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It’s Wildcard Night on American Idol! The judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. will choose four singers from the Top 14 to go straight into the Top 10 without having to perform. The remaining 10 contestants will reprise their best performances for America’s Votes! The six top vote getters will be unveiled on tomorrow’s LIVE American Idol, before the Top 10 perform for the first time. Kelly Clarkson will guest judge and perform!

There are five ways for you to vote for your favorite contestants competing in a voting episode on AMERICAN IDOL 15: (1) SuperVote® Online at; (2) SuperVote® on the FOX NOW® App; (3) Google Search Voting; (4) Text Vote (SMS); or (5) Toll-free Voting, each as described here.  Viewers will be able to submit up to 10 votes per contestant per Facebook account (Super Vote), Google Search, Text Vote and Toll-Free voting!

Here comes Ryan Seacrest. Check out that stage! The power is back in our hands, he says. “You vote, you decide!”

CHAIRS to fill are on one side of the stage. Look staged closed door discussion.  They unanimously decided on four people they unanimously agreed should got straight into the Top 10. ALL of the contestants have rehearsed performances for tonight.  KIERAN DIM THE LIGHTS.

Harry announces Dalton Rapattoni as the first fast pass to the Top 10. Keith announces Olivia Rox. Jennifer says they couldn’t imagine the Top 10 without Trent Harmon.  Harry bestows the last spot to La’Porsha Renae. Click to Watch the Judges advance FOUR contestants into the Top 10!

Fast passes to the Top 10

Dalton Rapattoni
Olivia Rox
Trent Harmon
La’Porsha Renae

Let’s get right to the performances!

Manny Torres – Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder – First to perform! That’s not a great sign. I disagree with Keith, I actually think this was one of Manny’s stronger performances.  There’s an edge of desperation to this performance, however. He’s working the stage so hard he might explode. The cameras cut to the judges who all have quizzical looks on their faces. Keith calls it a great way to open the show, but he’s not sure it was the right song for him. He likes his fighting spirit. – Text 1 to 21523 – 1866-436-5701 – Click to Watch Manny’s Performance 

Gianna Isabella – I Put a Spell on You –  This song is way too big for Gianna. A 15 year old doesn’t have the maturity to evoke the madness this song needs. Having said that, she stayed in tune and appeared confident on stage. It’s a better performance than the first time around. Jlo was surprised by her “sassiness.”  She was Jlo’s Top 5. She believes Gianna belongs in the Top 10. No Jlo. She doesn’t! She’s got strong pipes, but barely connects to what she’s singing. – Text 2 to 21523 – 1866-436-5702 – Click to Watch Gianna’s Performance  

Thomas Stringfellow – Story of My Life – No guitar tonight.  Yip Yip Yip.  This time, free of instruments, Thomas works the stage and slaps hands with the crowd. The singer delivers an energetic performance, maybe a little too upbeat for the subject matter. It’s really OK for him to deliver a song in one place. Disregarding the idiosyncrasies, it’s a solid vocal from the young singer. Harry calls him out on the yippity do dah.  Cracking his voice at the end of every line “gets annoying.” Harry says what we’ve all been thinking. I wonder if the vocal coaches are addressing that. After last week’s praise, I bet Thomas wasn’t expecting his vocal style to be criticized. He’s been yipping away since his first audition.- Text 3 to 21523 – 1866-436-5703 – Click to Watch Thomas’s Performance –

Tristan McIntosh – What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts –  This is the song Tristan wanted in Hollywood, and only got after a singer gave it up to her. I thought her performance there was emotionally flat. She’s better tonight, more plugged into her performance. There are some pitch issues, but she did what she needed to do tonight. Although, I’m surprised she didn’t bring back the superb “Why Baby Why” from her audition. Keith called it a beautiful song choice. “Better than ever” shouts Jlo. – Text 4 to 21523 – 1866-436-5704 – Click to Watch Tristan’s Performance

Avalon Young – Yo (Excuse me Miss) by Chris Brown –  The stylists put waves in Avalon’s hair, and she’s made up. But she’s still got the holey jeans!  I love Avalon’s smooth confident R&B swagger. Idol hasn’t had a female contestant quite like Avalon. I really hope America gets it and votes her into the Top 10. “That was smooth like butter,” says Jlo. “Another singer that belongs in the Top 10.” – Text 5 to 21523 – 1866-436-5705 – Click to Watch Avalon’s Performance

Mentor Scott Borchetta is here to comment on the Judges fast pass picks.  “I think they did great!” He’s  a little concerned there are no country singers among the four who advanced. Hm. (putting on my tin foil hat to ponder).

Jenn Blosil – True Colors by Cyndi Lauper –  Jenn chose wisely.  She performs (mostly) in tune, delivering a simple, unique and heartfelt performance.  Jenn is a little off the wall, and she takes risks that don’t always pay off, but each week, I look forward to what she might do next. The vocal coaches need to help her find ways to stay focused when she sings. Nevertheless, I think the Top 10 needs her quirk and unpredictability. Harry KNEW he had it in her! “That was a flawless lyric delivery,” he tells her. He wished she’d performed “My Funny Valentine” like that. – Text 6 to 21523 – 1866-436-5706 – Click to Watch Jenn’s Performance

Lee Jean – Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran –  So many Ed Sheeran songs! Still, a good pick for Lee.  The first time around it was one of his stronger performances, and he pulls it off here too, although I find his performances tentative. I still think he’s too young for the competition, and I’m sticking to that. Keith likes that he has his own, chill style. He noticed some nerves, but still liked what he did. – Text 7 to 21523 – 1866-436-5707 – Click to Watch Lee’s Performance

Sonika Vaid – I Surrender by Celine Dion – I do not like this song for Sonika. Does she plan on heading to Vegas soon? Or maybe audition for Miss America in the next couple of years. Sonika shines when she performs delicate songs, that show off her beautiful phrasing. But she probably figures she needs a “big moment.” Unfortunately, she’s probably right. Jlo got goosies everywhere, including her face. Much gushing from Jennifer. – Text 8 to 21523 – 1866-436-5708 – Click to Watch Sonika’s Performance

Jeneve MitchellRing of Fire by Johnny Cash –  Jeneve revives her odd rendition of “Ring of Fire” which I suspect viewers will love…or hate.  I don’t know what to make of Jeneve. She’s an odd duck. There are moments of beauty in her voice, but often there’s a disconnect to the lyrics.  Maybe she needs to spend less time off the grid and more in the real world. Harry finds her compelling and interesting, but he suspects she’s polarizing. It wasn’t his favorite performance of hers. Keith agrees. She’s got to let go, he says. Nevertheless, Harry thinks she brings something special to the competition. – Text 9 to 21523 – 1866-436-5709 – Click to Watch Jeneve’s Performance

MacKenzie Bourg – Roses by MacKenzie Bourg – Mackenzie pulls out his guitar to sing an original tune. Singing for a spot in the Top 10 is the right time for the singer to remind viewers he’s an artist and songwriter. He’s got skillz, and there is nothing like a singer interpreting his own lyrics. One of the best of the night. He deserved the pimp spot. Keith didn’t really offer a critique, just remarks on how incredible it is to get cheers for a self-penned song. – Text 10 to 21523 – 1866-436-5710 – Click to Watch MacKenzie’s Performance

The show closes with clips and voting procedures, which you can find at the top of the post. Finally…we get to vote.

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