American Idol 2018 Polls – Top 10 Disney – Vote for Your Favorites (PHOTOS)

AMERICAN IDOL - "115 (Top 10 - Disney Night)" - "American Idol" heads to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland Resort, then returns to the Idol stage with a sprinkle of magic to perform fan-favorite Disney songs, as the search for AmericaÕs next superstar continues on its new home on AmericaÕs network, The ABC Television Network, SUNDAY, APRIL 29 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT/5:00-7:01 p.m. PDT). (ABC/Eric McCandless) JURNEE

The American Idol Top 10 performed songs from the Disney catalog Sunday night (April 29). The show aired live across the United States, and after viewers’ real time votes, three singers were sent home.

The Pimp Spot is dead! Real time voting killed it.

American Idol 2018 Recap – TOp 10 Disney Night Live Blog (VIDEOS)

It used to be, the best performance spots were late in the line up. It used to be nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a contestant who performed last–dubbed the Pimp Spot because it was so favorable–to be eliminated. Perform second or third in the lineup? Even a popular contestant could wind up going home! But now with real time voting, the worst spots seem to be the first and last. First, because if a viewer turns on the show late and misses the performance, there’s no catching up. Last, because with voting ending mere minutes after a singer’s performance? Well, their fans better have pretty swift fingers. OR that singer better have a dedicated fan base who votes before they even sing. Contestants with fan bases ready to vote early and often seem to be at an advantage.  The casual fan better be paying attention, or they might miss something. There wasn’t even a recap of every performance! Over in the UK, where real time voting has caught on (single time zone!) there’s always a recap.

So, poor Dennis Lorenzo performed last, and was sent home. And in my opinion, his gospel tinged “Can You Feel the Love” should have propelled him to next week (Prince week. Sigh). I would swap out the callow Caleb Lee Hutchinson for Dennis in a heartbeat. But…you know COUNTRY. I didn’t even allow myself to entertain the thought.

Ada Vox and Michelle Susett were sent home too. I predicted it. We all did! Three of the four judges picks were immediately sent packing. Michelle had an uphill battle. Not only because her performance skills are better than her vocals, but due to the anti-immigrant climate we live in these days. 

Other than Dennis leaving too soon, I’m OK with the Top 7. It would have been nice to have Ada Vox a little longer. She was hella entertaining. I won’t cry because it’s over. I’ll smile because it happened. Heh.

Anyway. When all is said and done? If we can’t have proper results shows, I’d rather have real time voting (across all time zones!) versus carrying the vote over to another week. Idol could never figure out how to do that without ruining the live shows. The real time voting adds an element of real suspense to the show. I LIKE all the eliminations announced after every singer has performed, rather than having a bunch of tense contestants waiting, not knowing whether they will perform or be eliminated.

A couple other notes. American Idol trended on twitter for hours! Also, at one point there were several related trends happening at once: “Disney Night” “Snow White” and “Katy Perry” were a few. Speaking of Katy: I think she had a few too many espressos in Rome on Saturday. She was taking up a whole lotta oxygen in that room with her Sleeping Beauty shtick.

Time to VOTE for your favorites! I thought it was a solid night of performances. My favorites were from Maddie Pope, Michael J. Woodward and Dennis Lorenzo. I thought Jurnee and Catie Turner turned in good performances too. Last week I complained that Cade Foehner was beginning to sound rote. I appreciate that he switched it up this week. It was his best so far, from my point of view.


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