American Idol 2019 Top 5 to Sing Elton John Catalog, Bobby Bones Picks

l-r Laine Hardy, Alejandro Aranda, Wade Cota, Madison VanDenburg and Laci Kay Booth

There is no official press release from ABC regarding this week’s American Idol Top 5 episode, but @IdolSpoilers posted that this week’s theme will be Elton John and Bobby Bones Choice.

American Idol Season 17 Top 5 Themes are Elton John and Bobby Bones’ Choice, rather than Free Choice. Additionally, for what it is worth, our sources claim the Bobby Bones round will arguably produce the moment of the season, but not without controversy.

Not sure what “moment of the season, but not without controversy” means. Maybe Bobby allows Alejandro Aranda to sing whatever original he feels like performing. I don’t know! It was a little odd last week when he performed his original “Poison” for a theme–Inspirational Showstoppers–that seemed geared toward well-known covers. The rest of the Top 5 includes Laine Hardy, Wade Cota, Madison VanDenburg and Laci Kay Booth

The only controversy I can see is that Elton John Night is happening the week after Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon was eliminated. Elton heaped praise on Jeremiah after the singer’s performance of “We All Fall In Love.” Jeremiah shone when he sang while accompanying himself on piano.

The official presser is forthcoming. I’ll update this post with additional details. UPDATE: Here it is. The contestants will perform 3 songs. One a Mother’s day themed tune.

 In this episode, each contestant will perform three songs: a pick from in-house mentor, Bobby Bones; a song dedicated to their heroes in honor of Mother’s Day; and a selection from Elton John’s world-renowned catalog. To help prepare for this week’s theme, contestants will be the first to watch the highly anticipated feature film “Rocketman,” an epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Elton John’s breakthrough years. The jam-packed Idol episode airs SUNDAY, MAY 12 (8:00–10:01 p.m. EDT/5:00-7:01 p.m. PDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.

After making history last season as the first reality competition series on American television to allow viewers to watch and vote from coast to coast simultaneously, “American Idol” continues its simulcast once again in all time zones across the country. For this episode, viewers will be able to vote by text, via and on the “American Idol” app during the show. Results will be revealed at the end of the show in real time, across all time zones. The episode will be rebroadcast during its normal time slot on Sunday at 8:00-10:01 p.m. PDT on the West Coast.

Helping to determine the next singing sensation are music industry legends and all-star judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest hosts the beloved series, and famed multimedia personality Bobby Bones acts as in-house mentor.


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  1. Looks like they might have a third theme called dedications.

    I think you might be right with Alejandro and the controversy that makes sense.

    BB picks will be interesting.

  2. I have no idea what Elton song for Laine. Scotty did country comfort and Tim McGraw has a cover of tiny dancer. Levon might be good.

    For his mother’s day dedication I hope he does his original Louisiana Lady.

    Bobby Bones pick for him will be interesting. Hopefully he picks something on the country side for Laine.

  3. Bobby Bones picks = producer picks

    We don’t really think they’d let Bobby pick without TPTB approval, do we?

    Someone on IDF speculated the controversy could be that they do 1 elimination after Bobby’s picks, then the next 1 (or 2) at the end, as usual.

  4. There seems to be backlash with Alejandro singing his own song as a “showstopper” last week. I can understand the backlash IF the other contestants were not afforded the same option. But, until we know that to be true. ..I’m fine with it.

    Elton John song & BB pick will be interesting. BB has the opportunity to sink a contestant with his choice. Singing/arranging 3 songs can be pretty challenging. It’ll be interesting to see who holds up and who can deliver.

    Best of Luck to all the contestants.

  5. So now TIP is saying the moment with controversy might be the dedication round.

  6. I really hope Laci avoids singing Your Song because Ellie Goulding’s version would just be so predictable for her. Here’s my picks:

    Alejandro: Sacrifice or Daniel

    Laci: I’d love Rocket Man but it’ll probably be Can you feel the love tonight.

    Laine: Crocodile Rock (maybe… its uptempo)… otherwise could we see a ballad?… Original Sin

    Wade: Tiny Dancer (I can imagine his voice with this one)

    Madison: Don’t let the sun go down (she’s got the biggest voice so either this or goodbye yellow brick road would be logical)

  7. I’m sure Laine will be cheesin’ it up with Crocodile Rock. ugh!

  8. I like the Elton theme. But I never like it when producers, judges, fans or BB pick for the contestants. Even with a theme, they can try to find something they feel they can do well. They don’t always succeed but at least they performed what they thought would work. But when others get to do the choosing it could sink a contestant. I guess there is no guest mentor this week. At least the voters will decide who moves forward this week. Finally!

  9. My guess is Bobby Bones will be directly mentoring them for his song. But probably not long segments though because each contestant is singing 3 songs

  10. I hope Laci will sing Your Song with guitar or piano. This can be a moment for her and help her to advance in finale.

  11. If you listen to Original sin… he could have a moment with it as a ballad

  12. There will be 15 songs performed so not sure how much time they will show with BB.

  13. Deliberate tease for controversy on Idol? ? Maybe just someone doing ”The B!tch is Back” … ?

  14. Producer’s Choice was often designed for handicaps…but no one had to stand up and say they thought the song was a good idea…like “Happy Feet” ! The culprit could hide behind the plural *producers* – Bobby Bones is going to be hanging right out the window – Idol gave him no cover from backlash on these choices. Hope they are not too dire. ?

  15. I still prefer Your Song for Laci, I think that would be a moment for her, and may help her to advance in finale

  16. I love my mom, but PLEASE contestants, stay away from the gloopy, nauseatingly sweet songs about how much you love your mom/your mom is wonderful, etc. There are plenty of good songs about mothers that are NOT gloopy. So please stick to the non-gloopy ones.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Crocodile Rock has a very 1950s feel to it. In fact, the song starts with the line “I remember when rock was young…”. So yeah, that seems like the predictable choice for Laine

  18. A lot of the dedication songs on shows like this aren’t about mom. They are mom’s favorite song or the song mom used to sing to me or something like that.

  19. A lot of the dedication songs on shows like this aren’t about mom. They are mom’s favorite song or the song mom used to sing to me or something like that.

  20. Haha. I wrote not sure Alejandro could handle any of them so I wrote Philadelphia Freedom

  21. Hopefully Bobby Bones will not mentor them. That way, we can keep the stupid level down a bit for the night.

  22. That’s 15 songs so might be rushed. They seem to be going to great lengths to accommodate Alejandro! Anyone else feel this is not fair just because he has trouble singing? Bones will be the guiding light this week. Oh well.

