American Idol 2016 Philadelphia Audition – Harrison Cohen – No Time (Original) VIDEO

Harrison Cohen – No Time (Original) – His “adorable” grandpa is like a sitcom stereotype–feist oldster, still horny! He’s eyeballing the young girls in the holding room, while giving his grandson dating advice. OK then.  Harrison describes himself as a “ladies man.” He’s into Jlo. Gramps reminds him that she’s into younger men. Helpful! In front of the judges, Harrison mentions that he’s looking for a girlfriend. “Consider this tinder on steroids,” quips Keith. I halfway expected this kid to be a total joke. But he busts out a catchy latin flavored tune, that is actually not terrible. Keith and Jlo liked his songwriting. “That’s a good little pop tune,” she says.  Harry isn’t so sure. “Are you the powerhouse we’re looking for?” he asks. Harry is suddenly getting picky with this guy? They all say yes. “Awesome foxy grandpa” enters the room, along with the rest of the family. Harry asks about grandpa’s dating advice. “Pick out her worst feature and build that up,” he advises. Grandpa, teaching the kid how to neg. 3 yesses

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