevitable.  America voted out every big voiced diva left on the show. Unsurprisingly, the judges saved their favorite diva, Makayla Phillips. America voted her out, along with Kimmy Gabriella, Cyniah Elise, Olivia Ximines, Aliana Jester, Lauren Spencer-Smith. Six of 20 singers were big voiced R&B singers. I speculated earlier in the season that maybe Idol wanted a female R&B singer to win. It’s a NO from America, dawg.

I can’t EVEN predict a winner

The season is going by so fast, I have no idea who will win. The show stopped cold after the showcase. And now Idol is rushing through finals. The season is over in two weeks, and the semi-finals only aired last week. Remember back in the FOX days when semi=finals lasted three weeks and the show eliminated one singer a week thereafter up to a Top 2? No wonder fans became so invested. Or sick of everybody! It didn’t hurt to cut back on the live shows. And producers tried to give us more live shows this season. But it was not meant to be. 

Next Week on American Idol

Next week on American idol FOUR contestants will exit the show, leaving seven singers to perform for your votes.. With the finals cut short this season, after losing 4 episodes to the coronavirus shutdown, keeping as many contestants on screen as possible is a good thing. Maybe the finale will be  a Top 4, like The Voice, instead of a Top 3!

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