  23. Figures you would know the songs from Empty Sky, I don’t think Idol will ever approve anything that obscure but there’s a number of songs from the record that would be good choices. I like Levon for Laine but I think even more dynamic and possibly a moment would be Madman Across the Water, thatr song has crescendos and crescendos lead to moments, plus it would take Laine away from this Elvis impersonator gig. That needs to stop.

  24. OMG I just had a thought…it won’t happen but Wade should cover John Lennon’s that would shake things up :)

  25. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Great choice. Forgot about that song. I think Levon suits his voice perfectly, plus as you wish, it gets him out of Elvis mode. I can hear him killing it, but MATW, YES YES YES

  26. Both songs fit his voice for sure, and I love Levon, one of my favorite Elton tunes. Brandi Carlile covers MATW in concert and it is off the charts powerful.

  27. I think he should stay away from both songs, yes they are predictable, not a good thing. Elton John’s songlist is filled with opportunities for Laine to do something different and still sound great, Boston suggested Levon, which is a great choice, Madman Across the Water from the same album would be dynamic. Or maybe even The Border Song…this is a really good chance for Laine to shine if he makes the right choice.

  28. I love Levon – but I don’t think that song is effective in the shortened format it would be presented in. These would be my picks for the Elton songs:

    Laine – Honky Cat
    Wade – Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting
    Alejandro – I cant imagine him doing any of them – he has no range and Elton has one of the biggest ranges in music including his falsetto – maybe Empty Sky – it’s obscure enough that he could change it so he could sing it.
    Madison – Take Me to the Pilot – if she could do it at the piano – it would be pretty stellar – but she’s too young – she would never pick that song…
    Laci – Skyline Pigeon would be fabulous – I agree with you.

    Man – I wish we could have seen Jeremiah do Burn Down the Mission or really anything from Elton’s catalog – what a wasted opportunity…:(

  29. Hopefully not. So far the votes have seemed to indicate strong fan bases but who knows what TPTB has up its sleeve.

  30. Ya helping a contestant out that cant sing on a singing show. Unbelievable ?????

  31. I wonder if Idol has cleared any more songs from Elton’s catalog besides the twenty one titles that have already been done on the show? From the list of songs and results of their previous performances from WNTS, I was kinda surprised there were that many…since in my memory people seem to fixate on “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” with that unfortunate title (7x) or find something else from his catalog to crash and burn with, like…”Crocodile Rock”, etc.

    The List of Twenty One songs and their history is HERE

  32. Backlash where? I saw one article on GoldDerby but nobody in the comment section seemed to agree with the author’s assertion that he had some unfair advantage.

  33. Wow. What a great cover. I need to see Brandi in concert. What a voice. It breaks down any barriers you may build. Thanks for recommending.

  34. I think that was a reference to having him sing yet another original. If he makes the finale, that would be 3 weeks in a row where he sings an original, plus 2 more in the pre-live rounds.

  35. Alejandro does just fine on his own songs. I don’t see that they’ve done anything to accommodate him.

  36. His original was not close to a show stopper. He likely could not pull off a true show stopper, so I believe that is why people think they accommodated him.

  37. LOL> Indeed. Was trying to give him something that was a bit simpler to sing. Eltons songs can be very very difficult to pull off.

  38. I do not know him as a person and in many ways, he is in a no win situation but given that, he has not said one relevant word the entire season. It is one spoken cliche after another. I can not stand him.

  39. Katy won’t have time to showboat if they’re fitting fifteen songs into two hours.

  40. Madison’s audition of Speechless is one of the biggest moments this season. Laine won’t be doing that… he doesn’t have the range for it either

  41. I honestly believe she could slay Rocket Man. There’s some country and bluegrass covers of it

  42. If only Laine would do original sin but doubt it. It’s pretty unknown

  43. Yeah, I think that’s why they broadened that category to Dedications to heroes or whatever… decrease the nausea factor! :) Maybe also to allow original songs, which is fine with me.

  44. If Madison smiles through that though – I’m done with her. I get that she’s young – but I knew how to sing emotional songs at that age – there is really no excuse for the lack of understanding of lyrics. But maybe because I came from a musical theater background – that is my pet peeve. She has a killer voice though – if she can find the emotional connection…

  45. I love Elton John – I used to sing along with my 8 yrs older sister to ALL the songs on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – and I was 7 when it came out. He is SO underrated as a musician because he’s been so damn successful. I’ve seen him live twice and they were some of the best concerts I have EVER seen. And even though he can have a diva reputation – any guy who is still playing with most of the same musicians for over 45 YEARS has to be a pretty decent guy overall or they would not have stayed with him.

  46. you’re very handy to have around when historical information is required :)

  47. You and I must be hearing something different. I think Alejandro isn’t nearly as good a singer as the average finalist since Idol began.

  48. Allowing Alejandro to sing three original compositions is quite unprecedented. Either the other four are not songwriters and/or aren’t confident in whatever original material they have, or the producers are favoring Alejandro in some way while forcing the others to stick to covers. That being said, Alejandro is probably the weakest cover artist of the group in spite of his creative arrangements, so perhaps it’s best he reflect the side of himself that he’ll carry forward after the show ends. When he does sing his own material, he’s fantastic; last week was proof of that.

  49. I don’t think it’s the judges OTT praise that’s keeping Alejandro and Wade in the competition. The two have fan bases out there.

  50. Laine has two on iTunes that are very good. He should feel very confident singing them. What I want to know is have the others been denied while Alejandro is allowed. I have no issues as long as the others are allowed to if asked.

  51. She could not possibly smile through that although who knows. Maybe she was told to act comfortable on stage or words to that affect. She did get good advice last week. I hope she remembers that, but honestly, there is no way she could screw up that lyric with a smile, or perhaps I am selling her short.

  52. If only I could understand what he is singing. He mumbles.

  53. There might be rights issues involved. If you sing an original on Idol, who owns it going forward? And if there are co-writers, what then?

  54. I like much of what he did but his catalogue is so vast that it is impossible to like all of it. Agree he is way under rated as a singer. Most of his songs require a huge range and the many songs have lyrics that you can dig into. He is not my favorite. He is a genius.

  55. Hmmmmmmmmm. I have to think about that. Inane or annoying that is the question?

  56. Jamie O’Neal is the co-writer on both of Laines I believe. She has helped him s ton the last year. I don’t think she would stop him from singing them. I don’t know if there is a third. I will have to see what I can find.

  57. Every singer this season is overrated because it’s a mediocre group overall. When one compares them with each other, it’s easy to exaggerate the talent of one’s favorite.

  58. Ok, I’m confused. I thought the “What Not To Sing” site was dormant. But I did a google search and the site looks to still be very active, complete with weekly rankings of this season’s contestants’ performances.

  59. Heh. And no fun at all when folks just want to do some pie-in-the-sky speculation…?

  60. Bobby Bone’s pick definitely sounds like “producers choice” back in Idol’s heyday. Jeremiah would’ve killed on another EJ song.

    Can’t wait to find out the full song list.

  61. Major EJ fan for nearly 50 years. Yes, I am old.

    With Alejandro as my favorite this year. Yes, not only am I old, I have interesting taste in music.

    Anyway, I agree Alejandro has to dive deep into the Elton catalogue to find something for him. Probably from his first few albums. Well before his glitter days.

    Lady Samantha may work. This was actually his first American single, not Your Song. However Lady Samantha never charted. It’s a bonus track on the Empty Sky reissue.

    Another song: Love Song from Tumbleweed Connection. I think he’d kill on that. Only one problem. He didn’t write it (one of the few songs he recorded that he didn’t write). Lesley Duncan (who I think did back-up vocals) wrote it.

  62. I don’t think they’ll let him do 3 originals. There would be too much backlash, and it wouldn’t be fair. They’ll throw him a bone with one, and he’ll have to do his best with the covers. I actually really liked White Rabbit last week, and I was sure it’d be a disaster. I have NO idea what Elton John song he’ll do, though!
    Disclaimer: I’d have no problem if he did do 3 originals, though, whatever the “theme” :)

  63. Singing/performing your own original songs is usually considered a HUGE risk in a singing competition. The only problem I have with this is IF the other contestants were not afforded the same opportunity. If every contestant has the same opportunity to perform their own songs. .. then what’s all the bru-ha-ha about ? I don’t get it.

    Singing/performing your own material is substantially more risky than singing popular cover songs that voters know/respond to. Just my 2cents.

  64. I don’t have a issue as long as the others that have the same opportunity. It’s just weird a original was sang for a showstopper.

  65. If Laine sings Honky Cat I’ll actually vote for him this week.

  66. In old AI seasons I always hated the judges picks but enjoyed Clive Davis’ picks because he seemed to be coming at it from an A&R perspective… maybe Bobby Bones will choose sings he things would fit on radio? I think that would be smart… here are my guesses:

    Elton- Your Song
    BB- Miss You More or Legends (Kelsea Ballerini)
    Mom- The House That Built Me (Miranda Lambert) or To Make You Feel My Love (Adele)

    Elton- Crocodile Rock
    BB- This is It (Scotty), Speechless (Dan & Shay), Yours (Russell Dickerson)
    Mom- Mama Likes the Roses (Elvis)

    Elton- no clue… Benny & the Jets? Someone suggested Daniel… sure.
    BB- Better now (post malone), Photograph (Ed Sheeran) or something from Kalid
    Mom- original or Dear Mama (tupac)

    Elton- Don’t Let the Sun Go Down
    BB- ME! (TSwift) or Never Be the Same (Camila) or The Middle (Zedd) or Broken & Beautiful (Kelly) or Heart Attack (Demi)
    Mom- Because You Loved Me (Celine)

    Elton- Tiny Dancer
    BB- Mr. Misunderstoond (Eric Church) or God’s Country (Blake Shelton)
    Mom- Home (Daughtry)

  67. Thanks for the chuckle. … :)

    It wouldn’t go over well with most voters. But, I’d find it funnier than s. . t

  68. Jeremiah would have rolled over the others with incredible performances of EJ. damn!

  69. Statistically, it will be very difficult for Laci, who is a Saved contestant, to take down 2 people. At this point, it’s really about who has built the fan base support.

  70. Hasn’t he already sung 3 originals?

    Two during the pre-lives, including his audition, and last week. This week would make 4.

  71. I think “Honky Cat” would fit his style more. And if you can’t do the falsetto – which I don’t think he can – you should stay FAR away from Crocodile Rock – imo.

  72. My wishes for Elton John songs

    Laci-Skyline Pigeon
    Wade-Sad Songs
    ALejandro-Not sure he can handle any of them. so Philadelphia Freedom
    Madison-Someone Saved My LIfe TOnight (Really hope she does this. Perfect for her, plus the lyrics are simple to understand)

  73. Same source MJ names above, aka The Idol Pad. @idolspoilers. Not an official source. Not always accurate.

  74. I do not understand why laine not sing their originals, they are good and current songs, with a country appeal that highlights his voice..

  75. I need to check her out. Everything I have heard from Brandi C has been epic. I shall look that up as I type. Yep. I love Levon. Elton John is sort of hit or miss for me, but he has done some terrific stuff. Of course, I had to put the obscure Skyline Pigeon on there but Laci has done different and the environmental theme seems to fit her image.The song suits her voice too. How about the song for Madison? Yes or no?

  76. I don’t dislike Bobby Bones. He seems nice enough. Not kidding.

  77. If Laine shows so little creativity that he sings Crocodile Rock as his Elton cover, I am officially jumping off the bandwagon. Anything from Tumbleweed Connection or Madman Across the Water will be fine

  78. Three songs. I hope that means everyone will choose at least one ballad (Hi, Laine!), one uptempo song (Hi, Laci!), and one song from this decade (or at least this millennium).

  79. I agree. Louisiana lady would be perfect for his dedication.

  80. How is Elton John/Mom/BB songs going to “great lengths to accommodate Alejandro” ? Sorry, I’m having difficulty understanding your line of thinking. I think just the opposite. I think it could very well send him packing.

  81. We have an Elton John fan here. Amazing. Funny, we are all trying to invent songs for Alejandro. No worries, no matter how he butchers it or slows it down so it sounds the same as the last (pick your number) songs, the judges will praise him to no end, while the audience that loves Elton, shakes their heads “no” over and over, in unison.

    P.S. Who would have guessed, 2 votes for Skyline Pigeon??? Awesome.

  82. lol. .. .I could say that about a lot of current songs I hear today. He’s not alone in that.

  83. If the finale were only two people, an Alejandro and Wade finale seems quite possible. Glad it’s a three-person deal now.

  84. Probably because he is way above not only the others, but several Idol winners with streaming stats on Spotify. Also, how do you know the others weren’t offered to do originals? Not everyone is comfortable with originals in this kind of setting.

  85. An Alejandro and Wade finale would be the only setup that could cause me to watch something else instead. Actually, anything else instead.

  86. I think they should have told Alejandro that he would perform a showstopper or nothing. All contestants should be treated equally. But this wasn’t the first time Idol has accommodated one contestant at the expense of the others. They did it for P2 when he was having his kidney problems.

  87. If Laine is “in it, to win it”. He probably should do Crocodile Rock. That’ll be right in his “lane”. Why change it up now ? His fans will eat it up.

    Depending on his other 2 songs. . could work very well for him. If all 3 songs are in that same “lane”. . . then that could/might be troublesome for him.

  88. I’m remembering at least one show where a contestant(s) wanted to sing an original. He/she was discouraged from doing that because, IMO, the song was not good, and that might hurt their chances..

  89. It’s not his singing that is better, but his overall musicality. Fans are connecting to him and his original songs.

  90. Alejandro can sing whatever song he wants from the Elton catalogue. He’ll strip it down, change the melody and whisper lyrics over bandzilla (bonus, he doesn’t even have to bother to learn the words unless he wants to) and he we’ll get a standing O and told how unique he is. Same goes for whatever Bobby throws at him and then he can dedicate another original to his Mom. His work is done.

  91. ohhh… I meant on one show. Yes, it is 4 total! He has an advantage in that his stuff has gone viral, so he (and the show) already know people like it. The others might be reluctant to do an untested original.

  92. The producers always have time for Katy’s showboating. They’ll trim something “unnecessary”. Probably they’ll just have Ryan speed up the results. He can shout out who is booted as we fade to black.

  93. Laine should do a google search for country covers of Elton songs. Chris Stapleton has a great version of “I Want Love”

  94. It always was kinda Off-Season Dormant, I suppose you might call it.. It is only actively tended during the Idol season, and the subsequent Camp Should-Have-Been after the Finale…but anyone could access the data. They also have a Facebook page now for a few years, and not just the data base and archive itself…so I suppose the possibility of year round contact exists.

    The editorials and articles about the Reboot seasons are so far as snarky and interesting as ever…I was extremely happy to see them return after the hiatus between OG Idol and the Reboot – it was the first resource I checked on last year! ?

  95. I am sure they aren’t going to let anyone just sing any of their originals. I am sure they will want to hear and approve them first.

  96. I figure if Laine is going to leap from his faux Elvis rock-a-billy directly into Country, there is no point in waiting around for some Delta Blues that are not gonna happen. He can start singing duets with Laci and be done with the whole Bait and Switch. ?

  97. Laine is getting on my nerves. Can he please sing something like “Mercy” by Brett Young? If not, then Laci please sing it.

  98. There is a CD called restoration. It is a country Elton John tribute album. Tons on there for Laine.

  99. The Elton John songbook is rife with songs that give Laine an opportunity to step outside the faux Elvis routine, but that does not include Crocodile Rock, Country Comfort, or worse of all , Honky Cat. And my fear is that’s exactly where he is heading because it keeps him squarely in the middle of the path he has been traveling and seems to be working. But for me, I have already let the women and children into the lifeboats as the artistic end of the boat sinks deeper, I’m overboard if I see a crocodile.

  100. Disagree on Laci BB choices. I cannot see her doing MYM and Legends is a snoozefest. I’d like to see something like My Church by Maren Morris. I think it is a good fit for her voice and range. Although she should have at least a mid tempo, I would love to hear her sing Better Man. She could knock that out of the park.

  101. Laci: My Church by Maren Morris, Better Man by Little Big Town
    Wade: I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons
    Laine: You Got the Best of Me by Luke combs
    Alejandro: Satellite by Dave Matthews Band, Starlight by Muse
    Madison: meh

  102. First of all, no artist is going to please everyone. When I said “way above not only the others, but several Idol winners” – I am referring to his streaming stats on Spotify. Obviously, he has people out there that enjoys what he’s doing.

  103. For this particular group of Idols, I think Elton John songs are a much better genre for them than Queen songs. Anyone not picking a good song from his vast catalog, should be embarrassed. They can easily find a song that fits their voice and performance style.

  104. Here’s my pick for Alejandro: None. Please, just go home and please take Wade with you!

  105. How sad to not have Jeremiah for Elton John week. These judges truly do suck.

  106. The favortism from the producers and judges for Alejandro is so disgusting. I wouldn’e be shocked.

  107. You’re assuming that they aren’t being treated equally because Alejandro sang an original song as his showstopper ? At the expense of others ? I have a hard time believing that the other contestants didn’t have the same option.

    Singing/performing an original song is considered a HUGE risk. That’s why I think many contestants don’t do it. Not because they aren’t allowed to.

  108. I don’t understand why they are pimping him so hard. I have no idea what Hollywood Records would do with him if he won. Do they even have any singer-songwriter types on their label?

    Not to mention, he’s not doing anything that dozens of previous Idol contestants before him have done in terms of flipping songs and doing different arrangements. He appears to be a solid songwriter, but I wasn’t blown away by his original last week.

    Sometimes I wonder if TPTB forget that Idol viewers remember what previous contestants have done on the show.

  109. Fair point. . . .but, even if they didn’t win, I think they lasted further in a season because of an unexpected and song arrangement “moment”. I do think it was an easier path for an underdog who had a unexpected moment in a longer season. With a shortened season. . . those “moments” are harder to come by and doesn’t provide much time for voters to jump ship to another contestant.

    I really don’t expect any voters to change horses at this point in a shortened season. I think most voters are fairly entrenched with their favorites and will vote accordingly. No matter how any of the performances go.

    I predict Laine will win by a landslide even if he does the same ole expected songs/performances or even screws up.

    Personally, I like a nail-biter dramatic finish to a season. Unfortunately. . .this season doesn’t appear to be going that way. So, I’m disappointed.

    Full disclosure: I like Laine. Heck, I like all the remaining contestants. Wade/Madison would be my least favs.

  110. Definition of a show stopper: is a performer or performance that applause interrupts the performance, OR performer/performance that wins enthusiastic or prolonged applause.

  111. Ooh, I love Skyline Pigeon! And Levon is a good choice for Laine. But LMAO at “Philadelphia Freedom” for Alejandro!

    By the way, Tomy has his Julian post up.

  112. I couldn’t agree more, Crocodile Rock will be no different than anything else he has performed so far, time to take a little leap Laine.

  113. According to Ryan, judges this is the greatest group ever on an Idol show as they tell us weekly.

  114. Laine and Laci need to go home. Some of the most boring contestants I’ve ever seen. With the blatant favoritism for Laci last week (saving her over Jer!?) being very off-putting.

  115. Well said. Bandzilla is a perfect description. I can’t understand why production hasn’t made adjustments.

    To be fair, tho, all the contestants are pretty much staying in their same lane and doing the same thing every week. Especially Laine. Doesn’t seem to matter, tho. His fans can’t seem to get enough. If it ain’t broke. . . .

    One could easily argue that Alejandro is the one who’s stepped out of the box a few times. Who saw that rendition of White Rabbit coming from him ? I certainly didn’t. How about the DJ club song he did ?

    So folks can complain about him all they want. From my point of view, he’s the one who’s “stepped out the box” more than any of the other remaining contestants.

    Full disclosure: I like all the remaining contestants. I think they can all have some type of career in music with the right backing & promotion. In today’s music, I think Wade could struggle the most. His genre fit seems to be in old school covers.

  116. “To be fair, tho, all the contestants are pretty much staying in their same lane and doing the same thing every week – – not just Alejandro.”

    And it has been that way season after season. Not sure why some are acting as if Idol has had all these out of the box artists. Jeremiah is another one who did basically the same thing every week. If it is working and you are advancing, there can’t be much of a problem except for the people who are against you anyway. Most don’t have a lot of buzz on the show. So when they come off the show, that is when it will really matter. Some will try to modify/adjust to the market to give themselves the best chance. The others will stay in their boxes even if it is not working for them. They all have choices when the contest ends and they will make them. Some choices will prove to be better than others.

  117. Going with the Idol Epochs Theory, the Third Epoch, (Seasons 7,8,9) was about artistic arrangements, creativity, or thinking outside of the box. The Fourth Epoch, (10,11,12) was the Stay-In-Your-Lane Epoch….and the last OG epoch (13,14,15) had whatever it may have started out to be completely derailed, screwed, blued and tattooed…? but I’m sure it has a name, for all that.

    If we are getting a third season it will also be an Epoch, and I have to admit to curiosity about the three seasons of the Reboot, and how it will be characterized by the Idol pundits. ?

  118. Heh. ? I don’t see the Croc yet, but I hear a clock ticking…and it’s not counting down “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” ? – I think he is going to stay right where he is, so will the rest of the cast; all I can do with any of them at this point is bring lots of Kettle Corn for popping! ?

  119. The original iteration of AI was a much longer season that the contestants had to perform specific genre’s of music. It allowed for the contestants to develop/improve with proper mentoring each week. Fans were invited on the ride to watch the contestants discover themselves and their identities. We got to watch them grow (or sometimes not).

    This shortened version of AI doesn’t really allow for that. It’s no wonder most of them are playing it safe. Especially with this iteration of judges that really only praise and don’t offer honest critiques.

    I’d wager that some of the Idols that won were because they had unexpected song arrangements which produced “moments” nobody expected. And those moments came at the right time later during the competition.

    If I’m Laine. .. with this shortened iteration of AI, I’d probably play it safe, too. His fan base already loves him and will vote for him no matter what. The only thing that stands in Laine’s way of winning. . . is a contestant that’s willing to go outside the box, have an “unexpected” moment that hits it out of the ballpark. Even then. . . it may not be enough to dethrone Laine as the winner. Just my 2cents.

  120. The ones with the biggest, most moments and buzz did not always win. And some were forgotten as soon as the season was over even if they did. But I was not talking about the winners. I was thinking of those performing every week. The voters are going to vote thru who they want even with the short season. Someone will win in the end (I’m pulling for Laine) but I’m not sure it will be because they had some grand moment. They are voting before they even perform. And there haven’t been any so far this season but I guess there is always that hope and possibility.

  121. See…I was thinking Take Me To The Pilot could work well for Laine. Honky Cat for Madison? Not so much. But it’d be funny.

  122. I think that’d be a fantastic choice. Very nice. And yes, it definitely needs to stop.

  123. Can you please share what actions/comments from the judges/producers that you see as “favoritism” towards Alejandro ?

    I think they “gush” superlatives to all the contestants. I don’t really see favoritism to any of them. If I was pressed to pick one. . .it’d be Laine.

    Even if Alejandro isn’t your personal cup of tea. . . from my reading/research he’s admired & respected by other music artists.

    I like all the remaining contestants. . ..Wade/Madison are my least favorites. But, I like them and respect their talent. Heck, Madison gets lots of “love” from judges,

    I’m just having a hard time seeing how the judges are “favoring” or “pimping” Alejandro more than any of the other contestants. Providing examples and specifics of “favoritism” would be really helpful.

  124. Wolud love if Laci did something similar as to what Lauren did with Candle in the Wind in season 10. Wade will probably take Rocket Man and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me seems way too obvious for Maddison , I hope she picks something else. Maybe Sorry Seems The Hardest Word.

  125. I love Daughtry’s home so I hope Wade stays away from it. Good picks for Laci, but I I’d prefer something like Candle In The Wind.

  126. “I think he is going to stay right where he is, so will the rest of the cast;”

    Makes me wish I was a GOT fan, but I’m not.

  127. I hope NO one does Crocodile Rock! I guess it’s a cute song, but so cheesy.

  128. I think they’d have to offer the same option to everyone. They did make Alejandro sing Disney and Queen, because everyone else had to.
    Plus, every song is an original at some point. :)

  129. “judges that praise and don’t offer honest critiques”
    While it’s hard to listen to criticism, it must be nerve-wracking to not know what you need to fix or work on!

  130. Laci needs to prove she can do uptempo and of all the current singles by women out there Miss You More is the best one. My Church is the most overdone song on these singing competition shows and I’d be happy to never hear it again because no one can do it well enough to make a moment out of it and I don’t think Laci can either. Better Man would be an excellent choice though! That could be a moment for her, even though it is a ballad.

  131. I’m with you. He’s had some super cool moments but his utter lack of desire to grow as a singer/vocalist or to try things outside of his wheelhouse has been off-putting. However, this is interpreted as “sticking to your artistry” on shows like this. I think his “flips” so far have flopped lol. I also don’t think he wants to win.

    Madison on the other hand… she’s finally showing some emotion in her singing so we shall see how she will grow. I can see her as Hollywood record’s next Demi Lovato. She has the personality and the voice. I can see her on TV and making pop music.

    Wade won’t win but he’s been fun to watch grow.

    Laci would fit into HR who does have some Country connections via their old Lyric Street label but I don’t think her vocals can carry her to the finale.

    Laine has everything Disney could want in a winner at this point and I think they could use him in the Disney family well. Pop radio may struggle but if they can give him the right songs they may find a niche for him. I would like to add that maybe Bobby will give Laine “Hey Brother” which could be a style that could work for him commercially.

  132. I agree except that I’d only deffend Laci a little because I think that she tackled different styles at various instances and made them all sound like Laci Kay Booth. Granted, they may sound the same, or boring at times or it might backfire badly like last week, but at least I respect her for not staying completely complacent like the others. I miss the longer seasons which gave the contestants room to grow or step outside of their comfort zone at least once.

  133. LOL Wade. I was thinking about Candle in the Wind for Laci and that would be a good fit too… I was also considering that as an option for Alejandro just because it’s not that hard to sing and the controversy AI is talking about could be him flipping that sacred classic (#remember Diana) like Adam Lambert did with Ring of Fie.

  134. I think this is a massive problem with the way they do the voting and the short seasons. It’s not worth the risk to step out of your storyline because the voting is so instant and there’s so few episodes to show what you’ve got. With their ratings ticking up during the live rounds this year, to the point of beating the Voice, here’s to hoping ABC switches things up and gives us a proper top 10 competition next year. Those pre-rounds were laborious and I could not watch them.

  135. Meh he already did Elton on the show. Why retread what’s already been done?

  136. Good choices!
    Wealready discussed Laci- Better man would be a moment I think.
    I Will Wait is perfect for Wade (and the obvious choice I can’t believe I forgot about!)
    You Got the Best of Me- another spot on choice!

  137. I guess we will have to disagree on MYM. I think that song is terrible! Too bad she is already doing Miranda. I can think of a number of her songs that would work. Maybe If I Die Young by The Band Perry?? I can see that fitting her voice.

  138. Good choice! But I don’t think he will be able to resist the Crocodile :P

  139. Laci is the only one who I see myself following after the show. Like you, she ticks all the boxes for me. She’s the type of singer I listen to both in style and genre. I remember both of her performances during Queen week but not much after that. Although I don’t recall many performances overrall so maybe it’s just my detachment with the show. However if she does just as bad as she did last week I can’t keep on defending her. I think I heard somewhere that she was sick so I’m going with that. For now. As for Laine, I understand his appeal but I don’t feel it.

  140. I was thinking about that one for him too when I saw the list of songs that had previously been done on the show, the melody in particular should be a good fit for his tone.

  141. OK For Laci… what abotu Poison & Wine from the Civil Wars?! I think she could really have a moment with that!

  142. I don’t really want Laci to replicate what Lauren Alaina did, but I loved it so much that I’d take it. As for Alejandro, he’s not a good enough vocalist to sing a song straight and not pale in comparison, so if he doesn’t sing an original or flips a song on it’s head, he doesn’t have much going for him. So that’s his best bet at making the finals.

  143. I love that song and I love Civil Wars…but I’m afraid chances of anyone digging that deep this season are pretty slim.

  144. In my opinion, it’s not any sadder than other contestants getting cut before having chance to take part in a theme week that suited their style well.

    The judges likely knew that this week was Elton John songs, and they still didn’t save him.

  145. Yep. And Lionel claimed Jeremiah could sorta out sing Freddie Mercury. Then it became apparent that he knew that Queen night was coming up. Nice setup, lol. I still think Laci may have had more votes and since they like both they saved her. But at this point it is hard to tell who they favor. All get standing O’s. They have saddled Laine with the Elvis title and I think it works against him. Being called the next Kelly Clarkson probably works against Madison. They sure hurt Gabby last year with the Carrie thing. So tbh, I don’t know who they favor.

  146. They have saddled Laine with the Elvis title and I think it works against him.

    You ain’t kidding! I like Laine, but I’m still waiting for a moment.

  147. I just don’t understand the notion that somehow it’s a travesty that Jeremiah is gone and won’t get to perform an Elton John song this week. He obviously didn’t have enough votes to make the top 4 and unfortunately for his fans, the three judges felt that he finished last in the American Idol Mediocrity Stakes. I would argue that any one of the remaining 6 could have finished in that position and the race stewards wouldn’t have been called in to investigate.(going with a Kentucky Derby theme here) :) In any event, there hasn’t been any evidence over the last couple of weeks that Jeremiah was going to take an Elton John song and knock it out of the park , just as there is no evidence that any of the remaining 5 will accomplish that either.I would like to be optimistic and hope that someone will step up this week and have a great moment with and EJ classic but unfortunately, unless Kelly, Carrie, Crystal, Adam, or Dave suddenly show up, I just don’t see that happening.Not one single performer has stepped out of their comfort zone to try something different this season, I guess that’s what happens when the race is a sprint instead of a mile and 1/2. (just for the record I lost money on the Derby , I bet on Improbable, and it was.)

  148. When it comes to Idol, good singing ability is the ticket through the door, IMO. All the rest is gravy.

  149. When Laci has been good this season I have really enjoyed her, and she is absolutely the type of artist on these that I normally root for. I’m trying to recall the performances I liked and the fact that the don’t come to mind quickly is not a good sign lol. If Laine continues to audition for the Elvis impersonator position at the Flamingo Lounge in Vegas, then Laci would be my second choice.When it came down to her and Jeremiah I was certainly hoping that she got the save.

  150. Yeah that’s why I suggested Your Song instead of Candle because I loved Lauren Alaina’s version and don’t know if Laci should go there :) If Alejandro did CITW I would fully expect him to flip it on it’s head and that I would hate it…. but at this stage I think it’s a good option for him.

  151. “Those pre-rounds were laborious and I could not watch them.”

    So true, it’s just so obvious that less pre rounds and backstory focus and more actual live performing would be more enjoyable for everyone and more beneficial to the contestants as well.

    I think the call for us being hired as producers is just around the corner :)

  152. Yes!! Her and Laine on Jackson was one of the better moments of this season, and much as I like Laine, it was Laci who really nailed that performance, and the Cheap Trick song was my favorite individual performance of Laci’s. (thanks, I’m getting old, when senility does hit it will be a smooth transition for me)

  153. Yea you must be hearing something different. Stevie Nicks has already praised Alejandro and prophesized that he will sell out arenas worldwide soon (check her instagram). Lionel Richie said that the first time meeting Alejandro was like the first time he ever heard Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. He is a world class talent.

  154. I just don’t understand the notion that somehow it’s a travesty that Jeremiah is gone and won’t get to perform an Elton John song this week.

    That’s an exaggeration of what I actually said in my piece. I’m not weeping into my pillow every night because Jeremiah is eliminated. And I’m not demanding a redo either. The chips fall where they may as they always do on singing shows. I’m just disappointed that Jeremiah won’t be around to compete during a theme week that’s very much in his wheelhouse. Same as I felt when Uche was cut before Queen week. The use of the word “controversy” was a little tongue in cheek, but maybe that didn’t come across very well.

  155. I wasn’t replying to you MJ, I was replying to the multiple comments in the thread , sorry if that’s what you thought. There seems to be a fair amount of posters who feel as if Jeremiah got robbed, my feeling is that among the 6 that performed last week, any one of them could have been eliminated and robbery wouldn’t have been the issue. :)

  156. I was preparing to make some responses about Jeremiah’s shrill tone as the show progressed(which I completely agree with btw) but before I did, I stopped to listen to The Man in Black, and suddenly commenting on Jeremiah didn’t seem all that important. I of course am very familiar with Joan Baez’s amazing acapella version of the song, but I had never heard Johnny talk about the meaning and then sing it. Obviously it’s not fair to compare kids competing on Idol with an iconic figure like Johnny, but as you stated, at least have some understanding of what the song is about before you get in front of a national television audience to sing it.
    His version literally stopped me in my tracks, I love when music does that for me.

  157. It’s a beautiful melody in a traditional spiritual about *my life sucks so much I am waiting for the angels to take me to heaven*! – he sang it like the UK soccer chant and smiled happily all through it!

    I dunno. Smiling might be appropriate when contemplating finally meeting your maker, no matter how much life had sucked. Or maybe exactly because one’s life had sucked. He didn’t smile all the way through it either, to be a bit pedantic about it. lol. I get thinking the Baez version is untouchable and one may never deviate from her arrangement. But there have been more upbeat versions of the song. It’s not an odd thing at all. In fact, Beyonce does a version that starts slow, and then breaks into a joyous refrain, which is probably what Jeremiah was going for.

    But oh those younguns. Amiright ;)

  158. No, he didn’t sing a proven showstopper. They apparently excused him from meeting the requirement the others had to meet.

  159. Nothing could possibly be more unnecessary than Katy’s nauseating showboating. I thought JLo was the queen of attention greed, but Katy makes her look like a rank amateur.

  160. To be just as pedantic, I certainly never implied untouchable; that one could not deviate from the a capella version of the song Joan Baez did at Woodstock, or I would not have provided two very different examples. I suggested there was a cue from Joan on how to approach the material that Jeremiah did not want to take, along with the option to sing the lyrics as if he understood them…with Johnny Cash, audience clapping, back up singers and instruments as another example. The subtext was reality for the Reality Show – *unwise* – not *untouchable*. ?

    The weird thing is, if he had done any variation at all of either version, I think he could have had a very nice success with that song. It was within his vocal abilities and not at all offensive to his audience… The Soccer chant version, perhaps not so much – obviously.

    Whatever Jeremiah was aiming for, Beyonce or another pop star, somewhere among the hundreds of extant covers of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” in different attitudes, tempos and rhythms, he did not pull it off. Even Andrew Lloyd Webber can miscalculate the response from the Idol voters, witness his unfortunate suggestion of “Jesus Christ, Superstar” that got another alumni eliminated. I think Jeremiah could have used a friendly word in his ear to remind him of his voting audience…JMO. Of Course. ¯_(?)_/¯

  161. I’m still waiting to hear from those that claim Alejandro is being shown “favoritism” and being “pimping him so hard” from producers/judges. I’d like to see examples of that. I think all the contestants are receiving gushing superlatives, I really don’t see anyone receiving more “favoritism” or “pimping” than the others. The only possibility might be Laine. .. . and even then. . .that’s reaching.

  162. I thought about this… Jeremiah was in the bottom with Laci because he didn’t get the votes…and that verdict came from the audience way before the Judge’s Save came into play. I disagree with saves at this late date to start with but the voters had spoken.

    In any case, I am so over Jeremiah. Originally, I was interested because, even though I do not much care for the lyric tenor or counter Tenor voices…he was in a sort of middle ground, and his vocal pocket was not his higher register…which he seemed to know, at first. But mostly, because he also seemed to have some musical intelligence when he found an arrangement for FTEISYF (Yo Face) that avoided comparisons with the original and other peoples versions and suited his tone. I was curious and looked into his musical history.

    But the EP he has on Spotify was disappointing on several counts, and the subsequent covers always less than I hoped. Jeremiah might have begun to believe Lionel’s nonsense…because the week he did not get enough of the public vote, his upper register was thin and shrilly to me on both of his choices, and he kept going there on “Somewhere” anyway…and I finally wrote him off. Still, that was a matter of personal preference.

    But the closer that shut the door for me was his choice for the Woodstock theme – He could not have been more clueless if he tried on “Swing Low”. That delivery was every kind of wrong, and completely tone deaf. If he did not want to take a cue from the respect with which Joan Baez sang the song at Woodstock, then he might have listened to what Johnny Cash had to say about it before he covered it …or even bothered to find out how the song was legendarily connected to the Underground Railroad!

    WTH were the new Backstage coaches for that one? It’s a beautiful melody in a traditional spiritual about *my life sucks so much I am waiting for the angels to take me to heaven*! – he sang it like the UK soccer chant and smiled happily all through it! That is way wrong, and certainly disabused me of the idea he had any musical savvy, or any regret to see him pull the short straw on the Save. And people get upset at folks who smile inappropriately through “Jolene” for not doing their homework? Mein Gott!

    JMO. Of Course.

    (Sweet Chariot factoids)

  163. I thought Jeremiah had a good voice. But there was not a lot of power behind it, imo. And that is okay. You don’t always need that to be good. When he tried sometimes it was shrill or thin. But bombast with everything is not all that appealing to me either. We have had Idols who were very powerful vocalists. But Jeremiah was singing as if he was one of them and I don’t think he was. And all the cheer leading from Lionel was not going to make it so. He was one of the better singers his season but no one was blowing away the other talent. So him leaving was just him leaving. The judges overpraise as they try to generate buzz. Idol milking the backstory did not work for him. But the buzz would happen anyway if a talent really stood out over the other talent. Some are better than others in different ways and some combine stage presence with the performances. But the voters are voting before the performance so they are going with their favorites. So it probably did not matter as much how Jeremiah performed as other factors kicked in.

  164. To be just as pedantic, I certainly never implied untouchable; that one could not deviate from the a capella version of the song Joan Baez did at Woodstock, or I would not have provided two very different examples. I suggested there was a cue from Joan on how to approach the material that Jeremiah did not want to take, along with the option to sing the lyrics as if he understood them…with Johnny Cash, audience clapping, back up singers and instruments as another example. The subtext was reality for the Reality Show – *unwise* – not *untouchable*. ?

    The weird thing is, if he had done any variation at all of either version, I think he could have had a very nice success with that song. It was within his vocal abilities and not at all offensive to his audience… The Soccer chant version, perhaps not so much – obviously.

    Whatever Jeremiah was aiming for, Beyonce or another pop star, somewhere among the hundreds of extant covers of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” in different attitudes, tempos and rhythms, he did not pull it off. Even Andrew Lloyd Webber can miscalculate the response from the Idol voters, witness his unfortunate suggestion of “Jesus Christ, Superstar” that got another alumni eliminated. I think Jeremiah could have used a friendly word in his ear to remind him of his voting audience…JMO. Of Course. ¯_(?)_/¯

  165. What is this “requirement” that he was excused from that the others had to meet ? Please share how you know the others didn’t have the same option. Otherwise, it’s just your opinion.

    FYI: Show stopper definition: Extended or prolonged applause. Prolonged applause that interrupts a performance.

  166. I think the perception of favortism with Alejandro started at the beginning with the commercials saying he was the best ever idol audition. Although I liked his audition, and he’s my favorite that is left I don’t think they should have said that.

    Since then I really haven’t seen much favoritism to him in the live rounds, especially Queen week, because I don’t think they let him do what he wanted.

    At this point I think they are showing more favoritism to Laine and Laci than the others.

  167. Alejandro? Because his vocals are awful 75% of the time and they are still acting like he is incredible! They don’t call him out for even seeming to not care, like Queen week. I have never seen a vocalist who whispers their songs before. It literally drives me nutso!

  168. I totally agree. They probably hurt Alejandro in a way, everyone was set up for “the best ever”. He’s my favorite, mostly from following his original stuff online. He did a live stream the other night, and he was just singing his heart out, and crying… I was in tears myself.

  169. Do you keep up with modern pop music? For better or worse, whisper singing has been the popular style for at least five years now. I remember an article from Guardian complaining about it, lol.

  170. Heh. Can’t say I follow recent pop music at all, not since the wispy singing came in vogue. It bugs me too much. I just check every once in a while to see if it is gone yet. ?

  171. I’m not an Alejandro fan. But I do realize that his type of style (wispy vocals, music production, etc.) is more similar to modern music than most Idol contestants. It’s not my cup of tea, but I can understand why people would like him & his music.

  172. Looking back at
    Stefano Langone, Tiny Dancer. He did a nice job with the song. I can see any of the singers doing a nice job with this song

  173. Once you make the top 4 or 5, I don’t think it matters who “wins”. They all started with 2 or 3,000 followers, now they all have hundreds of thousands! At this point, they all have a fan base, it’s all about who can hit the ground running after all of this is over.

  174. It annoys the hell out if me as well, but that wispy *ish* that passes for some male vocals has been a phase for a while, definitely one of the compelling reasons I have no interest in most current pop music. That kind of music will eventually cycle through to other styles….meanwhile, there are still genres where singers can be heard and understood without extra electronic assistance, and it matters what their voices sound like. ???

  175. I get it. But, like it or not, it is a current popular style of singing. Different strokes for different folks & all that stuff. As Simon said since the beginning of AI, it’s about the whole package, the “it” factor, and not just about the “vocals”.

    As for not calling him out ? I don’t think they really call any of the contestants out for their vocals. They praise everyone. Personally, I think Jerimiah had a terrible night on both songs – – especially his 2nd song. Madison – she’s just too shrill/screechy when she starts belting for my tastes. Laine just does the same ‘ole, same ‘ole every week which isn’t close to what current music sounds like, Laci has had some great performances but has had some terrible ones too. Wade sounds like an old school cover band singer. His 2nd song last Sun was his best ever.

    These are just my opinions.. . .Opinions are subjective. I don’t have a “favorite” nor do I dislike any of the contestants.

    But, I do find some of the statements posted about Alejandro to be unfair as him being shown “favoritism” or “being pimped” more than the other contestants. If you think his vocals suck and you don’t care for his style. . .that’s fine. But, obviously. .. there are many others that like it. It’s subjective.

    My disagreement is with using the terms of “favoritism” and endlessly “pimped”. I see the judges treating all the contestants pretty much the same.

    My enjoyment of AI is simply enjoying the ride of watching/listening to amateur performers grow as they try to become big-time recording artists. Even the ones I don’t particularly care for & would never listen or buy their music.

    My real complaint is the shortened season (not allowing for real growth) and lack of honest critiques from the judges

    But, I really try to be fair to all the contestants and their performances.

  176. Yep. I think several were set up with unrealistic expectations. Some were claiming Jeremiah would be the 1st gay contestant to win Idol after he made top 7. Based on what? The Idol voting pattern? All the others made top 7 as well, so they had an equal chance of winning until they get voted off. Madison with the Kelly Clarkson. Laine with the constant Elvis comparisons. I’m not a fan of Alejandro’s but it didn’t bother me much that they said he had the best Idol audition. I failed to see why they said it but you don’t win based on an audition. It may even give you recognition in the beginning but no one becomes a star based on it. So he was going to need to fight it out like the rest of them. Even after you win, or not, you are going to need to fight for your place in the industry. If enough support you and like what you are doing, you will become a big success and high profile. If not, you become a working musician and play to mostly small crowds like many others.

  177. Anyone who thinks his songs are easy to sing needs to try to nail “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues”. Even “Rocket Man” can be tricky with its falsettos combined with the lower-tone verses.

    Granted, I’m a terrible singer, so I can’t say anyone’s songs are easy to sing. I’d struggle to sing Bob Dylan on-key. :P

  178. Elton John songs are obviously extremely difficult to sing, some more than others. As far is Dylan, that would make you a perfect duet for Mr Dylan.

  179. Just saw a clip of Laine singing Elton’s song for him. Yikes. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow.

  180. Every one has the same opportunity. AI’s producer even said so on IG.

  181. Agreed, those gushing superlatives are spewn over all the contestants.

  182. He has every opportunity to sing an original if he chooses. He has chosen NOT to. His choice.

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